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it never rains……..

So I had a couple of busy days at worked booked with a system upgrade, so what would make the day more difficult? let see, a hard disk in a server die, a PC completely die in the middle of a virus removal or maybe a UPS failing at a remote site during a power cut shutting down 6 server and two network storage devices? Not sure? how about all of them before mid day and I still had to go ahead with the planned system upgrade!! The day does not get much worse but thankfully the system upgrade went well, a new hard disk is on the way for the server, the PC is off to the repair shop later in the week and the UPS is on my list of very urgent jobs.

I must admit I was not a happy bunny when I got to work this morning, traffic was horrendous this morning on the M3, it was more like a car park at 6:30am. Then a bit further on in my drive, I came across 2 lorries, 1 mobile crane and 3 sets of road works on a 25 mile section of single carriage way road with very few overtaking points, it just does not make for an enjoyable drive. The best bit is I get to drive the same route again tomorrow, oh the joy!

It was weigh in night on Monday and I was not impressed, there was me thinking I had had a good week and looking at a nice weight loss only to find I had gained half a pound, I was not a happy bunny, despondent more like!! The only thing we can think off was it was due to all the cycling I had done the previous week (muscle gain, as muscle is heavier than fat).

I’m off to bed, contemplating hibernation as an alternative to work and diet at the moment!

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get a life people

Just seen a post on Facebook, why are people fascinated by watching reality TV garbage?? I can’t see the interest in X Factor, Britain got Talent, Strictly Come Dancing etc. etc. am I the only one who does not get it? The only ones that win is the production company, they have duped the whole country (if not the world) to pay for and support their auditions for a new (so called) star. Then once we have chosen their new star for them they charge us to listen or watch them, it is a win win situation for them. No wonder Simon Cowell is worth millions.

It is the same when some nobody who thinks they are a celebrity or a so called sports star makes the news headlines for doing what, being drunk at 3:00am in the morning and falling over in the street, come on people get over it, nobody is interested, the same as nobody is interested in the several thousand members of the public who do exactly the same in the wee hours of the morning so why should we be interested in hearing about this nobody?

I think I’m getting old

Been working my way through 3 month worth of photographs that I need to process, put some from July up in the gallery today more to follow in the coming week. Still need to get one of me on my bike, have a few but lets just say they are less than flattering (ok I am no model but there are limits). Would like to take my camera out when riding but concerned that I might fall off and damage the camera.

After the rain cleared up this afternoon took the bike out again for a ride, wife did not want to ride so she walked with our son who took his bmx. I done the same route as we did yesterday except this time there was quite a lot of water around some parts of it. Managed to get through the muddy areas without falling of. Met up with the wife and son at a section called the big dip, only to find son enjoying himself by riding through the puddles and mud. Surprisingly he was not to dirty or wet by the time we got back to the car (unlike his dad who was covered in mud).

Just hope that all the cycling I have done this week has helped with the weight loss, tomorrow night is weigh in night. I had a good weight loss last week and am hoping for the same tomorrow. I am trying to get the weight loss rolling before xmas arrives and this year I am not going to try and control the food intake over xmas not only from weight point of view but simply from a cost\food point of view. We always seem to either throwing the food away or eating it for the sake of eating it so it does not get thrown away. I know it is a major celebration time in the year and its time to let your hair down but I think it is time to control these things a little (er…………yes I am getting old!!)

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yes at last…

For the first time in many years my weight is in the 18 stone bracket. It was weigh in night on Monday night and for the first time in a few weeks I had a good weight loss (4.5lbs to be exact) and managed to crack the barrier that had been holding me back for a while now. I can’t think to many people would be happy to be 18st but for now I am but I don’t intend to hang around in the 18st bracket for to long. My eye’s are already set on a much lower weight target, not sure exactly what my target I want to be but is but I have a target area in my mind.

My next target is a lot closer which I would like to hit next week, though it would mean losing the same amount again this week (or more which I have done in the past), so I am looking for a good week this week and fingers crossed for Monday night.

