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i hate a smartarse

So there I am browsing the net looking for some new site decorations when I come across a web site with some nice Woodpress themes, I click the link to see a full page version of one of the themes and I am taken to another web site promoting other WordPress themes. Ok maybe it is towards the bottom of the page, I looked on the first page and not seeing the theme I was looking for returned to the page I came from. The second time it happened I looked a little harder, checking the links on the page thinking I might of missed something, realising that I had once again been had I went back to the site I came from. The third time it happened it was more like “what the…..”

What is it with some people think they can be clever and get people to their web site when all they have done is lost the potential of somebody using one of their WordPress themes.

Keep watching a new theme will be up before the end of the year, just got to find a site that does not take you for a ride.


things I have to put up with

Driving, I think we all know there are some right muppets on the road and if we are honest with ourselves we have all done something stupid while driving. But having said that it does not make you feel any better when somebody stupidly pulls out in front of you…………..and then stops there!!

On my way through Worthing yesterday near the hospital on the A27 (I think), saw a car waiting in a side road on my left to pull out and turn right, then when I am no more than 40yds from the junction he pulls out in front of me and then stops as there is traffic coming the other way, not sure how I missed him I just hit the brakes. The ABS came into operation and I stopped just short of ramming his drivers door. I got nothing from the driver apart from a horrified look as he pulled away and disappeared off down the road.

What can be more simple than mounting a cabinet on a the wall?? I marked the wall where I wanted it. I even marked the cabinet to ensure the correct orientation, so can you spot the deliberate mistake in the picture below?

If you still can't see it, look at the label on left hand side of the cabinet!!

Communication companies, why are they so bad at communicating?? Lodged a complaint for the third time on Sunday still waiting for a reply. The auto reply I got said we will be back to you within 5 days (5 days in these modern times is woeful), well today is the fifth day, anyone want to take bets on me getting a reply??

Going for a ride over the Southdowns tomorrow, hopefully I will take my riding legs with me unlike last night ride…..

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A ride with no punctures

Well that makes a change…….

I woke up early and laid there as it slowly got lighter, I eventually made it down stairs to the kitchen at 6:45 for breakfast and get ready for my ride. While looking through my list of past rides last night I found one I did about 12 months ago, it was one of those Wiggles Rides, it was called “The falling leaves” ride in the New Forest. So after loading up I head off for the New Forest, the original ride started at Brokenhurst but the ride looped round to Burley and that was where I was intending to start. I parked up at the car park near the old railway line to Holmsley.

I was expecting the weather to be a little more sunny based on the weather forecast for Sunday (I really should stop relying on the weather forecast), cloudy and grey was the reality. Thankfully it was still quite warm. The sun did stick it head out a couple of times but it was nothing like the forecast they had given for the weekend.

The ride was pretty straight forward and quiet despite the fact that there was a marathon, half marathon and a triathlon taking place. On one road section (there were several road section which I had forgotten about) I ended up riding with the triathlon guys, most of them said good morning as they shot past me which made a change compared to the roadies that normally ignore me, fortunately I missed the marathon runners. A ride of 25.5 miles in around two and a half hours and best of all no punctures 🙂

Cleaning the bike this afternoon I found one of the concaved spacer washer that sits on the bolt holding the front brake calliper on had split, this would explain why the front disc was rubbing from time to time during the ride, thankfully I had a spare.

A few weeks ago I ran out of the degreaser I used for cleaning the chain, in the past I had been buying the Finish Line Citrus degreaser at about £12 for a small bottle. Now while it was good at degreasing it was not what you would call cheap. Then a little birdy told me about Swarfega Oil and Grease Remover, 5 Ltr container for just over £8 which you mix at 50:1 (you do the maths but it is a lot of chain washes!!). Well it certainly cleans the chain and cassette nicely. I got mine from Screw Fix Direct, I will keep you posted on how it goes.

Mr Angry may be about out later this week, for the past couple of months getting online has been nigh on impossible at times. According to Virgin Media this is because (and I quote) you are affected by a local upstream utilisation issue on your chassis (local router) which will cause your speed to slow during busy periods. This basically means there are more users using the system than the system can handle. Now the fix was supposed to have been Friday 23rd but if anything it is worse. I am going to give them a couple more days and if there is no improvement I will complain about the lack service. What really get’s me is that I am being bombarded with e-mails and spam through the letter box from Virgin Media to move up to their 20mb service yet they are unable to deliver the 10mb service they are currently providing me and I am paying for, watch this space.

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Rip Off Britain

Here is the situation, I needed some USB leads for work tomorrow, I thought I had some spares cables in my cable box at home but when I checked they were no where to be found. As I am leaving at the crack of dawn (or just after) I decide to go to the local techno store and buy some leads. Unfortunately the first shop only had one 1.5mtr lead and I was not going to pay £11 for a 3mtr lead. Just across the road was PCHell……sorry I meant PCWorld, not my favourite shopping place but when needs must etc. etc.

So having found the cable section after many minutes of searching (think 3inch high labels on the top of the racking), I could not believe what I was seeing a “HP High Performance USB Cable”………………….£54.99 you must be having a giraffe, in fact you are probably having the whole dam safari park!!! How the hell do they have any justification for charging such an insane price for a bit of cable?? It is even more sad to think that somebody will go into PCWorld not knowing any better and come out having purchased (that should read, having been ripped off purchasing) one of these cables.

It goes without saying that I left PCWorld without purchasing any cables from them. As the wife wanted to do some shopping in Tesco, I had a look in their Computer\Techno section and ended up purchasing 3 USB 1.5mtr cables (USB Type A – B, the sort used for connecting a PC to a printers) for £4.99 each.

So there you go, PCWorld the current No1 contender for Rip Off Shop of the year, unless you know different??


success for once (even twice!)

While I would hate to tempt fate by saying the tide is turning but at least this week a couple of things have gone my way for once rather than going against me. First thing to go my way was finding an Avid Brakes Bleed kit at nearly half price. Searching the Internet I found the kits available from £39 to £45, then I found All Terrain Cycles who were selling the kit at £24.98 (click here for details). To be perfectly honest at that price I was expecting something less than the full kit I had seen else where on the Internet, but I took the chance and ordered a kit on Tuesday night. I was impressed when the daughter phoned me to tell me a parcel had arrived for me on Thursday morning. I was even more impressed when I unwrapped the parcel and it was the full Avid bleed kit I had seen.

Avid Bleed kit picture

Having two mountain bikes with Avid hydraulic brakes, learning how to bleed my own brakes is not only going to be a useful skill to learn but also an investment as I won’t need to pay lbs prices (even though he his prices are very reasonable) to have my brakes bled in future (I hope!!).

The second thing to go my way was the fact that tonight I was able to bleed my rear brake on the Cannondale and get it working properly first time. Now I can insert the wheel without the disc binding on the brake pads, a quick spin up and down the road showed the brake working correctly.

Unfortunately I have to work tomorrow morning, so it will be an afternoon ride hopefully and a normal ride on Sunday (a first two ride weekend for a few weeks).

Something else that went my way this week (just remembered). I have now got Memory map running properly on my new PC. Since moving to the new PC I have not been able to get some maps working correctly. Well after seeking out a bit of help I got this working in the week. Hopefully this good luck streak will keep going (euro lottery hint hint!!)

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