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new cooker time II

The new damaged cooker which is currently acting as a road block in our kitchen is supposed to be replaced with a new undamaged version tomorrow. We will have to wait and see if it happens or not, just prey the replacement one is not damaged.

Been out on the bike again this weekend, twice to be exact, did not get out for as long as intended yesterday as the wife’s knee was hurting still from last weeks close inspection of the pavement. So after yesterdays short ride, I went out again today.  I can now change gear after the front gear was adjusted in the week, still don’t think its is quite right but I will see how it goes and mention it when it goes in for a service at the end of the month.

The good news is I am not sporting “painful butt syndrome” any-more, a cheap gel filled seat cover and the lowering of the seat a little more has made all the difference to the feelings in my butt…………or lack off. I’m also sporting a new cycle helmet, the helmet I was intending to use was OK but it was not comfortable, so a new brain protector has been acquired.

This week ride was on forest land, there a very long section of gravel track with a few small hilly bits so it  was a little more taxing than the flat footpaths and roads of last week. Not sure how far I cycled but looking at the map and some rough calculating I did between 12 & 14 miles.

There is only one problem with cycling in this area, it one big dog toilet, bloody dog owners bring there dogs out for a walk and then just let the mutt shit where it likes and just don’t bother to clean up after it. All ready had to give the wheels on both bikes a damm good wash off as I was unable to avoid some of the shit.

I realised that I am not as agile as I used to be on a bike this weekend (should or realised that last week…), messing around in the car park and I nearly ended up on the bonnet of a BMW, just lost my balance. Minutes before that I stopped on a narrow track to let some people past and forgot to get of the saddle, nearly fell side ways into a bramble bush! they tried not to laugh and asked if I was OK.

I am just concerned that some peoples idea of cycling is a bit different to mine, saw this guy stood outside a cycle shopgeorge, not really the sort of attire that I want to be expected to be seen riding in, anyway, pinks not my colour.

Moving back to house hold appliances, the central heating boiler was serviced in the week and a quote for some central heating repairs was submitted, thankfully it was pretty much as we had expected, but still damm expensive enough.

That’s the good thing about our house it is warm we don’t normally turn the central heating on till close to the end of October and then we still have about half the radiators turned off otherwise it is like a Turkish bath in our house.

painful butt syndrome

I had expected a few aches and pains after my first real bike ride in 16+ years, what I did not expect was painful butt syndrome! We picked the bikes up without two much of a problem (if you don’t include having to part with that much money). Once out the shop the next job was to get the bikes on the bike rack, the first problems was that bike would not sit on the bike rack properly (that was something I had not considered) secondly once I got the bike on the bike rack the pedal was fouling the back of the car. OK it was only a case of adjusting the bike rack but the bike rack was set high to carry the kite buggy and to get the pedals away from the car I had to set the rack to a low position (which moves it away from the car). I don’t want to have to keep changing the rack setup everytime I want to use it, will have to see how this goes in the future.

Once I got both bikes on the rack it was off to the local park, I had decided to do some flat land riding to get used to cycling again. After a couple of laps of the car park to get the feel of the bike and to adjust the seat height it was off onto the open road……………………………………………… watch 300 Harley Davidson ride past complete with police escort. It certainly was a sight to see.  Before long we were riding along the cycle path like experienced riders dodging the family pack of bodies block our way.  We soon reached our first obstacle, the wife forgot to change down to go up a little slope and ground to a halt, once this was sorted out it was onto the public road again. We were soon in another part of the park and riding around the cycle track that surrounds the cricket pitch, only did half a lap before we were back on the public road again through the park.

Things went were going well until we cross the slip road to a flyover, the path on the other side takes a sharp little rise and guess who forgot to change down again. Once we got moving again we back towards the where we had parked the car.  By now my butt was aching and I felt that the seat was to far forward, having sussed out that I could adjust the seat backward we were going to make a pit stop to adjust the seat. The adjustment only took a couple of minutes and a quick ride around the car park seem to be a little more comfortable on my butt so off we went again.

We set off again only for me to realise that I had left my helmet on the cars bike rack (I had taken it off while I adjusted the seat.) so a quick detour back to the car and we were off again.  From  the cycle track I  followed a few back street till we came to the local high street where I must admit I was naughty and rode across the pedestrian precinct. Not sure what the wife did I think she got off and walked till she got to the service road and off we went until things came to an abrupt halt. It was another of those little sudden inclines that caught the wife out, unfortunately not only did she stop but she fell off ( well fell side ways) and end up in a heap of the floor. Thankfully the only damage was pride.

After composing ourselves and walking across the road towards a wedding (there was no point cycling they had the road blocked), we were invited to join in the wedding photographs, we declined and fought our way through the wedding crowds and remounted and rode off into the old residential area of town. Before long we were back on the quay front and heading back toward the park where we had parked the car. Now this is where my only incident happened (if you don’t include my butt) I came up to a mini round about and braked to allow a van to round the round about but I forgot that I would have to put my foot down on the floor, well I can’t do that sat in the saddle and nearly ended up going over side ways. By now my butt was tender and with the bumpy grass in the park playing havoc with my butt I decided to  stop for a sit down and rest me butt.

After a rest we decided to do another lap around the two parks, unfortunately for me this was bad move, as we rode off across the grass I could feel every blade of grass kicking me in the butt, I headed straight for the cycle path. On the cycle path it seemed that every group of public we met were stopped next to a seat which meant we had to take to the grass to get around them and again it felt like every blade of grass was kicking me in the butt.  By the time we had only gone a short distance my butt was killing me. The rest had not been good for the wife either as her knee was hurting. We decided enough was enough and turned round and headed for the car, which included going across the grass which I did stood up on the pedals.

I have since spent much of the time checking out padded shorts and gel filled seats………………………..

this is going to hurt

Forgot to mention this yesterday, I have been and bought a mountain bike, decided as part of my on going fitness campaign that I would climb back on to a bike after many years of absences from the saddle to help with the weight loss and general fitness. I was told along time ago I am not allowed to run and to take up cycling, so after ignoring the advice (buying a bike not the running bit) for many years I am about to heed the said advice.  Not only I have I bought one, so has Karen for the same reasons.

We don’t actually pick them up until next Saturday  so if you see two wide loads trundling slowly around Bournemouth around midday next Saturday you know what it will be. The last time I climb onto a bike was only a couple of months ago, I was fooling around in the garden with the daughters bike and I ended up in a heap on the floor…………………………I was actually trying to get off the bike and it all went badly wrong.

I can already feel my body starting to ache from this cycling melarky and that without the thought of me ending up in a heap on the floor. Think I better get some achy muscle remedies in ready, plus some first aid essentials.

Well in preparation for the bikes arrival both sheds were cleaned out to make way for them, it was a long overdue job anyway which everybody puts off. We tied this in with putting the gazebo a way for the winter and hopefully the last cut of the grass for the year. You watch we will probably have an Indian summer now with the grass around our knees. Well cleaning the sheds out resulted in a large pile of bits, much of it still useful but with no where to store it, it had to go to the tip. Very disappointed when we were at the tip, somebody had dumped a large selection of Scalelectrix’s. This was something I wanted to get our son for Xmas last year but was deemed he was not old enough, had he been old enough he would of had a lot more track for it now.

Talking of son and Xmas, he decided he was going to show us in can ride a bike with out stabilisers, problem is his bike is way to small for him so we can guess what at the top of his Xmas list especially as mummy and daddy have new bikes…………….