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happy birthday to my blog

My first blog was posted on the 6th May 2009, so tomorrow my blog will be 1 year old. A lot has happened in a year, starting life on and then slowly dying like many blog’s until I gave the blog a new name and a new home and slowly but surely the blog has trundled on.

While much of the present blog looks at my cycling and dieting I still drop in the odd random subject like the A338 in Bournemouth and the miles of tail back caused as they cleared the drainage ditches in preparation to the major rebuild that was planned and now won’t be going ahead till 2011 as the County Council are £24 million short in the budget to carry out the work ( more here.

My hate of idiot on the road, work and life, there all in the archive for you to read. What does the next 12 month hold, well if I knew that I would not be sat here writing blog’s, that for sure. But what ever happens I will add it here and you are welcome to comment as you like.

Me I am going to go back to suffering with the sore throat from hell……………………

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things I should of known!

Thing 1) The past 5 days have been days of lovely blue sky and warm spring sunshine but it was to much to expect for it to last into the weekend. I woke up this morning to a grey overcast sky and the day progressed to get colder and greyer.

Thing 2) Never believe what is written in a book, all weather route it said?? Since when has all weather routes included thick claggy clay that stick to your tyres like the proverbial to a blanket.

Thing 3) Your wife will ride down a long muddy hill with deep ruts at speed without a problem, but give her a piece of flat trial and she will fall of the bike and land in the mud.

Thing 4) Cut price Organic Grapes are not a good deal, especially if you don’t like grapes with pips in.

Thing 5) When your wife says we don’t need any shopping, what she really means is we need to go shopping.

Thing 6) The mobile phone will stop ringing the split second you pick it up and when you phone the person back they will be trying to phone your wife (who also can’t get to answer her phone quick enough). When you eventually get through to said person phoning you they will ask you what you want!!

As you can see I have had a fun filled day, a dull overcast day dawned at least that bit of the forecast was correct. The sun did try to break through but it was never for more than 10 -15 minutes worth of sun and then an hour or so before it popped out again.

We decided to do one of the rides from a book we bought a few month ago Mountain Bike Guide Dorset by Colin Dennis. It is a small book which gives details of 33 mountain bike ride across Dorset (they do other area’s as well), these range from 5 miles to 23 mile routes listed in 4 different difficulty levels. We (I say we but it was the wife who chose) decided on route 10 Badbury Rings and Kingston Lacy. It was only a short route, with no hills of any significant and an all weather route. Well there was a couple of small hills, long drag if you like, but what made them difficult was the deep covering of wheel hugging clay based mud from the bottom to the top. At one point on the second hill I stopped half way up but was then unable to get going again as I could not get any traction. I had to push my bike a few meters up the track to where it level out slightly and start the climb again.

The wife took a nice tumble from her bike (not from her point of view though), riding past Badbury Rings itself her back wheel spun out sideways on a patch of clay throwing her to the floor. Fortunately no more damage than a bruised arm and ego. Mind you she is lucky to have made it that far, we had only just left the car park at Pamphill and ridding down the very narrow road when a car cames round the corner towards her forcing the wife to swerve into the bank where she got caught up in some large pot holes (read craters).

On the whole it was a nice ride, the mud made it difficult. When I was plotting the route out last night I thought maybe do two laps or maybe half the loop the second time round. But by the time I got back to the car I had had enough. I think if I knew what the route was like I would of been alright, I would of known what to expect.

I am out riding again tomorrow, not sure what route to do yet (might even do Badbury rings again). I am currently in two minds at the moment, I want to up my miles I do over a weekend, but I don’t want to do it to quickly encase it cause injury or slow my weight loss. I also want to get some mid week rides in, be it early morning or late evening while it is still daylight. With the day getting longer this won’t be so much of a problem, but I don’t want to do to much to quick.

A quick question, what sort of blog do you prefer, one that is a:

  • Daily Blog
  • Several times a week Blog
  • Weekly Blog
  • Once a month Blog

No particular reason just wondering

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don’t like ironing

Ironing out the bugs that is, come to think of it don’t like the other type of ironing either.

Well a new look for the site and I like this one the most of those that I have tried, so I might be staying with this for a while.

Not much else to report really, work and lack of interest are there in equal amounts. Arguing with the insurance company that insure the mountain bikes, apparently they are classifying the new forks I fitted as an accessory like you would a bike rack or pannier bags.

It is cold with the occasional snow flurry and it looks like it will at least be sunny but cold for the weekend, not sure where I will be riding accept I will be riding.

Well I am out of here, see you later

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all change

Well you can’t of missed the fact that a little internal decorating has been taking place, not sure if I like it yet or not, plus there are few wrinkles to iron out, so over the next few days I will either be ironing or re-decorating again.

Well tonight was weigh in night and I went to the weigh in with more than a little trepidation. Because of lousy hand life dealt us last week, the diet went out the windows for two days. I managed to wrestle control back until the weekend when a lack of will power got the better of me. So when I stepped on the scales and found I was 2.5lb lighter than I was last week I was…………………….not impressed!

Let me explain, last week I put 5lb on, so this week while I lost 2.5lbs, I am only losing what I have already lost, so yes 2.5lbs is a good loss (especially under the circumstances) but I am not hanging any flags out.

I think a good portion of that loss came from the cycling over the weekend, how much would it of been had I eaten properly during the week? Maybe I am being harsh with myself but I have to be, I have to beat myself up about it otherwise I will just shrug my shoulders and carry on like nothing has happened which is exactly what I used to do when I found my trousers no longer fitted. I shrugged my shoulders and went and bought a larger pair which is why I am where I am today. Clive at The Massive MTBer blog, has changed the title of his blog. I am not going to tell you what it is, go and have a look for yourself but I agree whole heartedly.

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