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frustrated from Bournemouth!

Somebody let the “Lets *uck it up troll” out this week.

As I mentioned in an earlier post the bike went to the LBS on Tuesday for a frame swap, I was expecting it back on Thursday but got told it was rebuilt but they wanted to road test it based on the rebuild and the problems I have had with it. I was out of the office for much of Friday and intend to call the LBS late in the day if I had not heard anything. So 5:00pm comes and go and I am still munching my way through my mountain of work e-mails, just answer this one and I will give the LBS a call I think to myself. One e-mail became two phones calls as they do and the next thing I know it is 6:00 and I have an e-mail asking me to call them tomorrow (Saturday at 9:30am).

So I called the LBS this morning and everything is done, bikes is working well, come and collect it. So I head of to the LBS and collect the bike. The bike is now sporting a new American Cannondale F2 frame (mine was a UK spec F5 which is not longer available), a new set of front air forks (which I supplied), a new cassette, new chain rings(3), a new chain and a pair of front brake pads. I am more than happy and head home to get my cycling bits and go for a ride.

We had decided to try a new route but as it is close to a river and with all the rain we have had this week we did not know whether it would be flooded and did not want to drive 20 miles to find it un-rideable. So we decided on a different route. So I spend the next hour trying to get the new route downloaded to the GPS, in the end I gave up in frustration as it now heading towards midday. So we load the car and head for Burley the New Forest. After having a quick spin around the car park I decided that the front forks are to soft and I would add some air to the front forks. But there is a problem, I can’t get any air into the forks, after much trying I give up and decide to ride (forks locked out) back to the village and try the bike shop there (they hire out bikes etc.) to see if they can help, unfortunately they don’t have an air shock pump. So I have to ride back to the car then load the car and drive back to the LBS (not the one that did the frame swap but a different one as they did not supply the forks).

I got back to the LBS and a quick check revealed that the shock pump I bought from flea bay was *ucked. After passing the LBS my credit card details I am the owner of a working shock pump. It is now to late in the day to head back to the New Forest so we head for a local woods which we have never tried but know there are routes through the woods. We start off by going the wrong way and end up dragging the bikes up a very steep hill only to reach the top and find that there are no routes accept for the way we have just come up, riding down the hill was fun though.

At the bottom of the hill there is a little ditch\stream to get over, I had no problem clearing it, wife has a go and ends up in a heap on the floor. Turns out she has hurt her ankle and can’t ride any more so it is back to the car, load up and go home. I managed about 2 miles riding today, not what I wanted


and so it came to pass

I put weight on over Christmas………….

Now I am in two minds at the fact I put weight on, on the one hand it was Christmas and I was not going to starve myself by avoiding all the nice Christmas goodies that were on hand but on the other it was a little more than I had hoped (but nowhere as bad as last years). What has not helped is the fact that I broke my bike and I was unable to ride yesterday or today (more of that later). So this coming week I am going to try to eat sensibly and avoid the sweets, chocolates and cakes etc. which are still hanging around from Christmas and do a bit more riding.

I managed to get a bike ride in on Christmas eve which was a bonus but it did include falling off at walking pace on black ice, I now have a lovely cut on my knee. Managed to get another ride in on Boxing day morning with the wife trying out a new route. Went out for a ride on Sunday on my own, the ride can only be described as a mud fest which included trying to ride up a track where the front wheel disappeared up to the axle in mud. On recovering my bike the pedals and wheel were covered in black gloopy mud. It was also interesting trying ride a cross a field where I was pedalling and not going anywhere, the front wheel stuck in the mud and the rear just spinning.

It was during the cleaning of the bike after the Sunday mud fest that I found a broken spoke on the rear wheel. It was not there on Saturday when I cleaned the bike so it must of happened during the mud fest ride. Not wanting to further damage the wheel any-more I decided not to ride yesterday, but I did do a 5 mile walk instead, lets just say is easier to cycle 5 miles than it is to walk.

I dropped the bike off at the local shop this morning and they quickly replaced the spoke for me so hopefully I will out again tomorrow and Thursday weather permitting. I want to get some miles under my belt not only because of my diet but I want to do an organised ride in 11 days time so I want to make sure I can do more than the advertised 15 miles as it will be in an area I have never ridden and apparently it will include a few hills!!

The GPS and mapping software has been proving useful, part of Saturday’s route came from looking on the OS map and worked very well apart from a river crossing, there was a bridge but it was the 2 foot deep water you had to cross to get on the bridge which proved a problem, result was wet cold feet. Sunday mud fest was another local route I found on the web and with the help of the GPS I was able to check I was going to correct direction, would be handy if they could tell you when the route was flooded with water though…………..

I am slowly getting used to the GPS, the total lack of manuals has not really helped as not only am I learning how to use a GPS and it terminology I am also learning how to use this particular GPS and the mapping software that comes with it. I am not saying that the GPS or the software is rubbish, quite the opposite. I have found the Memory Map Adventurer 2800 and the Memory Map software very good once I learn how to use it.

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I did it…

At Mondays weigh in I eventually got past the 3 stone loss mark, in fact it is now 3st 1lb loss since I started the diet. But strangely I feel a bit muted by it, maybe it is due to the amount of time I have been trying to get past the three stone mark or maybe it is the thought that I need to lose a lot more, or that Christmas is just around the corner, I don’t know.

My next target is not to undo all my hard work over Christmas, last years was a disaster, so this year I don’t intend going down that route again. Apart from eating sensibly I am going to cycle as much as I can over the holiday period to help counter the festive indulgence, the only day I won’t be riding is Christmas day.

My ride distance is getting longer, I am now starting to do a couple of laps of the route I use over local heath to get the distance. Problem is I get bored doing the same lap twice, so I am trying to find two different routes that I can do. I also intend to do some exploring over the holiday period, try and find some new routes and areas to ride. Might even venture a little further afield to see what I can find.

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