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it is not fair

While I was writing last nights blog, I felt a twinge in my left wrist, thought nothing of it, just a twinge. Well that twinge kept me awake for half the night and currently hurts like hell. I don’t have a clue what I have done, I can move my wrist and fingers, but when I spread my fingers I get a pain in the wrist. Went out to do some shopping, I can’t operate the handbrake on the car and changing gear is painful. There is absolutely no chance of me hanging onto the handle bars of my bike for the planned ride today (and probably not tomorrow), why me?? what have I done to deserve this??

While we were out I popped into the LBS to find out what was happening with my suspension bearings, apparently the two carriers and the bearings have been send back to the distributor for them to give them the once over. Out of the 8 bearings the shop recommended 5 to be changed. Will have to see what the distributors have to say next week.

Well if I can’t ride I will have to go for a walk, got to get some exercise some how 🙁

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i am getting better

Well I am 8 tablets into my course of 28 and the heat and itching has subsided from my shin thankfully. My shin is looking better, not so red or swollen so it look like the medication is working. Not sure if I will ride this weekend, doctor said to rest my leg so I will see how it feels Saturday morning before committing myself.

Right I am all for free stuff but lets be honest a lot of the free stuff now a day is just naff. Well take a look at Sintel and download the video. There is a huge choice from 120mb right up to 500+mb for the HD version. It is only a short film but it has been made using completely free software that many hundreds of people have contributed to designing and then programming. Then using this free software they produce a quality piece of animation. This is why I like Linux and all that it stand for (anyone geeky enough to be reading this please don’t starting preaching to me about Linux, gpl and fos, I am talking to the unconverted here and I don’t intend to confuse or scare them off).

Tomorrow the car is in for a service, lets hope they do better than the four day it took for the last service. Then it is of to Southampton in the roller skate (as my kids call them, small hatchback type car) I get as a courtesy car for the day, bet it will have no fuel in like every other car I have had from them. I have to collect one of those basic all in one printer, scanner copier things that refuse to work from the local branch. Then all I have to do is get it to work oh the joy, at least it is Friday.

Finally well done to the Chile for the rescue of the trapped miners, 2 months ago very few people gave the miner a chance of being alive let alone a chance of getting all 33 out alive after so long.

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i have been infected

Not sure how or when but I am now sporting an infected right shin, which is doing a good impression of a radiant heater, if you cracked an egg on my leg it would probably cook with the heat being given of by my shin.

Not sure what day I cut my shin, but I know was stood astride my bike and brushed my shin across the pedal ( DMR V8’s, those little spike are quite sharp) which caused a small cut, a little scab formed and I never thought anymore about it. Tuesday morning my shin felt a bit funny and when I touched it it was red hot and glowing. By 2:00pm I wanted to scratch my shin to the bone. Wife had a doctors appointment that evening so when I dropped her off I asked if I could see the doctor, apparently I have an infection in my shin and I am now on a course on anti biotic. Mind you here I am complaining about my minor infection, the guy at Lost Sheep blog has a major collar bone injury, give you something to think about.

In the past I have always scoffed at the parents that built models for the kids school project, or spend a small fortune for them to dress up for their part in the project or school play. So why have I just spend the evening constructing Mount Everest and part of the Himalayas mountain range for the sons school project? I cut the cardboard and stuck it together and have left him to paint and decorate it. Left to my own device I think I would of ended up doing the whole building project for him. Never had to do that for the daughter, as she went to mother in-law after school and all her school projects were done at their house and yes I believe they did it\helped her do it as well.

Last night I made some soup, only the second time I have made soup, the first was a bit of a failure, French onion soup which turned out more like onion gravy. Thankfully this attempt was a success, it was a recipe from a Slimming World book. I had a bowl of the soup last night, took some to work today and I think there maybe a fight as to who has the remain portion tomorrow, the wife or me.

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post with no name

Well the lesson from my last ride was quickly forgotten, went for a ride out in the New Forest this morning and left my sun glasses behind again. Started from Lyndhurst and went on an 18.2 mile loop out as far as Beaulieu Heath (I could see Fawley oil refinery a couple of miles away) and then headed back to Lyndhurst. Started in drizzly rain which then turned to muggy grey overcast skies with occasional sunshine and boy was it hot and muggy when the sun came out. I was actually glad when it clouded back over. Having left my sun glasses behind I was fortunate not to need them to keep the insect population out of my eyes as I rode round.

While most of the ride was flat I was concerned that I really struggled on the little upward slopes, the only thing I can think of is that I never locked out the rear shock and that was because I never viewed any of the slopes as a hill or would cause me a problem.

I rode on my own this morning as the wife is sidelined on doctors orders. Having spent many weeks perfecting the art of falling of her bike and landing on her knee, it seem as thought the knee has now called time on this. She has to go for an X-ray and maybe an MRI Scan and wait for an appointment from Orthopaedic department to see what is wrong with the knee. My suggestion of fitting a couple of grease nipple either side of the knee did not go down to well…………

I had the Whyte into CycleFix, nothing was wrong with the bike apart from an annoying squeak, but I wanted a qualified once overs as the limited warranty I had on the bike runs out next week. Thankfully they found nothing wrong and sorted the annoying squeak as well.

