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silver van man

Silver van man, similar to the white van man (the menace on UK roads) but more stupid. Now you would expect white van man in his plain unmarked van to rush down the outside of queuing traffic and cut in at the last possible chance. But silver van man is stupid, he does the same in a fully sign written transit van on the A303 at the A34 junction yesterday at 06:56am. The A34 had been closed at Winall (J9 M3) with all the traffic being diverted up the A33 and onto the A303. At about 1.5 miles from the A34 junction traffic started queuing to get off the A303. Queuing was to much for Silver van man, he came down the outside of the queuing traffic and then forcably cut in at the last minutes.

As I said earlier his van was sign written so the photo below has been posted to ADS Recruitment of Southampton to see if they would like to comment.

Watch this space

check the black car on the inside of the silver van man being forced to move out of the way

where did you get your licence?

It is the question that has been going through my head for the past couple of days. Now I don’t claim to be the greatest driver on the road (if I was it would not give me anything to aspire to :)), but I certainly hope that if I sink to the level of driving I have seen this past couple of days somebody will tell and I will hand my licence back.

Idiot 1) I am waiting at a traffic light controlled Tee junction, I am on the side road (the upright part of the tee) waiting to turn right onto the main road, my traffic light changes from red to amber, engage first gear, lift the clutch, start to release the hand brake and from my left comes a little moped, straight through his obviously red light and continues across the junction like it is not there.

Idiot 2) Out shopping this morning, approaching a Tee junction and the car in front indicates that it is going to turn right. Not a problem except that they take up position at the junction in the middle of the lane. There is enough room to the cars right to actually get another car between them and the middle of the road. As a consequence of this I am blocked from pulling up to the junction and turning left.

Idiot 3) Another red light jumper but this time on a pelican crossing. There is a cars in front of me as I approach the crossing, I am slowing down as the light is already on red, the person starts walking across the crossing from the right and the car in front continues across the crossing without stopping. Just as well it was not a mum with some kids that like to run across the crossing.

Idiot 4) The local councils around here enjoy placing those chicane type traffic calming road blocks on side roads. Twice this morning I had somebody drive in to the middle of one of these and then indicate for me to proceed past them. Problem is there only room for one vehicle at a time in these traffic calming road blocks, am I supposed to drive over them??

Idiot 5) Finally, I kept the best till last, earlier this afternoon I was driving up a side road, there is a car a short distance in front of me which indicates to turn left into another side road which is the same direction as I am intending to go. As I turn into the street the car in front has pulled into a parking space on the left hand side of the road. As I get closer to the car it indicates right and pulls out of the parking bay in one move and moves into a parking bay on the right hand-side of the road, I have to brake to avoid running into him. As I pass him he tries to turn left out of the parking bay into the side of me (he actually heading for another parking bay on the left as I watched him in my mirror once I had passed), he then has the cheek to honk his horn at me because I was in the way of him continuing his parking bay slalom down the road!!

Please, if you ever see me driving like any of the above then let me know and I will hand my licence in.


idiots and pear-shaped

We will start with idiots on the road (and pavement), there is a side road I drive down in the morning and at the very end is a T junction (into another side road). I approach the junction on the upright part of the “T”. Car and vans park on the left hand side of the road right up to the broken double white lines indicating the give way marking on my side of the road, so as I stop at the junction I stop in the middle of the road, there are normally cars parked opposite the junction, so when I turn right I do so onto the on coming traffic side of the road. So why two days running does a car refuse to let me out only to try and turn to his left into the road I am coming out off but can’t as I am in the middle of the road and expects me to move but I can’t move as his car is now blocking my exit?

Idiot number 2, a cyclist who rode down a pavement because traffic had stopped moving (not a deal breaker but mentioned to give a broader picture of the idiot), rode in and out of stationary, slow moving traffic and on coming traffic, rode through 2 red lights on pedestrian crossing and a lollipop lady crossing. Is it any wonder cyclist get a bad name?

