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another false start

New year is normally a time for forgetting the past and making a fresh start, unfortunately in my case I think somebody forgot to tell life that we were starting over for the new year. For the last two weeks I have been laid up with one of those cold\virus things doing the rounds. I blame my son has he brought it home from school and spent a week off school. Then it was my turn and spent 4 days laid low with the bug, apart from the sore throat, headache, felling hot and cold, this bug came with the added bonus of dizzy spells when you stood up or moved around. Having spent 5 days at home I was getting cabin fever so as the wife wanted to do some shopping I felt a trip to Sainsbury’s would be a good idea to get some fresh air. So we drove to Sainsbury’s, by the time I had walked from the car park to the entrance I was holding onto the wall to keep me up, the world was spinning, it was like being drunk without the drinking, not nice. Fortunately I am over the worst of it, still a slight sore throat but at least the spinning has stopped

Having the cold\virus meant I have not done any riding for two week and we have not started the decorating of the lounge yet which is now two weeks behind schedule. Apparently the new carpet is now at the shop ready to be delivered and laid, think it might be there for a couple of week more yet.

I have joined up to Slimming World again, I had to delay it a week due to having the cold and virus but attended a meeting this past Tuesday. I will openly admit I was nervous about getting on the scales, it was not as bad as I had expected but it was still not a healthy weight which ever way you look at it.  My increased weight has caused inflammation in my left knee, I am now on a course of anti inflammatory pills to calm it down while I get on with losing weight again.

In all this bad news we have had a couple of bits of good news, The other week the wife says we have won a tenner on the lottery, so she goes to collect our winning and got the shock of her life when the girl behind the desk handed her £64, we actually had four numbers on one line. The other good news is that the insurance company has paid out for the fish tank and the cabinet which caused the flood, just need to get the lounge redecorated, carpet laid and then I can think about getting a replacement tank.

I was checking my cycling helmet out the other day and noticed the state of the foam pads in the helmet, they were gross (think 18 months of sweaty dirty head). So I contacted the UK importer and asked if replacements were available. They replied with a part number and stated that I would need to order the replacement from an approved shop.  So I contact  a local shop and was informed that the parts were currently on back order………………………………………..June 2013!!   Funny how I found a new helmet on special offer on the Internet that same day!!

Well a bit of music to end with Lacuna Coil, only found out about these guys a couple of days ago and have not stopped listening to them since.

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the only way is up

That is how I see things at the moment, when you are at the bottom of the proverbial ladder the only way is up.

I will start with good news, the wife has got a new job and starts on Monday, she was told she had got the job on Tuesday but there was a bit more form filling and checking to do, but it was not confirmed 100% until nearly midday Friday. So thankfully that is one major issue out of the way.

After my cold laid me low last weekend I thought I had been getting better all week, that was until this morning when a sneezing attack followed by a runny nose (for the rest of the day) made it’s return. To go with the runny nose I also have heavy eye syndrome, you can liken it to how your eyes feel when you have been a wake for more that 24 hours and want to go to sleep but you are forcing yourself to stay awake. At least I am not alone with the cold this time as my son has it as well.

I was intending to go for a ride this morning but several factors put pay to that. I still had the front gear change to check after the chain suck problems I had at Cannock the other week. I got the bike out the shed and put it on the stand and was looking at the front gear change mechanism from the left side of the bike (based on you sitting on the bike) and I remembered something I read on the MBR Forum in the week about a guys problem with chain suck and checking the chain rings for hooked shaped shark finned teeth on the chain wheel. Sure enough I had those very same “hooked shaped shark finned teeth” on my middle chain ring. No amount of playing with the mechanism was going to solve that problem, so I dismantled the crank and chain ring so I could get the middle ring off and then put the bike back in the shed. With winds over 20mph all day today I don’t think I would of enjoyed riding today.

In need of a new chain ring I thought I try a new web site I heard about on the (previously mentioned) MBR Forum, Bike Discount, it is a German web site and they are more than happy to post to the UK. I have heard nothing but good things about this company so I thought I would give them a try and what is even better is the cost of a new chain ring and the postage was cheaper than I could buy it from any of the UK web sites, is that just stupid or what??

So another weeks goes by with no rides due to a case of bad bike servicing on my part, weather and illness and my weight loss program is non-existent at the moment which is not being helped by my eat anything and everything in sight mind set.

This is not the start to 2012 I wanted, the only way is up………………………….I hope

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just a quickie!

Just thought I would pop on here and talk to myself for 5 minutes. Thankfully the pains in my calf muscle from the weekend cramps has now gone, only to be replaced by headaches, snotty nose and sore throat, yes I have the onset of man flu, oh joy.

