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were on track

Weigh in tonight and it was a good one, 2lb loss. I am happy with that, if I can keep on with a loss every week I will be happy, three weeks in and 3lb closer to my target. You can keep an eye on my progress by looking at the “the count down” page.

It maybe a New year, but it is the same old road works and traffic delays, yes the A338 dual carriageway road works (road works is a very loose term) are back. The county council so kindly stopped them for the Xmas period and then they were unable to restart them due to the cold weather. But at 6:00am this morning they were back 2 miles of carriageway closed off so they can……………………..cut some tree and bushes down. This 2 miles of single carriageway left nearly 5 miles of tail backs in the morning rush hour, I should imagine it was similar tonight’s rush hour. I just can’t believe there is not an easier way for the worked to be carried out. It would not be so bad but the tailbacks from the road works block one of the alternative routes for me to take to work so from the three possible routes I have an option of 1

It is D day tomorrow for my bike, its back to the local bike shop to have a frame swap, can somebody tell me why I feel a little apprehensive??

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it never rains……..

So I had a couple of busy days at worked booked with a system upgrade, so what would make the day more difficult? let see, a hard disk in a server die, a PC completely die in the middle of a virus removal or maybe a UPS failing at a remote site during a power cut shutting down 6 server and two network storage devices? Not sure? how about all of them before mid day and I still had to go ahead with the planned system upgrade!! The day does not get much worse but thankfully the system upgrade went well, a new hard disk is on the way for the server, the PC is off to the repair shop later in the week and the UPS is on my list of very urgent jobs.

I must admit I was not a happy bunny when I got to work this morning, traffic was horrendous this morning on the M3, it was more like a car park at 6:30am. Then a bit further on in my drive, I came across 2 lorries, 1 mobile crane and 3 sets of road works on a 25 mile section of single carriage way road with very few overtaking points, it just does not make for an enjoyable drive. The best bit is I get to drive the same route again tomorrow, oh the joy!

It was weigh in night on Monday and I was not impressed, there was me thinking I had had a good week and looking at a nice weight loss only to find I had gained half a pound, I was not a happy bunny, despondent more like!! The only thing we can think off was it was due to all the cycling I had done the previous week (muscle gain, as muscle is heavier than fat).

I’m off to bed, contemplating hibernation as an alternative to work and diet at the moment!

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