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turn the key click click

That is exactly what I got when we went to go out this afternoon, got in the car, turned the key click click click, all the electrics in the car had reset themselves to zero and were now in French (that’s what you get for having a Peugeot). I phoned the lease company (company car) at 13:45 and they said the AA would be out by 14:30. The AA text me at 13:55 to say they will be with me at 14:05, AA turned up at 14:10.

It seems as though the battery dropped a cell and I needed a new battery, the AA man had a nice little computer jobby to test the battery and tell him I needed a new battery (it also told him the type of battery, the current age of the battery and a lot more as well). This was where the fun started, first he had to get the old one out which was no mean feat, then he has to get authority to fit a new one which he had on the van………….at least he thought he did. He had two batteries in the van, one the correct size but with a lower ampage, one with the correct ampage but to big to fit the in the space for the battery. The AA are supposed to have 24hr call out with UniPart so if they need a part they can get hold of it. Local Unipart depot is 5 minutes drive up the road from me. So he phones Unipart and the call went straight to (mobile) answer the phone, he waited for about 20 minutes and tried several more times but it was always the same, just kept going to answer phone.

In the end he fitted the lower ampage battery and we were on our way by 15:00, not bad, an hour and a quarter from time of reporting the problem till I was on the move.

Unfortunately that put pay to my afternoon plans, I was going to take the wife out to a cycle shop she has not been to before to look at some bikes (dropping a few hints not that she needs reminding…….) but as wifey needed to pick up some bits for Sunday dinner and it was 15:00 it was off to the shopping centre and the bike shop will have to wait for another week.

Went out for my normal Sunday ride this morning at 7:30 and it was cold, the sun that was out and shinning when I got up at 6:30 but was now hiding behind a blanket of grey cloud. It took a good 40 minutes before I could feel any heat in my arms. I did my normal loop along the river from Northbourne to the weir at Throop, then across the fields towards Hurn Court School, then I dive off into the woods (not sure of the name) and cycle across the woods until I get to the Avon Causeway Road and cross that on to Sopley Common. I exit Sopley common near the rear entrance to Hurn Airport Industrial area and cycle along the road to Hurn Forest. I zig-zag my way across the forest for 6 miles and exit at Oakdene caravan park. Here I take a narrow footpath which I have now renamed Stinging nettle alley, on my left I have a 6ft high wire mesh fence that has been pushed into the footpath in places. The path is about a handle bars width and on my right are trees and bushes along with stinging nettles, brambles and common weeds all over the place. This leads down to a bridge over the Moor River (read stream). From here I take the short path to East Parley Common. I head across the common until I meet the Hurn road and then take the road back toward Hurn airport main entrance before turning off for Merritown and heading across the fields toward the weir at Throop. Then I just follow the path back along the river and home, nice little 27 mile round trip. The return along the river is normally quite busy with dog walkers, seemed extra busy along there today with fishermen, think it might be the start of the fishing season.

The new rear wheel and tyre behaved itself but I will need to pop the bike into the repair shop to get the gears re-indexed as they are not quite right, it seem to be on a gear higher on the cassette than it is registering on the indicator, the front needs adjusting as it is rubbing on the pickup arm when on the large chain ring and on the granny ring anything lower than 4 and it jumps. Now I know it is not to difficult to do but with all the gear problems I have had I want it sorted and running correctly before I brave it and have ago myself. Its not bad they have lasted since I had the major repair in mid March.

Tomorrow is weigh in might, watch this space…………….

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