The wife has been told her last day will be the 31st Jan, not what we really wanted to hear but we needed to know so that we can start to sort a few things out. She had an interview last week and was told that she was second pick if the first girl declined the offer. For some reason I would prefer not to know, knowing you were second just make you feel worse.


here I sit

I am not really sure where I should focus my mind at the moment, I don’t like looking back and thinking about what would of been had I done thing differently, I don’t want to look forward as that only make me think about forthcoming problems and I not happy where I am now.

This past week has been a strange week, a sort of lull before the storm, although I am not sure when the storm is going to hit. Work has been those sort of days when you are busy all day and then look back at the end of the day and nothing has been accomplished, you just spend the whole day dealing with lots of minor dead end problems. I am on holiday for the second part of next week and the first part of the following week but it looks at the moment that I am going to have to work on Saturday (the one in the middle of my holiday) again, work that one out!

I am living in a house of bugs, we had a phone call on Monday asking us to collect our son from school as he was unwell. Fortunately I was able to leave work and go and collect him, since then is has had a hacking cough. I was feeling below par earlier in the week. The wife felt under the weather in the middle of the week. The only one who has not been ill is the daughter and she been working long hours and overnight so she been temperamental because she is tired.

Virgin Media are really peeing me off, the internet problem I complained about back in May and contacted them again at the end of September and early October which they complete ignored is still on going. I have not contacted them yet as I know it won’t be a pleasant call to them. I am planning on doing it one day next week when I am on holiday but I will be more angry when I come off the phone than when I start……

I have done no riding this week, I had planned to go out one night this past week but forgot to put my light on charge (it takes over 18 hour to charge). Then I decided not to ride the following night as the weather forecast was iffy and it turned out to be a lovely night………well would of been had I gone out for a ride.

I am not happy with the bike at the moment, it has a creak and I can’t find it and I hate the sound of that creak as I pedal along. I spent this morning and the early part of the afternoon trying to find the creak to no avail. I popped into my local bike shop for some (creak resolution) advice, his advice was to go over everything I have done again. I picked up a few useful tips on the Mountain Bike Forum so I have a lot to do tomorrow and my son want to go for a ride although that will depend on how bad his cough is.

I think I am getting to that age when all you do is moan……………

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not happy

Have you ever noticed that as soon as you try to get back on your feet, there is always somebody ready to push you back down. This week was supposed to be a turning point for us as their were two salaries going into our bank account, a first for many months and badly needed. It seems as though the bank and tax-man had other ideas. On the same day that the money went in we had a demanding letter from the bank and my tax code has changed which means I am paying more tax (no notification or warning). OK yes maybe it could be worse, we could of still been the position where only one salary was going into the bank but we put the effort into making things better for ourselves but some still wants to push us down.

For the past week or so I have been suffering with my right ear, I am prone to getting the small tube that runs between my nose and ear blocked, normally with snot when I have a bit of a head\nose cold. When it is blocked (like now) everything is muffled in my right ear along with a popping sound, particularly if I cough, sneeze or burp. Well today it got worse, I now have a dull ache in my ear and being a bank holiday weekend I can’t get to the doctors till Tuesday and it will have to be Tuesday evening as I have an important meeting to go to first thing Tuesday morning which I arranged and I can’t tell those attending not to turn up.

With the second of the four day bank holiday weekend upon us I was intending to ride the same as I did last week, 3 out of the 4 days. So wanting to avoid the media frenzy over the wedding yesterday I set off before 9am for the New Forest, judging by the amount of cyclist I past on the way (and counted while riding), I was not the only one avoiding the wedding. I had decided to ride from Burley out to Linwood and back in a round about way. It is a ride that I have done several times but I have never been happy with the end of the route so I have been looking for some alternative ending. Well yesterday final section was the best I found to date and I also cleared two of the hills for the first time and reasonably comfortably at that (for me). I was even happier when I got back to the car and realised I had done the 19.8 mile ride in 2hrs 14min, OK not fast by many peoples standards but fast by mine, I am a slow rider.

Today I decided to ride with the local mountain bike club Dorset Rough Riders, it was only a easy ride but I did this for two reason, first I wanted to find some new local trails that I had missed and secondly to see how I got on riding in a group (mainly keeping up, see above). Unfortunately thing did not start to well, last night I fitted a set on new disc pads on the Cannondale rear brake and they were a mare to fit, don’t know why as I have fitted them before without a problem. Well this morning as I rode to the meeting point I could not get any speed up. When I arrived at the meeting point I found the back brake was dragging and no amount of adjusting the calliper resolved the issue (it was alright when I went I put the bike way), not only that but I noticed some liquid on the reservoir. The brake was working, a bit sharp but I decided to carry on with the ride. At the end of the day all I can say is, “it was not worth it”. I was having to use double the effort to keep up and just not enjoying the ride (despite going over new routes). I did a paltry 10 miles before leaving the group and heading for home, to be fair they were about to head back to the start point and I would only of had to ride all the way back again to get home (about 6 miles from where I left). So now I have to get the brake sorted out on the bike which is going to cost, so all in all I am not a happy bunny………..

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