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I must have really pissed somebody off

I am referring to the ongoing issue with my legs (and before anybody want to call me selfish\self pitying I am not trying to compare myself to those who have lost their limbs) but my legs are seriously starting to annoy me. Yesterday was Christmas shopping day, I am not the greatest shopper but apart from the odd ache my legs were OK. During the drive home I was planning a bike ride for this morning (I had already got my bike kit out on Friday night). Arrived home about mid afternoon and realised that the Wales V’s Australia Rugby match was on TV (cracking match by the way). So I picked up my cup of tea on my way from the dining room to the lounge and then managed to spill some of the tea on my socked cover foot, by jeezus did it hurt.

After the cold wet cloth treatment closer inspection revealed that with pin point accuracy I managed to burn one toe (the one next to the big toe), it was bright red and painful. I was unable to wear a sock or a shoe as it would rub on the toe, so I spent the rest of the day with a very cold foot. I caught the toe in bed a couple of time during the night so when the alarm went off this morning I just turned over and went back to sleep. By mid morning I had manage to coax a thick sock onto my foot (I found the thin socks had a seam across the top of the toes which rubbed the burnt toe), I was able to put a pair of loose trainers on and walk OK.

So we decide to go and do a bit more shopping (dads\husbands taxi again), so we went to the cash and carry and I had no problem walking around felt quite OK. Even started thinking about charging the bike light up and going out tomorrow night. Unable to get my son any trainers we had to one of those retail parks, no where to park so end up quarter of a mile away parked at the side of the road. Walking back towards the retail park and twang, the calf muscle in my left leg goes (makes a change to the right one). Faced with continuing on and walking (hobbling) around all the stores (you know what women are like) or hobbling back to the van, I opted for the latter.

Thoroughly peeved off does not come anywhere close to how I feel at the moment I want to get out on the bike but this stupid body of mine wont let me. I must have upset somebody somewhere real bad as the amount of bad luck I am getting cant be for nothing.

I did get out and ride last week and it damm well nearly killed me, I had to walk up a couple of humps on the way back home as my legs were dead, but I enjoyed it, I still enjoy riding, I just want to ride my bike but this body wont let me…………..

Well a slice of old music from Slade (no not that one)…..


Can I get a new body please

So there we were out shopping early on Saturday morning not a care in the world, getting on with the the jobs that needed to be done so that we could have the rest of this lovely sunny weekend to do what we wanted.

Walking through the doorway of the aquarium shop and TWANG, it sounded loud enough for the whole shop to hear but nobody was looking at me apart from the wife who was trying to work out why I had a grimace on my face as I did my best one legged flamingo impression.

I don’t know what I have done, all I know it is my right calf again, it is just like I have seriously pulled the muscle again. I have had this happen many times, it exactly the same feeling I get when my right calf cramps up when riding. Today it does not feel as bad but I still know it is there especially if I try to stretch my right calf. I have considered dehydrations as a possible cause (causing cramps)and have started to keep a record of what I am drinking. It is early days yet but I don’t think it is but I need to record even if it just to discount it. I think another visit to the doctors is in order but not until I have a bit more of my drinking record. Alternative is to trade my body in for a new one, unfortunately there are not many takers!!

Needless to say there has been no bike riding this weekend, I had planned a long ride which had several early turn off available if fitness or injury were to cut short the ride. I would had loved to do the ride a the local mountain bike club were doing but I knew 30 miles up some big hills that I could not beat 18 months ago is definitely a no go at the moment.

Last weekend we went back to Cleeve Hill where we held the charity recovery ride and met up with Tazz again and Jon. It was a lovely sunny day but blowing a hoolley on top of the hill, (18 to 33mph). In fact we actually had to ride (as in pedal) down one hill as the headwind was so strong, the consolation was we actually got blown up another hill earlier. It was a good day with friends but not a lot of cycling.

This Wednesday was the day of funeral, and it went as well as can be expected, the day was sunny and cloudy. Now starts the task of moving on.

The fish tank, this simple job of putting everything together is becoming a pain in the butt. Having purchased the sand and the rock I laid everything out in the new tank as I wanted and then filled the tank with water. I took my big filter off the old tank, washed it all out, fitted new media and put it on the new tank………………where it promptly sprang a leak all over the new carpet, thankfully it was only a small leak. Further investigation revealed it was the main seal between the top and bottom of the filter. In the hunt for a new rubber O ring I was offered a new pump. I really needed to get a pump on the tank so I went for the new filter. This is all up and running although I have to shorten the hoses, as they were all coiled up and to long when I first set the tank up. So now I have to take the hoses off and shorten them.

With the lid on and pumps running came my next problem, condensation in the tank lid. I have a plan, I have purchased a bit of polycarbonate sheet and currently waiting for the lid clips to arrive so I can fit my diy condensation tray.

With all this sunshine there could only be one song to end this blog.

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Making the effort

I seem to remember saying in the last posting that I was off on my travels, well I was until 2:15am Friday morning when the hospital called, Father in-law was not looking good. So we laid there all night till early morning waiting for the inevitable next phone call which never arrived. So early Friday morning I dropped the wife of at the hospital and then went back home to look after our son. He made it through the day but because of the uncertainty we never made our trip up north. I worked from home for the day and contacted all those that were expecting me to say we were not coming. Long story short, the father in-law is still with us but the outlook is quite bleak.

Despite last weekends events I did get out on the bike on Sunday, a small loop around Throop, felt not so bad afterwards, would of felt event better had it not been for the headwind on the way home.

Today I decide on a ride to the beach, started off cloudy but quite warm, got to the beach and it started raining, by the time I got home it had stopped was still cloudy. Then when I came to wash and oil the bike it started raining, seem like I upset the weather gods today.

