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things I have to put up with

Driving, I think we all know there are some right muppets on the road and if we are honest with ourselves we have all done something stupid while driving. But having said that it does not make you feel any better when somebody stupidly pulls out in front of you…………..and then stops there!!

On my way through Worthing yesterday near the hospital on the A27 (I think), saw a car waiting in a side road on my left to pull out and turn right, then when I am no more than 40yds from the junction he pulls out in front of me and then stops as there is traffic coming the other way, not sure how I missed him I just hit the brakes. The ABS came into operation and I stopped just short of ramming his drivers door. I got nothing from the driver apart from a horrified look as he pulled away and disappeared off down the road.

What can be more simple than mounting a cabinet on a the wall?? I marked the wall where I wanted it. I even marked the cabinet to ensure the correct orientation, so can you spot the deliberate mistake in the picture below?

If you still can't see it, look at the label on left hand side of the cabinet!!

Communication companies, why are they so bad at communicating?? Lodged a complaint for the third time on Sunday still waiting for a reply. The auto reply I got said we will be back to you within 5 days (5 days in these modern times is woeful), well today is the fifth day, anyone want to take bets on me getting a reply??

Going for a ride over the Southdowns tomorrow, hopefully I will take my riding legs with me unlike last night ride…..

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that was a orrible feeling……

On my way up the A34 this morning I decided to get some fuel before I got onto the M40, I filled the tank to the top which brought the cost into 3 figures and headed to the shop to pay. As I waited in the queue I got my wallet out to get the company credit card ready to slot in the machine (I hate those people who will queue for a couple of minutes and then get to the cashier desk not ready to pay and then faff around making me queue longer). To my horror I could not find my credit card and every passing second I was getting closer to the front of the queue………. On reaching the desk I told the cashier that my credit card was missing, he simply asked me if there was somebody I could phone who could pay, his question jolted my brain out of panic mode and back into reality mode. I quickly phoned one of the company directors, explained the situation and then passed the phone over to the cashier. While they were sorting out the payment I was scratching my head as to where my credit card was.

Once payment was made I apologised for causing the problem and quickly headed back to my vehicle. As I headed back onto the A34 I phoned my daughter at home and asked her to do a search of my desk encase I had left it on my desk while working from home. She searched over my desk while I was on the phone and then asked the obvious question, where did you use it last, I thought for a few seconds and then realised it was on Saturday at the services on the M27 to get fuel. My daughter said she would phone the motorway services and see if my card had been found at the service station. As I waited for her to call me back my mind was trying to work out how I was going to explain losing my credit card to the director. I was quickly brought back to reality when the phone rang, it was my daughter with good news, the card was at the service station on the M27. All I had to do was pop in and collect on my return journey this afternoon.

I have never felt so relieved, it was so horrible just not knowing where it was and not being able to remember where I last used it. I can’t work out how I managed to leave my card at the petrol station cash desk. I was lucky apparently as they normally only keep cards for four days before destroying the card and informing the credit card company, today was the fourth day.

Several years ago I went to a petrol station and filled the car up with fuel and then realised I did not have my wallet with me. Since then I always check my pocket to make sure my wallet is there as I drive down the road, think I might need to start checking the contents.

Last night was weigh-in night, and it was a good weigh-in for me, 2lb off. Just need to stick to the straight and narrow eating wise and keep that downwards trend.



No it is not some Microsoft chat service but something most driver of a certain age will understand (or least had to understand to pass certain driving tests). Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre – MSM, what you should do for instant when you wish to change lanes on a motorway or dual carriageway. Unlike the dipstick on Saturday who thought it was proper to just change lanes into the lane I was driving in just as you reach his rear bumper with no signalling and no checking of mirrors and then wonders why the driver behind him is getting so agitated………

I was having to work on Saturday which involved a 2.5 hr drive to Northampton, well it should of been 2.5 hours, by the time we got to Northampton it was just short of 4 hours. We spent 1.5 hours sat in the classic car traffic jam on the A43 near Silverstone, apparently they were holding a Classic Car auction. Mind you I should imagine it was one of the most expensive traffic jams I have sat in, we were surround by E-Type Jags (must have seen at least 20), AC Cobra’s, Austin Healey, Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Ferrari (various), Ford GT40 (probably a replica), TVR’s Ginetta, Triumph TR5, TR6, Stag, Morgan, Corvette plus many I did not recognise. At least it helped with the delay having something nice to look at.

Due to the delays getting to Northampton and then the job taking longer than intended, I did not get back in time for a ride. I wanted to do a couple of jobs on the bike pre-ride and it was early evening before I had finished. Last time I rode Saturday night and then again Sunday morning my legs were like lead so I gave it a miss.

Sunday dawned to the sound of my alarm clock, I quickly turned it off turned over and went back to sleep for an hour, eventually got up at 7am. This morning ride was the Throop Loop and a visit to Avon Heath Country park (I have been calling it Ashley Heath for some reason). The past couple of weeks I have been riding around what is called South Park which is the section of the country park which is on the south side of Boundary lane. Well according to the nice Dorset Countryside Ranger they don’t encourage cyclist in the South Park but they are happy for them to ride in the North Park which sits between Boundary Lane and the A31. I thanked him and headed for North Park. All in all not a bad ride, another 30 odd miles.

