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ping, boink, opps

That is at least the noise I think my broken spokes made, opps is what I said (polite version)!!

Out on a nice steady 14 mile loop around Moors Valley this morning and we were making our way back to the visitors centre for a drink and a rest. Riding along a gravel path I decided to recreate one of those school antic of riding through the puddle at speed with my feet in the air. Only problem was my chosen puddle turned out to be a crater, the back wheel dropped into the puddle with a almighty thump but I never really noticed anything at the time. On the ride from the visitor centre back to the car, any movement on the rear I felt I thought was the rear end squirming around in the mud. It was only when I got home and started to clean the bike down that I found two broken spokes and noticed a distinct wobble in the rear wheel.

I was already going to pop the bike into the local LBS Cyclefix in Parkstone, Poole (they are a repair and spares shop only) so I quickly washed the bike down and drove over to the shop. I am glad to say that two spokes were replaced, the wheel trued, the rear hub re-greased, the gears checked and a 1ltr refill of Muc Off purchased for a very reasonable price and all done in under an hour, happy and well impressed.

Earlier in the week I swapped the saddle on my bike to a Charge Spoon Leather TI, while my butt is still a bit achy it is the first time since getting the bike that I have not had the gel seat cover on the saddle so my butt may need to do a little bit of re-moulding. But on the whole I felt comfortable.

Unfortunately the same can’t be said for my knee, I am getting a pain in the back of the knee where it bend, It is not easy to describe the pain just that it is painful by the time we finished riding. Once I am off the bike and walking or sitting down there no pain so I think I might play around with the seat height, maybe rising it slightly so that when my right leg is at the top of the pedal rotation my knee is not folded so tightly.

Well I am hoping to ride again tomorrow so let see what the morning brings……….

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me get up and go got up and went!!

What ever it is that gives you your “get up and go” has left the building in my case. This morning the only thing that got me out of bed was the fact that I had to take my bike to the LBS for the frame swap. The drive to take the wife to work was slower than normal at that time of day as everybody was out early anticipating the delays on the A338. It did not make a lot of difference though as there was an accident actually in the single carriage way section on the A338 this morning which closed it north bound and once again brought the entire area to a standstill.

Having dropped the wife off at work I had to double back on myself and drop the bike at the LBS. Then I had to turn round and double back on myself again to make my way to the companies (I work for) local branch, spent a couple of hours there before doubling back on myself again to go home as I was spending the rest of the day working from home.

While I was at the LBS I never got to speak to the manager at the shop but there were a lot of Canondale boxes in the shop that looked as though they had been recently delivered, hopefully one of those was my new frame. With the new frame and the new forks I am having fitted at the same time and hopefully the gears sorted out, it will be like getting a new bike, can’t wait to try it at the weekend.

Tomorrow, I am (supposed to be) up early to go to head office, 05:15am is a struggle for me at the best of times, I think tomorrow will be no exceptions. To some extent I am glad that I don’t cycle to work as I would seriously struggle like Clive at “The Massive MTBer” does. I remember when I was younger and car free, I hated riding to work, I would have to ride to work on those cold wet mornings with the wind in my face and then ride home again with the wind in my face. The reason I don’t ride to work now is head office is 140 miles away. I don’t go there everyday but I do travel to many of our other sites and they are equally as far to travel and on a bike I think it would about a week (by the time I have plotted an off road route so I avoid those main roads), mind you would be an epic ride…………..

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mud, mud, glorious mud!

The Saturday weather forecast was for rain till midday and then clearing through the afternoon. So I decided that I would do some things around the house and go riding after midday. I made one trip to the tip in light drizzle and then made my way to my LBS to see about booking my bike in for a major transplant (see below) and then back home to get ready for my ride. So why was I sat at home looking out the window watching the rain pour down at 1:00 pm?

Once it had eased off I saddled up and was off to the local heath, decided if the weather was this inclement then I would do the short route (although of the two routes I regularly ride around here it is the tougher of the two). Everything was ok until I started riding on the first bit of dirt, or should I say mud, my bike almost came to a stand still. The first bit of the ride is always quite difficult as they have just dug up the path to lay a water pipe, but with the thaw of the last few days and 24 hours of rain it was like a swamp and to make matter worse the heavens opened again. Was it really muddy I hear you ask, well I had to cycle down a hill as it was that muddy!!

It would be fair to say I struggled but I only walked one bit (if you don’t include the bits where I paddled through the mud when I ground to a halt). By the time I got home I was soaked, not sure if it was due to rain or my not so breathing waterproof jacket, at least I clocked 10 miles toward my 25 to 28 mile target for the weekend.

I mentioned earlier my visit to the LBS to book the bike in for a major repair, well that repair is a frame swap. Where I have had the problem with the front gears and the chain jumping off and jamming between the chain ring and frame it has gouged the chainstay arm very badly. Took it to the LBS where I bought it and with Cannondale they have agreed to swap the frame and will be looking at the front gearset as well with the possibility of replacing that as well.

Not only that while they have my bike in bits they are going to fit my new forks I bought just after Xmas, so by next weekend I will have virtually a new bike

I must admit I did lose faith with the LBS at one stage as the bike went back to the shop a couple of time for repair but the problem persisted. I send them a couple of e-mails about the problems and got no replies. After that I tried an independent cycle repair shop, who sorted out the rears gears by changing the cable (something was dragging on the cable in the casing) which I paid for. Unfortunately changing the front chain rings was going to cost me as well. I tried to speak to Cannondale who said I had to go back to the dealer (which I had expected). This was at the same time as I broke the spoke over Christmas period so I bit the bullet and went to the LBS and spoke to the manager. He agreed certain aspect of collecting the bike (when new) and work done to the bike since had not been up to (their) standard, as for the e-mails it turns out that he never received them (we don’t know why). So all in all it looking all rosy again. I can’t wait till next weekend when I can get out on my new (rebuilt) bike.

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