I am hoping the extra bike riding I have been doing will help, been out riding the past two days and going out again tomorrow for a long ride. Yesterday was only a short ride but we tried a completely new area of Hurn Forest. There was a large hill which we both walked up because apart from being quite steep it was a deep sandy\dirt track. Once we got to the top there was a large hill to go down, by the time I got to the bottom I had blurred vision it was that bumpy. Today’s ride was longer but cut short again as our son ran out of legs and the wife got another puncture (front tyre this time). So I rode back to the other end of the trail to collect the car and drive around and pick up my son and wife. Mind you I did have a nice ride back at speed and without having to wait for anybody. Even managed to get up the big dip which was also nice.

As the wife’s bike had different valves which meant carrying two pumps (and we left her pump in the car 4 miles away from where she got the puncture) I bit the bullet and bought two new inner tubes (actually bought three, got a spare for the ruck sack we carry) with the same valves that my bike has which means we only have to carry the small pump with us.

Tomorrows ride is out in the New Forest again, not sure which route we are going on yet. Once the riding is over it is back to the bike shop to drop the bikes off for their first service (on Thursday). Let hope I can get out of the shop without the temptation to spend anymore in money in there.

new cooker part III

It has taken 34 days from delivery of the first cooker to the delivery of a fully working and undamaged cooker. Some of the delay were not the fault of the manufacturer as we took several days to get back to them to arrange delivery of the latest one, day to day life just got in the way. I’m getting to know the fitter that well now that I made him a cup of tea without asking if he wanted it.

The whole family went out riding on Sunday (as mentioned in a previous post), a first for us as the daughter is either working or baby sitting her younger brother. But she was on holiday this weekend so we all went out to the local forest. The wife decided she wanted to take things easy after her tumble on Saturday so stayed on the main path with our son while the daughter and myself ventured off onto the smaller paths. This was fun until we pushed it to far and ended up in grass up to our knees and that while sat on the bike…………..

I was hoping that all this bike riding would help with the weight loss, but yesterday weigh in was a gain. OK I am the first to put my hand up and say that I strayed into eating some wrong foods but even with exercise I should at least lost a couple of ounces?? So I am trying to have a good week this coming week (food wise) also doing a food diary to record what I eat. My problem comes around the weekend when we have just done the shopping and there is more opportunity to eat the wrong food. Still intending to keep on with the cycling as I believe it will start to help with the weight loss.

The wind is looking good for this weekend as well so I might even go kite flying as it is likely to be the last chance I get this year on the home field as it normally floods over the winter. I have a couple of days holiday next week so hopefully going to fill that with either kite flying or bike riding.

up and down, up and down, up and down

That my weight, it was weight in night at Slimming World tonight. I have been a member of Slimming world for over  15 months and I have lost 35.5lbs  to date. But the way my weight goes up and down I probably have lost 70lbs but put 35lbs back on……….. Last week I put 3.5lbs on this week I lost 3.5lbs and it is not the first time this has happened (not the amount but the fact I put “X” on one week and lose “X” the next week). I will put my hand up and say that I am no angel when it comes to eating the right foods but sometimes what I eat and my weight loss\gain just do not seem to go together.

But I can’t complain, I am probably the lightest I have been for a couple of years, I am currently sat on the border of a new number (going from 19 stone into 18 stone, yes I am that heavy). My knee’s no longer ache like they used to, I guess that if I had a blood test I will have moved away from the path of becoming diabetic which is what got me start losing weight.

Long term, I am not sure what weight I want to get down to, I know those in the medical profession will say I should get to my ideal weight which if I remember correctly is about 10.5st but when I was that weight I looked to skinny and was happier around the 11st to 11.5st but either way I have a long way to go.

I am not going to bore you with how my diet works, it seems to work for me, if you want to know more about it then check out  Slimming Worlds web site for more information.