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I am having a grumble, so if you don’t like it don’t read any further…………..

Kids went back to school round our way today and the road were chock a block with cars, why? We leave home around 8am which is before the schools start so why are the roads full of bloody cars? Its the same when the schools break up there is a noticeable drop in cars on the road. I know a couple of people who catch the bus to work in the morning and they love it when the schools break up because the buses are not crowded with school kids and the journey is about 10 to 15 minutes quicker, less stopping and less traffic.

I don’t know where the summer holidays have gone, it seems like it was only last week that the schools broke up for the summer, I was looking forward to those long summer evenings. Now it is September, it is getting dark around 8pm and now the temperature has dropped a couple of degrees over night they are talking on the radio about turning the central heating on……………….WHAT, IT IS NOT BLOODY COLD!!

Finally a thank you to the penile shaped driver, driving a V reg BMW convertible, sporting fake M3 badges. I am not annoyed that you pulled up along side me and squeezed me into the kerb (as the road went from two lanes to one) and I had to back off. No, I am annoyed that I did not think at the time that the car I was driving was a courtesy car on company insurance (mine was in the garage) so I should of held my ground and let you wreak havoc down the sides of both car because you were in the wrong and I had nothing to loose. Everybody around you would of seen you for what you are, a sad guy who thinks driving a BMW improves his image, you sad sad person!!

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catch-up and pain

On Friday night we went down to Poole Quay and had a a look at the cars on show, a weekly event on a Friday night through the summer, this Friday was the last one for this year. The theme for the night was American cars. There was everything from a WWII Jeep to a road legal dragster and everything in between including a Peterbuilt Truck. Here are a few pictures from the night

Old Ford Pickup

Purple Pickup
6ltr of GM Muscle with added laughing gas for fun!!
Negative pickup, OK I played around with this one, it should be a Red Ford Coca Cola Pickup
Left-hand side of the Peterbuilt engine
The right hand side of the Peterbuilt engine, 16ltrs 6 cylinders of chrome, this Truck is all show

It was an interesting evening but a complete pig to take any pictures because people just wander across in front of you which is why I took the pocket camera rather than my dslr camera. One final shot from Friday night

Looking out across Poole harbour towards Sandbanks

Yesterday was shed painting day, it is only the second time that we have painted the shed in 7 years, one 2.5ltr tub of paint (well wood preservative as it now called) was enough to cover our small shed with enough left over to paint half a fence. So now we have to buy another tub to paint the complete the fence!!

Went out for my normal early Sunday morning ride today, wished I had stayed in bed now. It only took a couple of miles before my back started to complain, it was OK sitting on the bike and riding but when I had to exert a little pressure on the peddles (like going up a hill, even little inclines) or when I ran over a bump (tree root), my back complained. I kept thinking about cutting the ride short and heading for home but I stuck with it and did the full loop for 26 miles (probably not a good idea). Not only did my back feel worse than it did after Friday’s ride I also felt pretty worn out, so maybe my body had still not recovered from the ride on Friday? I had planned to ride tomorrow but I have binned that idea to give my back a rest and won’t look at getting back in the saddle until next Saturday.

So after a relaxing bath this morning I watched, the rescheduled Speedway Grand Prix from Croatia (rained off from Saturday night) and then flicked between the channels to watch the F1 from Belgium. While I am talking TV I have just watched Gee Atherton win the Mens UCI Downhill World Cup. In between the F1 and the Mens downhill I cleaned my bike.

Tomorrow we have the joys of a trip to the tip with all the rubbish I moved from around the shed pre painting. The car will then need to be cleaned ready to go into the bodyshop (2nd attempt) first thing Tuesday morning for the rear bumper replacement. Then we off to the local park to watch some bands play, one of the bands, is made up of the kids of the wife’s niece. By all accounts they are pretty damm good. They are building a web site at present so here is their Facebook Page Finally tomorrow, it weigh in night at Slimming World , I am not holding my breath this week.

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I hear you knocking….

….but you can’t come in

That is what my blog has been saying to me for the past 36 hours. Seem as though there was some file corruption in the section that controls the logins etc. After some help from the guys at WordPress Support I have been able to get access to my blog again. What I like most about this is that the WordPress software that this web site\blog is built on is free, the Theme I uploaded a couple of weeks ago is free and the support I have had over the past 36 hours has been free, that my friends is the joy of Open Source Software or OSS for short. The company I work for have just invested in a web site which has CMS (Content Management System, well technically it is WCM but I am not going into that here), which is what WordPress is, well suffice to say my solution is a hell of a lot cheaper than theirs is.

Apart from Monday night success (I lost another 3lb) there has not been a lot to write about this week which under the circumstances is just as well. No ride yesterday as it was raining and I had to get the shed cleared out so I could get all the bikes in the shed. Five hours later the shed had been cleared with enough space to park all the bikes in the shed and be able to get them out again without to much of a problem.

