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why, where did that come from?

Last night I planned a ride for this morning, nothing exciting, a visit to Moors Valley and a ride around the forest and cycle trail out there. Gave wife and son the option to take their bikes or to just go for a walk. Went to bed last night and got a bit of a twinge from a muscle in the top of my right leg (around the groin area), never gave it a lot of thought (I am getting old and full of aches and pains). Got up this morning went down stairs and had breakfast no problem, went back upstairs to wake the wife and ouch!!! That pulled muscle in my groin area let me know it was still there…….

So now what do I do, still go and ride and find I can’t ride which will really peeve me off or give it a miss hoping the rest will calm it down enough to let me ride tomorrow? but why now? Why not during the week, why is it when I have something lined up something has to get in the way.

Enough of the self pity and loathing, back at the start of May I purchased some Dr Sludge self sealing inner tubes from Chain Reaction Cycles (CRC), (for those not in the know, self sealing inner tubes look like normal inner tubes except they are filled with a latex type goo, when a sharp pointy thing punctures the inner tube the latex starts to come out of the hole and seals it and stops the inner tube from deflating). Now I have had a problem with these inner tubes since I fitted them to my bike as over the period of a week they go completely flat (compared to a normal inner tube and some other self sealing tube from a company called Slime which stay pumped up) which if I say so is not a good advert for a self sealing inner tube.

Dr Sludge box picture

I have tested them in a bath full of water looking for a leak etc. but found nothing. I have checked the valve but still they deflate. So after finding them flat again last Sunday, I sent an e-mail to CRC customer service more out of frustration than anything else. Well Monday I received a reply offering to replace them, I was a little surprised based on the time since purchase and the nature of the item. So I took CRC up on their offer to replace them and on (CRC said due to the low value of the parts I could keep the old faulty tubes!!) Thursday the parcel man came knocking, so a thumbs up for first class service and prompt action goes to CRC.

Like many other I have been following Le Tour, I have never had an interest in it before, not sure why I have an interest now but I have been watching it none the less. Seems to be a lot of accidents on the Tour the latest taking out brit Bradley Wiggins with a suspected broken collar bone (I know what that feel like and I did not break mine). It just amazes me that these guys cycle 125+ miles a day for 3 weeks (OK there are a couple of short time trials). I can’t even cycle 125 miles in one day let a lone everyday for 21 days and at the speed they do it at.

If my muscle strain does not settle down my weekend will be made up of Le Tour, F1 and World Team Cup Speedway 🙁

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it was wet and muddy

But I enjoyed it, I am referring to my ride this morning. When I got up it was wet but not raining so I decided to get my kit on and go for a ride. Next I had to decide where, over the local heath would be a short ride but a complete mud fest, the Throop Loop would be a longer ride and a bit less mud (or so I thought). So I opted for the Throop loop but done a bit different this time, running in the opposite direction from the weir, I also decided to try some of those paths I have ridden pass in the past and no idea where they went.

My first new direction was down a bridle path (which come off the bridle way to Parley Common) and after only 30ft led straight in to a bog where I nearly did a face plant in the mud thanks to a immovable submerged object in the mud. So I pick myself up out of the mud and seeing that the water and mud continues for as far as I can see (large bush a little way in the distant blocking my view) I have two options, do I (A) go back the way I came or (B) continue on regardless…………………………………..yes I took option B! So I spent the next 15 minutes playing hike a bike through the bog as I followed the path. When the water level got shallower and I could see the bottom of the stream running down the path I remounted and started to ride again. I think this is one area I my decide to ride only in the summer.

By now I was feeling as though I had left my riding legs at home, I eventually made it into Hurn Forest and set about trying some of more of those paths I have not ridden in the past. I found many of these had section of mud in them (which given the weather is hardly surprising). The heavy conditions of the paths were taking it out of my legs, they just felt like lead. I was happy to get out of Hurn forest and onto the road where my speed picked up and sprayed the mud off my tyres into my face, nice.