During the ride my Bottom Bracket was letting me know it was not happy, I narrowed the problem down to the left hand-side (as you sit on the bike). On closer inspection back home the bearing did not look to good so I gave it a good clean and re-greased it (did both sides) and will see what it says on the next ride.

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half way there

Wednesday for most people marks the half way point of the working week, it has been a bit of an up hill slog for me to this point of the week, lets hope the second half of the week is a downhill roll. I should be feeling happy what with the sunny spring like weather and the wife now back working but I just don’t seem to be able to motivate myself. This morning I was up early for my drive to the Cotswold, left home at 5:45 and it was misty but light, not quite what you would call day light but light none the less. The drive up was pretty much stress free, wished I had my camera and could have stopped on the M27 to photograph the orange sun rising in the east. The drive back home this afternoon was OK until J1 of the M27 where there was an accident, at least according to the radio there had been, by the time I spent 30 minutes queuing there was only the grit on the road (they use to soak up oil) to indicate there had been an accident. Then it was just nose to tail till I got home which took nearly an hour for a journey I can normally do in 20 minutes.

Yesterday I had a drive to Northampton and had the joy of idiot drivers on the way up to our branch up there which delayed me by 30 minutes. Anybody that does a lot of driving will know the sort of thing I mean, slow drivers in both lanes of the dual carriageway, accidents tail backs, idiots who believe they are the only car on the road so they own the road and can do what they like (yes he was a young Audi driver), catching a pair of juggernauts overtaking each other. OK I know it is not the lorry drivers fault they are governed to 56mph but when it takes nearly 2 miles for one to pass the other you can’t help getting a little frustrated especially when I got stuck behind 4 separate overtaking incidences like this.

I enjoy driving but the past two days make me wonder why I continue to drive 32000 miles a year, maybe I am getting old (that was not an invitation to pass comment!) but some how I don’t think I would enjoy a job where I am tied to a desk 9 to 5, 5 days a week, I like my freedom……..

OK here something different, do you like decent music mixes? check out the appozone. He is a music lover that love remixing tunes. If you look around his web site you may well find some downloads (note they are not small downloads some are 100mb’s is size). As well as music, he loved kite flying which is where I met him, a genuine 100% guys

Appo (on the left) enjoying his two passions, music and a kite festival

The above picture was taken in 2007 at a kite festival in Essex, unfortunately there was no wind but the music was good!

As for Mondays night weigh-in, I am trying to forget it………………..

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i’m eating the wrong stuff!

When I get stressed I eat and this past 5 days I have been eating the wrong foods (as far as a diet goes), bars of chocolate, sweets, really not looking forward to Monday night. Just have to try and behave (if only it was that easy) between now and Monday to soften the blow.

I went out for a ride this morning, went out and tried the new cycle trail at Moors Valley Country Park (you won’t find it listed on their web site yet or publicity sheets yet). According to the blurb on one of the boards displaying the forest maps it is a Blue level route of 4.5 miles, so it is not a taxing ride. I went round with my 10 year old son, so my first loop round was a slow one. In all it took us about an hours (I think the board said between an 1hr 15min to 1hr 30min) which allowed for several stops for drinks. There are no real hills as such just a couple of slopes that youngster may struggle with. The trail is made up by 95% narrow hard core compacted path, there are a couple of wide wooded board areas (north shore type) over boggy areas and a couple of section of riding along fire roads to join paths together, longest was about 60mtrs. Having returned him to mum in one piece, I left him quite happily telling mum she would like it and I set off to do the loop again but this time a little bit faster.

Now this is not quite as simple as it sound, because while the route is relatively flat they have built in some awkward little 90 degree corners (there no big berm areas like the bigger trail centres), riding between two trees just over handle bar width apart. Riding slowly behind my 10 year old son these are not a problem, but try them at speed it is another ball game. Then there are the small boulders that mark the path edge, while only small they are big enough to bash your pedal into them or clip your front wheel on one and throw you off the path in both cases (fortunately I avoided both) so it not as easy as it seems.

Unfortunately the path is already being used by dog walkers (plenty of evidence along the trail), walkers and runners so riding at speed had to be tempered with care. But all in all an enjoyable ride. I thought about doing a bit more riding but (with the doctors words from Tuesday still ringing in my ears) I decided to head for homes although I still intend to ride again tomorrow morning.

This afternoon I remembered why I hate going into town on a Saturday afternoon, the town centre is full of idiots, young one, old one and dumb arse one that just stop right in front of you. Thankfully I only had to go to one shop and then I could get the hell out of there. On the drive home we nearly had a run in with a BRAS (Boy Racer Arrogant Sod) driving an Audi (Audi is the new BMW don’t you know). BRAS and Audi driver seem to think that giving way on a roundabout to traffic approaching from their right is below them so just pull out in front of you expecting you to brake and avoid them, one day I won’t.

Well I am off to make some more home made soup, at least it is diet friendly……………

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