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It is cold out there

While it is true it is cold out, the title of this post bear no significance to this post, just could not think of a better title.

I am currently on a weeks holiday but thing have conspired against me to stop me from going out riding, Friday it was raining, Saturday shopping and other commitments, Yesterday was wet and windy although I did mange to wash the van which has led to this morning excuse, I have pulled something in my calf.

I have been plagued by problems with my calf for years, it is like a pulled of torn muscle but only lasts a couple of days. When I used to do kite flying I would frequently get it but I never knew what caused it, then when I started mountain bike riding I found that I would get it on long rides or in very hot sweaty weather. I put it down to dehydration leading to cramps in the calf which I have recently started to get sorted while riding (or at least I believe I have). But yesterday I was just walking around the van while washing it when I started to get  that familiar feeling in my left calf and then ouch, I felt that pull in my muscle and then the pain with every step.

With bright blue skies (if a bit cold) I was hoping to go out for a ride this morning but then as I walked upstairs my calf muscle reminded me that it was still there, so now I won’t be doing any riding today.

A couple of years ago I started reading a blog (it is no longer available to read) by Clive Chapman and like me he was an overweight guy fighting to get back down to a more reasonable weight (which he succeeded in doing). Clive had this thought that being overweight was an illness like addiction (like drugs addiction). Why would a normal sensible person eat certain food or quantities of food that they knew in the long term was going to be harmful for their body and possibly even kill them in the long term. It is a question I have been asking myself all this year.

I am a stress eater, when the pressure builds it is the fridge, cupboard or shop I turn to. I know if I eat that snack or cake or packet of biscuit (yes the whole packet) it won’t be good for me, but does it stop me? No, I just carry on eating. With the year I have had my weight has shot back up, I cant say to what as I don’t know. Only when I was at Slimming world did I ever weigh myself, at all other times my weight was measured by my trouser waist size and now it is back to where it was when I first started going to slimming world a several years ago. The obvious thing would be to go back to slimming world, well I am going to. The wife started back a few weeks ago but I decided that I would start back after Christmas. I was hoping that the wife being back at Slimming World would rub off on me. Well lets just say she is not doing so well at the moment which I means I am not either.  Add my weight issues with my lack of riding and I have gone back at least three years which is not good.

The point is it hurts (physically and mentally) being overweight yet I just don’t seem to have the will power to change it. I have set myself targets, I have set all sorts of things but it does not matter, you would of thought that improving and prolonging your life would be a big enough reason, but apparently it is not. Now this all lead back to Clive’s thought that being overweight is like an addiction, you just can’t stop but know you have to.

My mind is telling me to take it easy over Christmas and that I should go back to Slimming World in the new year, what will actually happens?……………………………………………..well I don’t know we will have to wait and see



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more confusion

Last week I was ready to change the bottom bracket bearing after two rides were drowned out by creaking, since last weekend I just lubricated the chain and put the bike away (the bike was only dusty as we were still getting a bit of an early summer weather). Well I went for a ride today and it was in utter silence, nothing not even a hint of a creak, I don’t know what is going on. I was going to order a new bearing tonight, now I am not sure what to do.

Yesterday morning the heaven opened, I was planning on going out in the afternoon but decided to give it a miss. I was not the only one, only two riders turned up for the ride, they went on the ride and never had any rain for the duration of the ride…

Went out this morning, decided I needed to do long ride after yesterday non ride and as there was some new paths I had found and wanted to try and I also wanted to have another test of my Zero High5 tablets so I decided on a home to Moors Valley Country park and back ride. A total of 32.8 miles with 80% of it off road and unlike previous ride from home to Moors Valley, I did not ride over the same section of trail more than once. I can report that I did not have any problems with cramps although that may be related to the fact that it was not particularly warm this morning so I was not sweating as much as normal. In fact it was that cold this morning that I had to stop after about a mile and put my winter gloves on rather than my fingerless gloves that I started with. By the time I got home I was knackered.

Now for a farewell, I started this blog on the 6th May 2009 it was just general chit chat nothing special, no theme. Like many new blogs it soon seemed to loose its way and within a few months it was on its way to becoming another dead blog. Towards the end of 2009 I came across a blog called MassiveMTBer (Don’t ever stop). The blog was written by a guy called Clive Chapman, he had a serious weight problem and had rekindled his love of cycling as part of a plan to get his weight back to where it should be. I found the blog easy to read, well written, funny, humorous, frank and honest. In fact it was good enough for him to be asked to pen a couple of monthly column for one of the national cycling magazines, that no mean feat.

This weekend Clive announced that he had penned his last blog post, with a new job and new coaching commitments (he is a rugby coach) he does not have the time to continue writing a daily blog. But Clive blog has touched so many guys with a weight problem who have got back into cycling as part of a plan to get there weight under control it is really going to be missed. His blog was a kind of meeting place, not in the real sense like meeting your mates in the pub. But in the way where you knew that other guys with the same weight problem as you were suffering from were there reading the same blog. Clive’s frankness honesties of his own weekly weight ups and downs made those readers reflect honestly on their own weight when it came to standing on the scales. Clive’s blog became a sort of weigh loss club for guys.