A quick detour into Ramsdown Plantation and Sopley Common where I tried some more new paths before heading back towards the river at Throop. By now the heavens had opened and it was peeing down, this gave me a chance to try my Montane jacket which I had purchased in May. I have worn it a couple of times but never in any proper rain. I decided to remove my jumper (I had been riding with my fleece jumper and a long sleeved base layer and I was boiling), I was quite surprised at how warm I stayed.

By now my legs were out for the count, it was raining that hard it was washing the mud off the bike and I had two humps to get up on my way home but it felt like I was riding up the Alps. It was the hardest ride I have done for a long time, I think it was simply the heavy conditions out there.

After a long soak in the bath I sat down to watch the F1, first off, it was boring, the only excitement was brought about by those drivers who pitted under the safety car and then working out who was going to be where after their pit stop. Secondly, Vettel was not my choice to win, but he has driven well for the season and finally Alonso is a spoilt Spanish baby who thinks everything should be given to him, rather than earning it, it is about time he grew up and started acting like a two time world champion rather than a baby who lost his dummy.

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if only the manual was correct

I had to work today (Saturday) which is rare for me, I had to shut the entire IT system down down for several hours and I could see little opportunity to do it during working hours, so an early morning drive to the Cotswold was my start for Saturday. I had to install an item I had not installed in the past so had to refer to the manual to check certain options. Happy with what I read I proceeded with the install. So why was I pulling my hair out an hour or so later because it was not working and one of my servers had disappeared off the network?? because the bloody manual lied that why. I won’t bore you with details but basically the item I was installing was set-up (out of the box) the opposite to what the manual said, if you can’t refer to the manual to get the correct info where are you going to get it??

Once I had got everything working and my server had reappeared (the disappearance was linked to the item I was installing not working correctly) it was nearly mid afternoon before I left for home a couple of hours later than planned. Decide to go back the scenic route via Stow-on-the-Wold, where I passed two groups on mountain bike riders, riding up the road caked in mud and looking as though they had enjoyed their ride. I felt really peeved off, the sun was out, the sky was blue and I was working. With rain forecast for tomorrow I am not sure if I will get to ride or not, will have to decide on how heavy the rain is. It will have to be a morning ride as I want to watch the F1 which is on just after midday.

I would like to see Hamilton or Webber win the F1 but there is little chance of Hamilton winning it so I will be hoping Webber is there at the end, just as long as Vettel and Alonso don’t win it I don’t mind. Wanted to watch the England Australia rugby match but I never got back in time so I watched the highlights, certainly looked like the England boys had a field day. Might of been a bit different had Australia put those penalty away rather than missing. I did manage to watch New Zealand walk all over Scotland

My week has not really got any better or worse than Tuesday blogs, I have ignored the problem for the time being, been to busy working on the new phone system install which has been happening this past week and seemed to go fairly well (nothing I was doing, I was just a helping hand).

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no title!

No ride today, decided I wanted to get the Whyte put back together which I did and went for a quick test pedal up and down the road to check everything was OK, seemed very strange sitting on a full suspension bike after a few weeks off it. I then started on the Cannondale, chasing the noise in the rear derailler. It was not what I a couple of peeps had suggested, so I had a general play with both the front and rear gears then took that for a ride up and down the road and everything seemed ok, so will have to wait till I get chance to get out on the trails to see how it goes. It was damm cold outside today working on the bikes, very little sun and a stiff north westerly breeze.

Once the bike were done I watched the F1 on TV, bit disappointing to see both the Brits out of the title race now, have to hope Webber can do it next week. I think Mclaren have lost the plot since the middle of the season, they have not had the pace. It alright saying yeah we will be on the pace at the next race, but while they are playing catch up to their rivals from the last race, their rivals have moved the goal posts. In my opinion both Red Bull and Ferrari could of won the championship a few races ago. Both teams have made bad decisions on supporting their drivers which has sent the championship to a last race decider.

Not looking forward to work this week, tomorrow is an early start to drive to head office and I also have to do the same trip twice more this week. Then tomorrow to follow on from my early morning and long drive I a trip to the weigh-in scales, oh the joy!!

And before you ask the reason for the title of this post, I could not think of one!

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