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In Memory

After posting my blog last Sunday I decided to have an early-ish night ready for the week ahead, at 1am the phone rang, it was the hospital requesting us the come to the hospital quickly. We quickly dressed and I rushed the wife to the hospital dropped her off and then rushed back home (our son was still in bed a sleep, it did not seem right to disturb him). Just after getting home the wife phoned me, she was to late, her father had passed away a few minutes after the phone call from the hospital.

At the ripe old age of 85, William (Bill) Edwards had led a happy and fulfilling life, spending time in the RAF (his national service) and then in civilian life working as a butcher and then as a milkman until his retirement.

He leave behind his wife Edna, daughters Karen (my wife) and Sally and grand children Kristianne and Ryan, he will be deeply missed by all. The funeral is on Wednesday 29th.

It has been a tough few weeks for all the family…………….

Bills wedding day
Bills wedding day

and the next one please.

Ever notice that when you are down, life tries to make it hard to get back up again? That is exactly how I feel. We were just getting back on an even keel, the wife is working and enjoying her job and even better her job likes her. I had got the lounge finally decorated, the new carpet had been laid, a new fish tank had been purchased (not yet setup), a new book shelf is on order. Sure there is still lots to do but at least we could see a path and we could plan our route along that path, but then the father in-law was admitted to hospital. Don’t get me wrong it is not his fault, he is 85 and has always been active. He has been ill for a few weeks but when the hospital phone you at 9-30 on a Friday night and tell you they are concerned about a blood test you did the day before and they are sending a doctor out to you now, you know it is not going to be good. The doctor arrived and agreed to admit him to hospital, 1:30am the ambulance arrived to take him to hospital, I eventually got to bed at 4am having taken the family to the hospital and then back to their relevant homes. Nine day later we are still visiting him in hospital, he has good days and he has bad days but he is getting the attention and treatment he needs.

On the weight\slimming front, well I don’t know as I have not been for the last couple of weeks (due to hospital visit commitments). Last time I went to weigh-in I was totally dishearten, another gain, to make matters worse I have had to go back on the medication for my knee (I finished the course the same weekend as the Tazz ride, previous post), so I have to do something, ignoring and doing nothing is not an option but what I am not sure what.

I am still suffering from a lack of enthuiasism at the moment when it comes to going for a ride. It seems as though if I have a planned ride, like the Tazz ride or the ride I did at Swinley Forest with a mate I am up for this and ready to go. I want to ride, a Saturday or Sunday morning ride and I am struggling to get up and go. But if I do make it on a Saturday or Sunday ride, I enjoy the ride, it is not that I don’t enjoy the ride be it local or somewhere new I do, I just cant find my “get up and go”. I managed it this morning but I could of so easily turned over and gone back to sleep. I am intending to go out again tomorrow morning but I have to clear that hurdle of getting out of bed first.

I did mange an evening ride a week or so ago, went out with the intention of practising my hill climbing, there is a long drag over the local heath which I was intending to try to clear. Well not content with clearing it once, I was so shocked I went round the heath a and up the long drag and cleared it a second time, went home feeling very happy with myself even if two lycra clad whippets shot up the hill past me faster than I ride on the flat!!

This morning ride was a beach loop, it is only a short ride but has a mix of uphill climbs and downhill bit as well and a bit of road riding (to join all the bits up). I got up and left in sunshine, by the time I got to the beach it was dull and overcast with dark clouds looming, by the time I got home it was sunny again. When I got to the beach there seemed to be some form of triathlon going on, lots of people walking a round in wet suits with number on, I left them to it.


The picture was taken from near Bournemouth Pier (sorry about the quality, when I got home I found the lense on the phone was filthy). The hills in the distance are the Purbeck Hills, the small white blob is the Barfleur cross channel ferry heading for France. My knee held up for the ride, unfortunately by the time I was a couple of roads from home I was starting to get the tell tell feeling in my right calf of impending cramp, this is despite drinking water and an electrolyte drink during the ride.

Next weekend I am off on my travels, 12 month ago I did the same trip and got the phone call Saturday morning telling me water was coming through our bedroom ceiling, so had to return all the way home from Preston. Hopefully we wont have any problems this year.

Finally I will end with something a little less main stream

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another false start

New year is normally a time for forgetting the past and making a fresh start, unfortunately in my case I think somebody forgot to tell life that we were starting over for the new year. For the last two weeks I have been laid up with one of those cold\virus things doing the rounds. I blame my son has he brought it home from school and spent a week off school. Then it was my turn and spent 4 days laid low with the bug, apart from the sore throat, headache, felling hot and cold, this bug came with the added bonus of dizzy spells when you stood up or moved around. Having spent 5 days at home I was getting cabin fever so as the wife wanted to do some shopping I felt a trip to Sainsbury’s would be a good idea to get some fresh air. So we drove to Sainsbury’s, by the time I had walked from the car park to the entrance I was holding onto the wall to keep me up, the world was spinning, it was like being drunk without the drinking, not nice. Fortunately I am over the worst of it, still a slight sore throat but at least the spinning has stopped

Having the cold\virus meant I have not done any riding for two week and we have not started the decorating of the lounge yet which is now two weeks behind schedule. Apparently the new carpet is now at the shop ready to be delivered and laid, think it might be there for a couple of week more yet.

