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the prognosis is………

Well I am back for another post, life is still throwing me curved balls while I am looking for a straight ball so there is nothing new there then, life goes on.

Just checked up on what I posted last time (not the very last one but the one from 2nd June) and my right calf had gone twang, so I will pick up the baton from there and start running.

A visit to the doctors followed where he sent me for physio at the local hospital (like I needed more visits to the hospital after the last few months). This appointment coincided with the first day of my holidays in early August. The nice physio nurse put my legs through some easy test, at least that what she said, my calf’s were hurting. After a few tests and a bit of a massage (she had lovely warm hands!!) of my calf’s she diagnosed extremely tight calf muscles. I was given a hand full of calf stretching exercise’s to do and told to come back in a month. I was also given a referral to the gym (more of that later).

The calf exercise’s are going well, I have only felt one twinge in my calf and that was while riding last week, I have been back to physio a couple of times now and have another appointment a week Monday which should be my final visit.

Going back to the gym (I have not been to a gym for 15+ years) was something I had been considering rather than going back to Slimming World (I would still be eating slimming world based meals as the wife was still attending Slimming World). It should have been so easy phone up and book an appointment as you have to be accessed and shown around etc. etc. Three attempts later I have an appointment for my assessment. The gym I currently go to is a council run gym which was a private run gym before it went bust, the local council had plans to build a new gym and swimming pool (just waiting for a school the close where they were going to build it) when this gym went bust so they bought that instead. So I am now going to the local gym on a weekly basis. A lot of the exercise I do there is aimed at my legs and calf I have just had a review and have upped the times and added a few new exercises to the routine. I have lost a little weight since I started so things are going in the right direction.

But you really have to laugh at some of the people that attend (I was going to say use but read on as that word is definitely the wrong word). You have the he man, he has the muscles, he looks the parts as he struts around and he grunts and roars when he lifts the weights just encase you have not noticed him. Then there is the hanger on, she is female, she is dressed for the gym except all her cloths are fashion cloths from the high street fashion outlet, she stands next to her mate who is using the equipment in the gym either talking to her or texting on her phone. Then there are the text-ers, they are using the equipment but they are always texting, for instances one girl sat on one of the exercise bikes and I guess her legs did about 30rpm while she sat there texting for about 15 minutes, maybe it was the thumbs that were being exercised….that’s it. Then finally there is the fashion goddess, she could easily adorn the pages of fashion catalogue, she has her make up on, not a hair on her head out of place, she has bling around her neck and around each wrist and a couple of rings on her fingers. Dont get me wrong there are lots that attend the gym and really go for it, there are quite a lot of women that would put me to shame that for sure but I just cant but laugh at those I mentioned, I can imagine them at work the following day or telling there mates, yeah I go to the gym……. Me, I wear my bright pink cycling top (the one from the Tazz ride), pair of grey sweat shorts and a new pair of Nike Trainers (my old trainers were not up to the job) and you will find me covered in sweat.

The fish tank, it has fish in it now, 11 of them, 5 Yellow Labs and 5 Yellow tail Acei and a catfish who name I can not remember and who hides away all day, only know he is there as I can see him hiding under a rock. Hopefully going to pick up a couple more catfish next weekend.

Well I have taken to ending my blogs with a video tune so I see no reason to change things now, an old Australian tune from 1982 when I was out in Brisbane

short break…………

I am giving this blog a sabbatical for a short while. You may have noticed my lack of posts over the last few week. I wont go into details but life is not giving me an easy roll at the moment. Once things are sorted then I will be back and posting.

You can still contact me if you wish


3 days and counting

Well that how many days were left till the end of the year when I started writing this post, not sure when I am going to finish it so the day count maybe slightly different.

I guess there is little point in doing a quick retrospective of the year cycling, not enough riding must try harder sum up this subjects end of year report. I pretty much think the dieting report reads even worse, never really tried must start trying. Hopefully both of these are in hand for 2013, I have a plan, just need to carry it out and stick with it.

Even this blog has had problems this year with very infrequent posting, when life got rough there was nothing positive to write about and I just lacked the enthuiasism to do it.

There is no denying life has been tough this year for numerous reason, hopefully some of those reason have been sorted and things will start to improve through 2013, I certainly hope so, don’t really want to live another year like that one. Life is like a giant jig-saw, all the pieces are there, you just have to put them together properly without the use’s of a picture to refer back to.

Saying that I have already booked up for a cycle ride for 2013, noticed Sky were doing one of their Sky Rides in the New Forest (12th Jan) so signed my son and myself up for it. To be honest I have done it more for him than me, it is only 7 .5 miles but it will be something different for him and makes me throw a leg over my bike as well, so it has got to be a good thing.

The seeds for 2013 have pretty much been planted now, I just have to tend and look after them properly and 2013 could be the year I want, only time will tell.

