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Wasting my time

Don’t you hate it when a company can not follow simple instructions, it is bad enough that there web site won’t allow you to do what you want and you have to phone up customer services (at your cost), who then pass you on to another department. Then when you explain exactly what you want the incompetent call centre staff still gets it wrong. But that is only half the story, once they realised they got it wrong there was nothing they could do to correct it, I had to wait for the changes to go through the system before they could be corrected.

Ok before I loose the plot completely this is what I am on about, I have three web sites and I wanted to change the settings on one of them (I won’t get techy with you about what I wanted but it was straight forward requirement), being unable to find where I needed to change the setting on their support web page I phoned the web hosting company up and told the call centre girl exactly what I wanted, she then passed me to another department and I explained again what I wanted. Somewhere between the two call centre people I spoke to, they managed to remove the web hosting on one of my other web site so it was not visible from Wednesday afternoon till sometime last night\early this morning. During this time I have spoken to other call centre staff in the UK, the USA and the Philippines and despite there international workforce they have failed at offering the most basic level of support.

The name of this incompetents company is “1and1”, it is not only the fact that they got it wrong but the fact that they were unable (or unprepared) to correct the cock-up they made. So I have spent the last 36 hours sorting out a new web hosting package for all three of my web sites. I am not moving away from “1and1” solely based on this cock-up, I was considering moving away from them anyway in the next 12 months (which in part was what the change I phoned up about was for, tidying up loose ends ready for a move) as they do not offer the service I wanted at a reasonable cost, but having had this problem thrust upon me now, is the straw that broke this camel back.


Better known as mosquito, I hate them, I was been bitten raw by them last night, I have about 8 bites on my face, one bugger even bit me on the lip. I have large swollen lumps all over my face, hands and ankles. I normally get the occasional bite during the summer, but last night the little bar-stewards had a summer feast and I was main course. I would not of minded but it seems that I was the only victim (the wife got by a couple of bites). I have spent the day rubbing cream on me swollen lumps to stop irritation.

We spent the weekend at Essex Kite Park (South End on Sea to be exact), the weather was OK and the company was great. But the wind did not want to co-operate and blew through strongly from varying direction and in gusts which made flying difficult to dangerous.

When we go away to these type of do’s we normally borrow a motorhome and this time was not exception. I normally have a choice and pick a good one but I can honestly say I hated this one because of one thing, the sleeping arrangement. It was not because the double bed area was only marginally bigger than a single and we (the wife and thee) had to sleep in separate beds, no it was because the bed was not long enough, I am only 5′ 7″ and I could not stretch out length ways without hitting something. At least tonight I can sleep in my own bed without hitting my head or stubbing my toe.

In our travels to Essex and back we had the joys of the M25 car park. On the way up it was delays at Chorley Wood road works (going clockwise) but that was nothing compared to the tailbacks going anti-clockwise J14 to J5. On the way home the tailback were again in the Chorley Wood road works but this time the tailbacks were not helped with two broken down vans in the roadworks, one behind each other!! I am not sure which stretch of road I hate most the M25 or the M1, fortunately I don’t have to travel either very often and I will do what I can to avoid travelling on either if I can.


Computers, they annoy me no end, but its not only the computers themselves but the complete IT industry and I work in that industry, if I am fed up with it how does the normal guy  put up with it.

Here is an example, I bought a new computer for work, it was delivered straight from the factory as opposed to being in storage for several months first. During setting it up I was unable to get one of the options to work. So I ended up e-mailing the support desk with the details of the problems and all the relevant version details of the software. First reply said if you go here and look here you will find the option you require, well they were wrong the option was not there. So I emailed back and stated that their suggestion was incorrect and listed the options I had when I went to the place they suggested and again included all the relevant software version. Next reply stated if you have version x.y or lower then you need to install the latest version z. Had I not told the manufacturer twice what version of software I have in the previous two e-mails? Not only that there were no instruction on where or how to download this software so off went another e-mail to support requesting help again. This all took over a week and it not exclusive to just this manufacturer, you buy a new PC and the first couple of hours is spent updating the installed software.