I was intending to go to a bike demo day and Queen Elizabeth Country Park in Hampshire but with things as they are I felt it was safer to stay closer to home. It is now looking like I wont be able to fund a new bike until the new year anyway.

As many you will know my fish tank cracked and leaked all the water over the floor in early January. Well I have a new fish tank (in fact I have had it for several weeks) and I am slowly building it up. It is slightly smaller than the last tank (capacity wise) although slightly longer but not so deep or wide. Because I am now feeling paranoid about the new tank cracking like the old one I have made a couple of modification. The new tank stands now stands on a 1.5″ piece of ply to help take any unevenness out of the carpet\floor and where the tank sits on the stand which was only 1/2″ thick, I have added another piece of 3/4″ ply to make it 1.25″ thick hopefully that will help stop it twisting or warping and thus cracking. I have also added some egg crates, which looks nothing like egg crates. They are in fact 1/2″ high plastic mesh that covers the bottom of the fish tank. Any rocks that is added to the tank sit of this egg crate\plastic mesh and it distributes the load more evenly over the bottom of the tank. I have the rocks and the sand to go in the tank which will be the next job over the bank holiday weekend.

Finally something completely different for the music video, take 5 minutes to listen to what this guy is saying…………..

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Here we are again

Well as Saturday draws to an end and the first day of my holiday also draws to an end. Nothing special about today, shopping in the morning back for lunch and then a bit of window shopping in the afternoon. Went to a bike shop over in Swanage this afternoon Charlie the Bike Monger, the guy had moved to a new premises, I had been meaning to visit his shop so off we went. It was probably the best afternoon we have had all year so far, it was a nice little drive through the Purbeck countryside. We soon found a parking spot at the top of a steep hill and the shop nearly at the bottom of the steep hill. It is not your conventional type of bike shop which offer all the big names manufacturers, here you get the lesser known ones like Surly and Salsa amongst others. Never having been to the old shop I am not sure how much more had to be moved but there were some bargain bins to have a rummage through so that where I started. A while later and a few pound lighter I left the shop with two pairs of fingerless gloves, water bottle, pair handle bar grips and a t-shirt.

On the way home we paid a visit to a few other cycle shops where I added a few more bikes to the wanted list, not that I will get them all, but I am hoping to get a new one later in the year but certain things need to be right before I can.

Last weekend I got really annoyed with myself, I had intended to go for at least 2 rides out of the four days off over Easter weekend, I did none!! Simply put I just did not get my arse in gear. The closest I came to going for a ride was to get the bike out the shed, pump the tyres up (which I had noticed were a bit soft from a previous visit to the shed) and give the bike the once over. I can’t put my finger on it, half of me wanted to go for a ride and the other half said sod it, I know it sound stupid but I was not impressed.

Today I had intended to ride this afternoon after shopping duties, but my knee was twinging that bad while we were walking between shops this morning that I had to stop and rest my knee. After that I did not want to risk my knee but I am determined to go out tomorrow, I have a short simple ride to test my knee. I have a another short ride with my son lined up for Monday and I have agreed to ride at Swinley forest on Wednesday, so kill or cure as you might say. I also have a charity ride to get ready for on the 19th April so I need to get back on the bike sooner rather than later and to get that new bike I mentioned earlier, I really need to get back to riding again.

On the decorating front, all the painting has been done apart from a few spots of touch up and a bit on trunking to be fitted. The carpet is being fitted next Friday so maybe then life can return to normal.

While I am on holiday next week it is going to be a fairly busy week, Tuesday I have an X-Ray on my knee and my wife goes for an ultra sound scan on her bad shoulder, Wednesday I am going to Swinley forest while the wife goes shopping in Southampton, Thursday the wife has a MRI scan on her bad shoulder and then it home to finish clearing the lounge ready for the carpet layers on Friday. Saturday and Sunday will involve refurnishing the lounge. Think I will be ready for a holiday by the time I go back to work on Monday.

Ok so for a little music to finish with, the intro of this song is great when listen to on headphones, I could not find a official video for this song but hopefully you will like this one

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same old, same old

Anybody who reads this blog often enough will know that if I have not written anything for a while then things have not gone to plan.

Lets start with Slimming World, my first weight-in, I was livid, I gained weight. I had eaten sensibly, I had eaten all the right stuff, I felt gutted. In fact I never bothered staying I just picked my coat up, put my trainers back on and headed for the van to drive home. I really hate those times when you make the effort to loose weight you eat properly and you gain instead of loose. I know it is pay back you those time when you eat badly and still loose, but still. This weeks weight-in was a loss but I was not impressed because it did not surpass what I gained the previous week.

I mentioned in my last post that my knee problems had flared up again, well after the tablet started to take affect and the pain subsiding, suddenly Saturday morning it flared all up again, so I put my old knee support on. It has been about 6 or more years since I last worn it. It is a very good support but wearing it 18 hours a day it is uncomfortable but it did its job, and the pain subsided (with the helps of some pills). I have not worn the brace today (first time in 7 days) and my knee seems to be holding up, still have another 2 weeks of inflammations pills to go yet. With my knee playing up I have not been on the bike, hoping to throw my leg over the crossbar next weekend knee\weather\life permitting.

The decorating is slowly moving forward, just about at a point where paint can go on the walls and ceiling now. I used to enjoy decorating, the excitement of planning the new decor buying the paints etc. and then transforming the room, used to love it. Now it just seems to be one sodding problem after another. Anyway need to be ready for painting by bedtime tomorrow so that I can put a coat of paint on the walls or ceiling each night next week so that we can be somewhere near finishing.

Finally a bit of music, a Bit of Pendulum

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