Decided that I am going to change the way this blog looks, also going to add a new section, you will have to pop back and see what the section will be about as I am not saying. I don’t have any particular theme in mind for the site yet, I will spend some time looking for a new theme I like and testing it to see what it looks like so you may find the site is changing on a regular basis over the next few weeks.

I want to congratulate Clive at Massive MTBer on hitting the 5 stone weight loss marker, well done mate your an inspiration to all us large cyclist.

As for the title of this blog, I could not come up with a title, simple

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Ok so it was not good news

I ended the last blog with comment regarding the weigh night and watch this space, well from the absence of a blog (until now) you can gather it was not good news, I gained again. I am getting sick of the see saw weight. Weeks when I know I have not had my best week I lose, weeks when I think I have done well I put on and I am still cycling three times a week for about 50+ miles, I am becoming very dishearten by it all at the moment.

Yesterday we (the wife and I) were up early for our ride as the daughter was on the rota to be called into work early if it got busy (local carnival) so we did not want to have to rush home to relief her of baby sitting duties. A bonus point was that at least it was cool when we started the ride at 6:45am. We did the route we rode earlier in the year at Horton Tower. Last time we rode parts of the route were a mud fest but after this hot spell most of the mud was baked hard. So hard in fact that one section we could not ride last time as it was full of sunken hoof prints was now like riding over cobbles except rather than having to ride over raised cobbled, you had to ride across sunken hoof prints. I’m pleased with myself that I managed to ride the full length of it (about half a mile up a steady gradient). Not happy with myself as I fluffed another hill which I got completely wrong and I know I should of cleared it without a problem. The wife had a visit from the puncture fairy, quite easy to find, there was a bloody great big thorn stuck in her tyre! As it was only a short ride we were were back home by 10:30am and best of all we missed most of the heat.

Today’s ride was the normal Sunday morning loop, there is a new section which I have only been riding about 4 weeks and for the first time today I managed to clear a part of it, in the past I have always had to walk two bits of it. But today I knew what I had to do in those two bit and got it right and sailed through. Still got some route planning to do as there is one area you have to walk as it is deep sand, apart from the fact it is not good for the bike, I would rather find alternative route I could ride.

The third (mid week) ride is normally over the local heath, I either do this early morning pre work or early evening after work, slowly expanding this ride in distance as I explore new areas to ride on the heath.

The local bike repair shop sorted out the gears on the bike, it was only a minor adjustment front and rear and all is running well again.

My computer problems continue, I had to reboot my PC (not a normal occurrence as it runs 24\7) and when it rebooted it failed to start properly. Not a 100% sure what caused the problem but by installing some default settings from the boot CD I had the PC backup and running and was left to sort out KVM box which refused to see the mouse, it has a habit of doing this when one of the two PC’s crash.

Hoping to have a weeks holiday in the next 4 weeks, not sure exactly what week yet as I have a project at work that needs to go live before I can have my holiday, just know I am looking forward to a week off.

Can anybody help? I have a pain which I can’t figure out what it is or how to shift it, just wondering if there are any wise sages out there that maybe able suggest what it is (yes I have heard of doctors!! It is in the back of my right heel, it feels like I have hit my heel and bruised it. It feels worse first thing in the morning, it makes wearing shoe (well any closed in heel footwear) when walking or driving uncomfortable although riding a bike does not seem to affect it. I can wear open heeled footwear (Croc’s, Flip flops) without to much of a problem. I have tried taking Ibuprofen but that does not seem to have much of an affect on it. any thoughts anybody?

And finally, plonker of the week goes to a local Wilts and Dorset Bus driver, here is the situation. I am driving along a main single carriage way road which has a row of parked car on my side of the road but the white line down the middle of the road is set well to the (my) right to compensate for the parked cars and thus the lane on that side of the road is a bit narrow for anything other than a car. So I want to turn right on to a shop forecourt, so I stop opposite the shop indicating to turn right, there are three buses coming toward me. I decide not to pull sharply across in front of the bus as I don’t have a lot of room on the forecourt to brake. As I wait a coach pulls up behind my car and being that bit wider than a car he is on the white line ready to go around the line of parked cars. The bus driver coming towards me can clearly see that he can’t get past the coach without mounting the narrow pavement so he pulls up along side me and then waits for the coach behind me to move but where is he going to go, he can’t go forward as I am there, he can’t go back as there is traffic behind him and I can’t move now as there a bus along side me. Fortunately the driver of the following bus (different company) saw what was happening and allowed me to pull forward and onto another shops forecourt which then allowed the coach to move over and allow the bus to pass, but honestly, that Wilts and Dorset bus driver must have been blind not to see what was happening in front of him, had he let me cross onto the forecourt the coach would of been able to move and everybody would of been happy.

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