Finally my last video for 2012 is the distinctly different type of song and possibly my favorite for 2012, Spitfire by Public Service Broadcasting

I wish you all a Happy New Year , see you all in 2013


the road ahead

Well I am glad to say at last that somebody has left the light on at the end of the tunnel and each days it is growing a little brighter as the end of the tunnel gets closer. Yes things are starting to look up, I am no longer the sole money earner, what was for the wife a 6 week temp job has turned into 2 weeks temp work and then move to a permanent job with another company, so that is a large weight of our minds.

We have also booked the plumber to come and sort out the water tank leak that has been plaguing us for months, hopefully I will soon get a nights sleep without the accompanying sound of dripping water!

I wish I could say that my cycling is getting better, it is not. Went riding with my son at Moors Valley country park last weekend. The plan was to do one or two laps of the trail with him and then go off and play on my own. Well he decided that he only wanted to do one lap so I set off on a slightly faster second lap on my own, it was not long before I wished I had started out a bit slower. By the end of the second lap I was done for. Had to call it a day and go home.

Having problem publishing video at the moment, hopefully this will work. I was intending to post a different song but could not find the decent video that went with it, but saw this one on the list of other songs available and thought why not

At last got the video to show


it can only get better……………….yeah right!

Last time I posted thing were looking like they were heading back to normal, oh how wrong I was. Well the first week of the wife’s new job went ok, Saturday she woke up feeling a bit under the weather and shortly before midday returned to bed where she spent the rest of the day through to the following morning. Well that was Saturday ride out the windows as I was to hold the fort and look our son. Sunday dawned and the wife feeling slightly better……………..for about 10 minutes. By midday she had gone back to bed, by 3pm she was complaining of chest pains. A phone call to NHS direct meant we spent the rest of the afternoon waiting the doctor to call us back. As soon as we had the call from the doctor we were on our way to the out of hours service at the local hospital.

After waiting for nearly an hour we get to see a nurse, who after checking the wife over decided that we needed to see the doctor (wasn’t that why we came to the out of hours service for??), after another 20 minutes and the wife gets to see the doctor. She goes through all her symptoms again, at the end of the examination the doctor notices a red patch on the the wife’s right calf. On closer inspection the doctor diagnosis is cellulitis. The doctor could not say whether the wife felt ill because of the celluitis or she had a summer bug or both. Suffice to say we left the out of hours clinic with enough tablets to make the wife rattle.

Now being able to keep food and liquid down the wife went back to work for her second week. We kept an eye on the celluitis (we had to draw around it to check if it was spreading. It was a little redder but not spreading. Tuesday dawned and the wife goes to work as normal, I get a call saying the pain in her leg is killing her. I told her to phone the doctors and get an urgent appointment. The only time she could get was 5pm and I had to pick her up early from work and drop her at the doctors to make sure she got there in time.

When the wife went into see the doctors (I went we her as I was acting as her prop as she was having trouble walking) she went through the story about the weekend and when the doctor asked to see her leg I am not sure who eyes popped out further, mine or the doctors. The whole of the calf area at the back of the right leg was bright red and badly swollen, no wonder the wife was in pain. Eventually the doctor spoke and told us to go and wait in the waiting room, I am going to write a letter for you and phone the hospital!! When he handed us the letter he advised the wife to go home and pack an overnight bag as he was not expecting the hospital to let her go home that night.

After scaring the kids about mum forthcoming hospital visit and packing a bag we were soon sat in the waiting room of the Acute admission at Bournemouth Hospital. By now the wife was in a lot of pain, after an hour waiting the wife was led to a bed. Here the story was retold several times between attempts to find a blood vessel in either of her arms to take a blood sample from and to insert a cannula so they could inject anti biotic’s.

I eventually left the hospital at 10:30, they were still playing hunt the blood vessel. Apparently a blood vessel was found in the wee hours and the first large does of anti biotic’s were administered. The following morning the first round of doctors visit started and the doctor looking after the wife said he had never seen a case of celluitis as bad as the wife’s, it was so bad that they actually took pictures of it. He also told her if she had come in 24 hours later they would of been treating gangrene…………

While the wife was being treated in hospital it was left to me to sort out the wife’s job. First I had to inform the job agency and then I had to phone the company. I should point out the the wife works in an office on her own, so if she does not open the door the office does not open. Thankfully everything went OK and I agreed to take the key down to a temp the agency got hold off on Wednesday morning.

Well long story short, the celluitis responded well to the anti biotic’s and by Friday afternoon she was well enough to come home. The wife was told that providing she had plenty of rest over the weekend she could return to work on Monday and that is what she did. Her leg is still a bit swollen and you can still see a shadow of the red mark on her leg but thankfully everything is returning to normal.

Well almost, the daughter went to a concert a couple of weeks ago and during the excitement of the concert she got knocked over and somebody stood on her hand. xray the following day was inconclusive to having broken something, So a temporary cast was put on her arm\wrist being told to return in one week to have it xrayed and checked again. Well the 1 week appointment was cancelled, the new appointment date was 17 days since she first went to the hospital. The temporary cast had disintegrated and been replaced with a support wrist strap (by the hospital). At the appointment this morning it was confirmed that she had broken her thumb and is now sporting a purple glittery cast.

So at the moment I am in a house of female invalids……………….