Idiot number 3, a motorcyclist who over took me and had to duck under the mirror on the van as he was that close to the van as he was riding into on coming traffic on a narrow road and then when he passed me immediately braked, why?? He then proceeded to ride off into oncoming traffic again. It he continues to ride like that there is every chance his genes will be removed from the gene pool.

Idiot number 4, a young school girl, stood on the corner of a road junction, about 5 mtrs from a zebra crossing. She had looked up the road towards me, I had seen her and assumed she was waiting for a friend. That was until she just stepped off the pavement in front of me, she did a very good job of ignoring me as I slammed on the brakes to avoid running her down. Another contender to have there genes removed from the gene pool.

Now for pear-shaped, I am once again the only wage earner as the wife’s temp contract has finished suddenly. Not what we wanted and not something we are in a position to handle at this time. It is looking a bit grim at the moment.

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white van man

Had a run in with the aforementioned white van man yesterday, driving up the A34 towards the Hinksey roundabout. As I approached the on slip, I was on the inside lane, there was a long train of vehicle coming down the on-slip but I could not move out of the inside due to a car on my outside. This did not seem to worry white van man, he just crossed the cheveron area (narrowly missing the grass) on to the inside lane in front of me forcing me to brake a swerve out off the inside lane (fortunately the car that was along side me had gone past) into the out side lane. I have to be say there was a fair amount of horning blowing and waving of arms on my part, all I got back from white van man was a “who me”? look I sometimes wonder where some people get their driving license from.

Now a tale of customer service, first good customer service. I arrived back home last night and as I walked into the house I thought it was cold, checked the central heating pipe in the hall and they were stone cold, checked the boiler clock and the lights were indicating the boiler was on. Checking the boiler there was no pilot light, I relit the pilot light but still the boiler failed to function. I had this really bad feeling about the central heating at this stage.

The wife remembered that we should of had the boiler serviced back in December as part of the deal we have with our gas\electric supplier, so she phoned them up. By the time she got through it was 6:30pm, she explained the missed boiler service and the now dead boiler to the guy on the phone who replied “thats ok, you have 24\7 support on your central heating”

This surprised both of us but we sure as hell were not going to complain, we were duly booked in for an emergency call out and told an engineer will be with us in the next 12 hours and yes that did mean even at the early am hours!! Thankfully just before 9pm an engineer turned and had our boiler sorted working in less than 10 minutes, it seems that when somebody relit the pilot light they forgot to turn the dial another quarter of a turn which allows the boiler to fire up. My excuse is that it was only the 2nd time in 9 something years that I have had to light the boiler.

Now bad customer service. I ordered two laptop for work back at the start of January, at no time was I made aware of the fact that the said laptops were out of stock, I was even given a delivery date, when the delivery date came and went with no laptops, I phoned to find out where they were. Apparently they were out of stock, the story has progressed with broken promises, e-mail sent with no replies, phone calls not returned and promised not honoured. This is not a large multi national, this a major local company who could of got all our business, it now looks like that possibility has gone the same way as their delivery dates.

Well that is it till the weekend, bye

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today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday!

That is so true, you can spend all day worrying about tomorrow, that before you know it tomorrow has arrived and you have to face up to what you were\are worrying about.

In my case “my tomorrow” is a couple of months away, yet the time will no doubt fly by. I have no control over what is going to happen, I only have control over preparing for when it does happen. It is sometime very difficult to remember that and it is not helped by the fact that some of the preparation can be a bit unpalatable but has to be done. It is also not helped by the fact that it is the season of goodwill when everybody is supposed to be happy. Well I am trying to be but it is not easy.

Yes I am being cryptic about what is going on suffice to say I tell you when I have it settled in my mind…….

While I am having a moan, Things I hate about other drivers………………, the driver that slowly overtakes you on a dual carriageway and then cuts back in front of you narrowly missing your front bumper and then brakes, why overtake me if you are going to slow down? I have had this happen to me twice in the last three days.

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