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tis a sad day

A couple of month ago I decided to give up the traction kite flying and have been selling all my kiting equipment and tonight the last and biggest item was collected, my Libre Buggy. I was sad to see it go but I know just don’t have the facilities around where I live to make full use of it and travelling 2.5hrs to the nearest decent beach was becoming a chore not to mention expensive. I still enjoy the sport but having several thousand pounds worth of sporting equipment sat around and only being used 5 or 6 times a year is not very good.

My old Libre Buggy

The buggy has gone to a new home in Kent and the new owner has promised to make good use of it.

Apart from that I have no other news………….well I have plenty but I won’t bore you with it.

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its not improving…………..

Monday night weigh was another gain, I was expecting as much so was not really surprised. Just don’t seem to be able to get my head around it all at the moment.

Went out for a ride on Wednesday night on the road to get a bit of practice for Sunday, 16 miles in 70 minutes which included a couple of stops, according to the gps averaged 12mph, was reasonable happy with that.

Here one of the pictures from Saturday trip to Westward Ho!

two wheeling the buggy with no hands
Look mum no hands

The rest of the photos can be found in my gallery

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Life goes on……………

Trying to be a little more upbeat today, nothing has changed, life is still conspiring to be difficult. I had a fairly good weekend to date, went to Westward Ho! beach in North Devon yesterday. The drive down was a lovely, the sky was blue and the sun was shining, but by heck when we got out the car and stood in the light breeze it was damm cold.

We went to Devon for a for a prior engagement, normally we go to the Ho! (as it is affectionately called in this house) at this time of the year as it normally the last Kite flying meeting on the beach before the summer restriction come into force. But as I am now left the sport and sold most of my equipment I was there just to say hello and good bye to some friend and take a few pictures of the days event. Will try and post a couple of pictures later.

Unfortunately the days events were not that great, there just was not enough wind. But the flyers were thankful for what they got as the forecast had been around 2mph. The beach itself was very rippled and large areas of soft sand, so you either found yourself stuck in the soft sand or you were knocking your fillings out over the rippled surface.

It am sorry to be leaving the sport but I just can’t justify having all the equipment and not using it, there just not the facilities around where I live to fly, to many weekends have been ruined by lack of wind, to strong wind or in the wrong direction.

By the time I got back home last night I did not have the energy to put my mountain bike back together again. As mentioned in my last post I was looking at the rear hub for the source of the clicking noise. Well things had not progressed well during the week, everything from the daughter only picking up one ball bearing instead of 18, to having a bag of bearings of two different sizes, down to not having the right inner tubes for the road tyres (more on that later). I had collected the wheels and tubes from the local bike shop before leaving for Devon on Saturday morning with the intention of fitting everything back on the bike Saturday night.

So 7am this morning I found myself sat in the garden (in a sunny spot) putting the wheels and chain back on my bike ready for a Sunday ride. As next weekend I am doing the sponsored bike ride (see the link at the bottom of the page) I had fitted some road tyres to the bike (hence the new tubes and my bike now looking very odd) and decided we would do a road ride.

We had intended to leave nice and early but I ended up watching the end of the Formula 1 race from China, seem as though I missed a lot of the action which happened in the first few laps. Don’t know what it is but I find something is missing from the racing now a days.

So when we eventually left home we headed for the New Forest. We had opted for a route starting and finishing just down the road from Burley village (free parking), no great distance as wifey can’t mange anything too long. All in all it was a nice ride, we choose the same weekend as Wiggle’s had one of their road rides running. Fortunately they were going in the opposite direction to us, saw everything from the old Raliegh bike to the super sleek high spec carbons racers and everything in between.

We stopped at Homesley tea room for a sandwich and refreshments (the wife was complaining) and very nice it was too. The wife did not fall off the bike this week which is quite unusual although she was nearly in collision with a donkey!

Tomorrow nights is the dreaded weigh in night, not sure what I will be like as I have been up and down like a yo-yo these past few weeks, all I know is there will be a weight!!

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the decision has been made

It was a tough one to make, for many years my main hobby was traction kite flying, I enjoyed it a lot, it was the first hobbies we did as a family. But over the past few years it has got more difficult to get out and fly. There are less sites where I can fly, my nearest beach I can fly at is 2.5hrs away in north Devon and many of the events I used to enjoy are no longer running. At the same time as I was flying less I wanted to update my equipment, but it is hard to justify spending a couple of thousand pound on new kites when I only to use them a handful of times a year.

So last weekend I made the decision to leave the sport. The decision to sale all my kites and equipment was a tough one to make, I have been putting off making that decision for a while now. I came close to it this time last year but decided to stay with the sport hoping that I would be able to get out and fly more often. The start of the year (2009) started well with more flying done, but the chances faded away as the year went on and the kites equipment continued to sit there gathering dust.

So I made a list of my kites and equipments earlier this week and posted it on one of the kite forums. I then realised I had made one of the most basic errors, I had no photographs of the kite or equipment. While I have photographs from over the years showing my kites etc. flying, but the norm when you sale kites is to take a few close up shot of the kite on the floor to show the condition of the kite, so that my weekend job (with a forecast of wind and rain!!).

We are going to keep a couple of kites so that we can have a play and I will still pop along to my local field and do some photography so I am not completely leaving the scene.

One of the last rides in my buggy

The picture above was taken by the wife in July last year on my last but one trip out in the buggy at our local field.

My intentions are to concentrate more on the mountain biking now. Once the wife has recovered from the knee injury she got on her last ride (or should that be crash) a couple of weeks ago we shall venture out into the locals countryside and do some more exploring.

Weather permitting I will get out on the bike this weekend, either way it is going to be a mud fest……

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last week was a good week

Despite the fact that I suffered from man flu (still am) and wandered around like a bear with a sore head, despite the fact that I did not do the early morning ride (twice!) and despite the fact that I did not ride at all over the weekend, the first time in 6 months, it was a good week. Why? well it seems that eating a couple of large cookie, scoffing some of the kids sweets and eating my own a large packet of Liquorice Allsorts, I still managed to lose a pound on the scales to night, so yes it was a good week.

To be honest I was surprised, I was hoping to maintain and expecting a pound on so a pound off was a bonus. 18st 6.5lbs at the moment, lightest I have been for a long time but no where near light enough yet. Not sure if I will make the 17st 7lb mark by early May as I had hoped for, but I am still going to press on.

sun breaking through the trees
The sun breaking through the trees at Gravel Hill
I felt this week has been that good that I should post a tranquil type picture to offer the post calmness and serenity…………..yeah right!! I took this picture a couple of years ago in the woods on the other side of the local heath that I often ride, I think I got the sun star more by luck than intention.

I must admit it has been several month since I took my camera out (proper digital SLR, not a compact). But I find with the cycling it is to dangerous to carry the camera for free of falling of the bike hence the reason I normally carry a compact around with me when I am riding.

In the past much of my photography has been kite sports related (another one of my hobbies) but since taking up mountain bike riding I have not really got the camera out. Hopefully as the better weather rolls in I will get the camera out.
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