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normal service has resumed

When I looked on the Interweb this morning I found that this web site was unavailable, in fact it was blocked by Google. It seems after I made some mods (well asked for them to be done and were done within 10 minutes of requesting it at 22:50 last night) to the domain records so that I could hook up with Google, they saw fit to claim I was in “Violation of their Policy” and blocked my site (I was following their instructions). So I left it to see if it was just a time thing for the changes to propergate through the Interweb but by this evening it was still the same so I had to get the changes undone and now wait to see what Google have to say for themselves (I have appealed as they put it).

Unfortunately this was only the start of a bad day, I had to take the son to school and the wife to the doctor as she was not well. Fortunately I was working from home today and for the first hour or so this morning I kept losing the connection to work. Now if my laptop had been on wireless I could of accepted there was possibly a new wireless in the area interfering with mine by I was wired to the router. Then I got no end of grief and problems from work which stopped me from doing what I had planned, this continued throughout the day and ended with my e-mails disappearing into the ether everytime I sent one to my mailing list, 5 o’clock could not come soon enough.

Just changed the pedals on the bike ready for tomorrow, I bought them just after Xmas and have had them for a couple of weeks but I have been waiting for some work which is supposed to being done to my bike, but as there no sign of the work starting and it will be fairly muddy tomorrow what with the thaw and the rain so I decided to fit the DMR V8 peddles and damm are the pins sharp on your hands (had to hold them while tightening them)!

I am out of here for tonight just about to sink my teeth into a large Orange and no late night messing with the domain settings

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I need a manual

My better half decided that I should have a decent Christmas present this year, that not to say the past present have been rubbish but she wanted to push the boat out for me this year. So after much thinking it was decided I would get a GPS, it has the added benefit that she will get use of it as well when were out riding together anyway, so all is good. We spent a while looking around and eventually decided on a new model from Memory Map. These guys have produced mapping software based on OS maps and have just brought out their first GPS. What drew me to this product was the fact that you get their mapping software and the GPS at a very competitive price, unfortunately it is not as good as it should be.

There is one main problem, they don’t supply manuals, not in paper form not even in electronic form. You get two small quick start guides, one for the Memory Map software and one for the GPS and that is it. I have spent several days scratching my head and looking on there support forum looking for help on how to use their software and GPS unit. They actually state on the support forum that the GPS works out of the box, and I would agree with them switch it on and it works, no annoying requests to install anything to get it working it just worked. But if like me this is your first GPS, switching it on is about as far as you are going to go without reverting to some form of manual to tell you how to plan a route and load maps etc. I have since found a Users Guide (a basic 11 page document explaining the basics) for the GPS which has helped. But I can’t see the logic in not even producing a manual for your product.

Went out riding again today, only for a short ride as my son came with me and my legs were still aching from yesterday. So for an easy ride we went out to Hurn forest. dscf2666 My son decided every puddle was an adventure waiting to be explored and no puddle was to deep. From the very first puddle he headed straight through the middle of it as fast as he could peddle. This picture was taken near the end of our ride. Mind you I am many years older than him but puddles still seems to have that magnetic attraction to me as well! dscf2644

The wife who took both pictures was not impressed as I made her wet as I raced through the puddle, how unthoughtful of her, no consideration for me as to how wet I got for her photo opportunity!! The wife walked today as she did not feel up to riding, hopefully she will be back on the bike next week.

Finally tomorrow night is weigh in night, just hope that I have lost enough weight this past week to get past that mark which has been haunting me for the past few weeks, its to late if I have not so I will just cross my fingers till tomorrow!!

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it never rains……..

So I had a couple of busy days at worked booked with a system upgrade, so what would make the day more difficult? let see, a hard disk in a server die, a PC completely die in the middle of a virus removal or maybe a UPS failing at a remote site during a power cut shutting down 6 server and two network storage devices? Not sure? how about all of them before mid day and I still had to go ahead with the planned system upgrade!! The day does not get much worse but thankfully the system upgrade went well, a new hard disk is on the way for the server, the PC is off to the repair shop later in the week and the UPS is on my list of very urgent jobs.

I must admit I was not a happy bunny when I got to work this morning, traffic was horrendous this morning on the M3, it was more like a car park at 6:30am. Then a bit further on in my drive, I came across 2 lorries, 1 mobile crane and 3 sets of road works on a 25 mile section of single carriage way road with very few overtaking points, it just does not make for an enjoyable drive. The best bit is I get to drive the same route again tomorrow, oh the joy!

It was weigh in night on Monday and I was not impressed, there was me thinking I had had a good week and looking at a nice weight loss only to find I had gained half a pound, I was not a happy bunny, despondent more like!! The only thing we can think off was it was due to all the cycling I had done the previous week (muscle gain, as muscle is heavier than fat).

I’m off to bed, contemplating hibernation as an alternative to work and diet at the moment!

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