Went out for my customary Sunday morning Throop Loop, another two and three quarters ride time. Met Mr Grumpy on my way back along the river complaining about Mountain Bikes on the path, well I never heard him complain about the dogs that run around which are not under the owners control, causing havoc and a danger to walkers, runners and cyclists alike, leaving their deposits all over the path for other to enjoys……..NOT! Maybe Mr Grumpy should stop being a miserable old git and start enjoying the scenery.

Saw my first KingFisher today, it was only a common Kingfisher, a couple of weeks ago in the same area I saw a guy land a large 18lb-ish Pike. If had not taken up cycling I may never had seen any of this. I have seen a host of wildlife since I have started riding, ridden area that I never knew existed and I feel a lot better for all this.

Have a busy week coming up, my car is into the body shop tomorrow, I am all over the place on Tuesday, Thursday night we are going to the evening events for the Bournemouth Air Show, Saturday I am off to the wilds of Hampshire (better known as Liphook) for a cycle ride and then on Sunday were back to Bournemouth beach to see the Air Show. Better not forgets tomorrow nights weigh in and food tasting session at Slimming World , better make sure I get weighed first before I start the food tasting!!

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not a good week

It has been a tough week, being dragged around the country side for work while I have a load of work to do in the office (if I had an office…………but that is another story).

After lasts week no show by the insurance engineer the insurance company decided that they don’t need to inspect the car now. So this afternoon I go to book the car in to the body-shop and was informed that the insurance company have not notified the body-shop so I had to phone the insurance company up again, “Oh we thought you were going to pay”!!!!!! The car was damaged by a third party and is a company car, why would I be paying? The insurance company were going to contact the body shop so hopefully I will get a call from the body-shop tomorrow\Monday to book the car in.

Clive from Massive MTBer left a link to the blog he write for Bike Radar. His latest blog inspired an interesting comment from a reader regarding the genetics of being fat. Click here to read the articles. While interesting to read and understanding why you get the urge to eat, it still boils down to will power to block out the voice on the hunger monster within.

I have missed the opportunity to do an evening ride this week for one reason or another, just hope the weather holds for the weekend so I can ride, not sure where but might try the Purbeck’s again. The evening and morning are now starting to get get darker, better start making to most of these opportunities.

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Housework as in tidying up this blog site………… did not really think I meant pushing a hoover around did you??

Just doing some basic tidying up on the site, I doubt you will see any changes as it is mainly minor little points. Biggest change is adding the gallery link in the header I am still putting off the big change or rather upgrade, moving this site onto WordPress 3.0, currently running on WordPress 2.9.2 Still quite a few people running into problems with their upgrades so I will wait a little longer till they have ironed out a few more bugs and then look at doing the upgrade. I will probably change the layout of the site at the same time (part of the upgrade process is you have to revert the site page back to the basic wordpress), seeing as the current decoration has not started peeling off the walls yet I will wait a bit longer.

The car went for its MOT, what a cock-up. The car was serviced about 6 weeks ago and I was told then that the front brake discs need changing but there was still life in the pads, but seeing as I needed to have an MOT soon they would leave doing the front brake until the MOT. So I booked the MOT for the 12th and reminded the garage that it need new front discs and pads.

Car dropped off at 8:30am, phone call 11:00am cars failed MOT on faulty rear light (bulb blown), front brakes and binding rear brakes, told them I was in no hurry for the car and would collect it at 5:00pm. Phone call from garage at 3:00pm, car has only just come back into the workshop might not be ready until late tonight, not to bothered as I had their roller skate to drive………………I mean Renault Twingo. So I said I would pick the car up sometime after midday Tuesday depending when I get a free 5 minutes to collect it. Phone call from garage Tuesday 4:00pm, car still not finished, now have to order new parts for the brakes, parts won’t be here till Wednesday, explain that I won’t be here on Wednesday either and that I need my car for a trip up country, am told that the car is currently sat in the workshop with no wheels or brakes on it. Concede I have to take the roller skate on a 280 mile round trip. Finally collected the car early Thursday morning.

Friday afternoon I get the normal customer service call I get after every visit to the garage asking if everything was OK, so I explained the above I am promised a call from the service manager. 6:15pm I get a call from the service manager, explain the whole story again, he concedes they could of handle it better but that is about as far as it goes.

Fortunately for me it is a company car so I don’t have to foot the bill for the repair, I just have to put up with the inconvenience.

Just noticed I have not posted since Sunday, well Monday night being the customary weigh in night, it was another good night for me with another loss, can’t remember how much and don’t have my book to hand. No mid week ride this week due to the weather

That is enough waffle from me, will post more on Monday……………….hopefully

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