Now would we stand for this if we had purchased a new TV, it was not working correctly out of the box and we had to update it before we could use it correctly?? I don’t believe we would so why do we accept it for PC’s?Then we move on to the operating system on these PC, there are 100’s of operating system, most will know Windows XP or Vista, some will know Apple OSX and the an even smaller number will know (the various version\distributions) Linux. While it is fair to say that the majority of users will be using windows based software they are also the one who face the biggest job keeping there computers up to date and protected compared to those using OSX or Linux but to use one those two operating system your knowledge of computers tends to be greater. If you don’t update and secure your computer you will fall foul of those that take pride in hacking\infecting your PC. Then you will need more in depth knowledge to get out of the mess you are in.

I could go on and on about this and bore you all to tears, but the point is that with the technology we have available today we should not have to spend hours of our time and money updating our PC’s. The IT industry’s is to busy protecting it own little corner of the market and would rather rip its customers off rather than sit down with fellow IT industry manufacturer and sort these problems out.

New arrival

We had a new arrival in our family this week, a Mac book. You are probably wondering what I am on about, well were a family of four and between us we have 4 Pc’s, 3 laptops and now a Mac book (and that does not include work PC or Laptop). The Mac book is for the daughter, she has been using an old HP for the last couple of years and with the intention of starting University in September she decided that she wanted a new laptop. For the past 2 years at college she has been using Macs so decided that what she wanted (plus they are seen as cool and trendy). I have had a play with it but I am not sure what to make of it yet. While we were in the shop I loved the large 24″ iMac, I could even sense my bank manager squirming as I had ago on one!!Well I said family of four above but the youngest member does not have his own PC at present, he just finds one not in use and uses that one. But he is about to get the HP laptop. Most parents have so many questions about giving young kids PC or even access to one. When we gave our daughter hers first PC it lived in her bedroom we gave her rules about what the type of web sites she could go on and sign up to and warned her that if we found out she had been places she should not that would be the end of her PC and to be honest it has worked. When she got the laptop (she was 16 then) the rules were relaxed a bit.I forgot I had started this on Saturday, so I will now finish it on Monday……..Well after some trials and tribulations I got the laptop setup for our son. When we told him he was over the moon. He has been told the rules and responsibility that comes with the laptop, so lets see if he follows his sister example.The weather around here on Saturday was lousy all day, which was handy as it allowed me time to get the laptop sorted. Sunday started damp and grey and improved as the day went on. I had thought about going flying but with the gloomy start I decided to give it a miss. Stayed in and watched the F1 Grand Prix at lunch time and then grabbed the camera and headed off to the flying field as the weather had improved to a sunny but gusty windy day (well afternoon). I was quite surprised how quiet it was down at the field, only a couple of local flyers out.Managed to get a few of Alex’s and a young lady friend who was trying kite flying for the first time and in the gusty winds on Sunday that was no mean feat. In fact she did very well, she got a few bruises for her troubles. The picture (on the left) is simply looking over the young ladies shoulder looking up at the kite. Quite happy with this as it was simply a case of hold the camera down point it up to the sky and click.There was a young lad down there I had seen in the past, I think last time I saw him he could hardly hold a small kite, but Sunday he was flying a large LEI kite (same size as Alex was using), so he has progressed well over the last year or so.Looking forward to the weekend as we are away to Essex for the weekend and then I am on holiday the following week.Finally it was weigh in night tonight and yes at last I have got the hump of my back, I have lost a total of two stone at last. Been trying to get to this mark for ages, so I am one happy bunny.

Its Monday

The alarm went off this morning but my body refused to move, just as well I was working from home today. Yesterday BBQ went well considering the sun legged it once I had got the kids paddling pool out. The friends daughter and my son eventually made it in to the pool by late afternoon. Although I cooked all the meat on the BBQ we ended up eating the meal indoors as it had become so gloomy outside. Considering things were a little strained yesterday the BBQ went quite well.At work BT confirmed they have eventually sorted all out phone lines out that were hit by lightening, only taken like 5 days. Managed to get a fair bit done to day, went to collect a parcel from the local branch only to end up having to replace a load of phone wiring after the fax machine gave up the ghost.Had some good news from work today, we are no longer owned by the Italians, the management bought us out so we are back in British hands, I hate to think what we have spent and lost in fruitless venture over the past few years.Talking of pointless ventures it seems that some supermarkets have taken it upon themself not to serve adult buying alcahol if they are accompanied into the supermarket with their underaged son or daughter. This is dispite the fact that the alcahol is for the adult and dispite the fact that a parent can legally buy alcahol and give some to their son or daughter providing they are over the age of 5Well it is an early start for me tomorrow so I am going to have an early night