I have joined up to Slimming World again, I had to delay it a week due to having the cold and virus but attended a meeting this past Tuesday. I will openly admit I was nervous about getting on the scales, it was not as bad as I had expected but it was still not a healthy weight which ever way you look at it.  My increased weight has caused inflammation in my left knee, I am now on a course of anti inflammatory pills to calm it down while I get on with losing weight again.

In all this bad news we have had a couple of bits of good news, The other week the wife says we have won a tenner on the lottery, so she goes to collect our winning and got the shock of her life when the girl behind the desk handed her £64, we actually had four numbers on one line. The other good news is that the insurance company has paid out for the fish tank and the cabinet which caused the flood, just need to get the lounge redecorated, carpet laid and then I can think about getting a replacement tank.

I was checking my cycling helmet out the other day and noticed the state of the foam pads in the helmet, they were gross (think 18 months of sweaty dirty head). So I contacted the UK importer and asked if replacements were available. They replied with a part number and stated that I would need to order the replacement from an approved shop.  So I contact  a local shop and was informed that the parts were currently on back order………………………………………..June 2013!!   Funny how I found a new helmet on special offer on the Internet that same day!!

Well a bit of music to end with Lacuna Coil, only found out about these guys a couple of days ago and have not stopped listening to them since.

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my eyes…….

The end of the tunnel is near, but my eye are struggling to adapt to the light.

The plumber has now been and fitted new water tanks in the loft and lighten my pocket considerably in the process. Hopefully now I can go to sleep at night to the sound of silence rather than the sound of water dripping in a bucket.

I think the servers at work have got wind of the fact that they are going to be retired soon, not content with going quietly they are going to create as much havoc before they are retired as they can. Earlier this week another one of the servers at work decided to play up as we were preparing to remove data off of it. I am sure those servers are all conspiring against me, honest………….

There is going to be no mention of cycling in this post as I am hoping to go out tomorrow and Monday (a days holiday no less!!). I also have some issues that I need to think about after to day, it has been around for several months but I have been avoiding the issue but to-day…….lets just these issues showed up today in a way that that could not be avoided.

I came across this posting on a blog I frequent from time to time. The funny thing was I had been speaking earlier in the day about wet Saturday morning spent stood in front of the magazine rack in WHSmiths while the wife (girlfriend\mother etc.) does the shopping. My mind recalled memories of the magazines rack that looked like it had been filled with magazines from a dentist waiting room, corners all thumbed over, pages with staples pulled through, free gifts missing and magazine just thrown back on to the rack in completely the wrong place. Trying to get near the magazine rack was impossible without being jostled and pushed.

Reading Andy blog I could not agree more, My local WHSmiths has a very narrow aisle past the magazine rack, if somebody goes to the rack to pick a magazine up then the aisle is blocked until that guy moves away. Add in the fun and games when a dozen customers stand there and start reading the magazines and it looks more like a pub bar on a Friday night. I am not sure what the answer is but it is surely not what we currently have.

Finally a video in a not very frequent series of “songs used in TV adverts”, I give you Peter, Bjorn and John with young folk. Try and guess what company uses this advert before playing the song, the video is a bit quirky as well.

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the road ahead

Well I am glad to say at last that somebody has left the light on at the end of the tunnel and each days it is growing a little brighter as the end of the tunnel gets closer. Yes things are starting to look up, I am no longer the sole money earner, what was for the wife a 6 week temp job has turned into 2 weeks temp work and then move to a permanent job with another company, so that is a large weight of our minds.

We have also booked the plumber to come and sort out the water tank leak that has been plaguing us for months, hopefully I will soon get a nights sleep without the accompanying sound of dripping water!

I wish I could say that my cycling is getting better, it is not. Went riding with my son at Moors Valley country park last weekend. The plan was to do one or two laps of the trail with him and then go off and play on my own. Well he decided that he only wanted to do one lap so I set off on a slightly faster second lap on my own, it was not long before I wished I had started out a bit slower. By the end of the second lap I was done for. Had to call it a day and go home.

Having problem publishing video at the moment, hopefully this will work. I was intending to post a different song but could not find the decent video that went with it, but saw this one on the list of other songs available and thought why not

At last got the video to show