Good luck with your future Clive, you blog will sorely be missed.

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return of the creak

The creak is back on my hard tail bike. Last week I stripped the pedals down to check that they were ok, gave them a good grease and put them back together again. But Sunday’s ride was plagued by the persistent creak as I pressed down on the left. I have stripped the crank down and checked all that is tight. It happens when I stand up and pedals so that takes the saddle and seat post out of the equations. Standing over the frame with my hands on the handle bars and pushing down on the bars does not reveal a creak. So it seems as if it is the left-hand (non-drive side) Bottom bracket bearing again. Those that read this blog will know that I fitted a new Hope Bottom Bracket bearing back in August last year. After a couple of rides I started to get a creak and after some investigation found that the left-hand bearing had very little grease in it. While I did contact Hope and they replied asking me to send it back to them to investigate, I repacked the bearing with grease and fitted it back on my bike, went out and test rode the bike and problem solved, no more creak. So in the end I did not send the Bottom Bracket back to Hope.

Question is what do I do now? I don’t really want to fork out £15\20 for new bearings as it is less than a year old and it would seem the fault was with the bearing when purchased. Hope gave me the options back in October when I contacted them. But having ignored their previous offer to send it back to them I may have shot myself in the foot if I contact them again about the bearing. I think at the moment it is a case of watch this space….

No ride today, windy and wet. I woke up in the night to a very cold back (other half had pinched all the quilt again) and I could feel the blowing in from the open bedroom window. Lifting the blinds this morning revealed a rain splattered window and the pampas grass waving happily in the garden. The rain has been on and off all day while the wind has been getting stronger all day.

Windspeed graph
A little windy

So with no rides today I did what everybody else does on a wet bank holiday Monday, we went shopping, we are now the proud owner of 6 Tomatoe plants and 6 pots of onion seedlings (is that the right word baby onions??). It was suggested that I spent this afternoon stood out in the wind & rain getting wet and cold replanting said plants etc. the reply to that is not printable…….

In a quest for a cheaper life here is a web site I used recently to purchase some electrolyte tablets. The company is called Dolphin Fitness, they seem to do all the energy drink type stuff that cyclist normally use and certainly cheaper than what the local bike shops are charging. My order was delivered a day earlier than advised when I placed the order (I took the 5 day free postage option). Hope it helps somebody out there.

Tomorrow night is stepping on the scales night, I am not hopeful…..

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one week on

It was with a bit of trepidation that I stood on the scales tonight, after lasts weeks non-mover I was hoping for better things this week, but knowing me and my body it was not a sure fire bet. I had already avoided finding out my weight yesterday when I was at the doctors as he wanted to weigh me (along with blood pressure and wee sample). I told him what weight I was last week and when I stood on the scales I looked at the ceiling so as not to see what they said and the doctor did the decent thing and by not telling me.

So as I stepped on the scales at slimming world tonight I watched the digital read out as it first flew past my last weeks weight and then came back down to rest 4lb less than last week, I think it was then that I let out a loud sigh…. I think that was very good considering I lost the plot Friday night after the bad news (I’m a stress eater). I was even more surprised by the fact that I won slimmer of the week and had a large bowl of fruit to take home.

In regards to the doctors I have have some new cream to try which will hopefully resolve my problems and stop it flaring up again. I was a bit surprised when he said it was two years since I had the last lot of cream, which was why they would not let me have a repeat prescription and had to make an appointment.

Don’t think an evening ride is going to take place this week, have a couple of ideas for the weekend but need to check what the weather is offering before I decide.

Was hoping for an early night to night as I am up early and off to head office tomorrow but that not going to happen now especially as the daughter said she might phone me to come and collect her from the concert she is gone to if she comes out too late for the bus. The last two days have been a case on answer the desk phone and the mobile rings, answer the mobile and the desk phone rings. I spend half the day answering the phone and the other half trying to catch up where everything is behind.

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what happens when the wheel falls of your wagon

Not so much a wheel falling off, more like all the wheels being removed and left to sit on piles of bricks…………

Well last night was crunch time, just before Christmas I left Slimming World due to a funding crisis with the intention of starting again when funds were in a better condition. Well last night the time had come to rejoin.

I knew it was not going to be good news, trouser that were once nice and baggy are now once again tight and in some case are to tight to wear. At Christmas I always let myself go a little bit and enjoy the food, but in this time my Christmas did not finish until last night. I have not stood on a set of scales since my last slimming world night (its not something I normally do anyway). I had wondered what the damage was going to be but soon put the idea out of my head because had I under estimated my weight gain I would be really annoyed if when I stood on the scales I was way over my estimate. What ever my current weight was I was not expecting it to be good and I was not disappointed from that point of view. I have gained 2 stone (28lbs, 12.7kg take your pick it is all the same) since just before Christmas. If I am honest it is about where I though I would be, any less and I think I would of got of lightly, any more and I think I would be feeling very depressed about the situation.

So now the hard works starts, my first target is to get back to where I was pre Christmas and from there get my weight down to where it should be. I am going to need help, so feel free to give me a nudge in the right direction when you see me heading in the wrong direction……..PLEASE!

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