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5 days and counting, but it is in retreat

This cold has been a pig, Friday night it kicked in with a vengeance, laid me low all weekend, but I am left feeling a little better today (certainly better than the weekend). Unusually for me I took some medication in the form of Day and Night Nurse capsule, certainly stopped the worst of my nose and I got a couple of good nights sleeps after Friday nights restlessness. Hopefully it will be cleared up enough by the weekend and I can get out on the bike again.

Back on the 31st December I mentioned the ride (or should that be slide) around Badbury Rings and one particularly narrow section that had been cleared back but still only had a narrow trail down the middle of it. Well I found a picture of the path I took earlier last year.

Narrow trail
wide lane narrow trail

As you can see it is a very narrow trail down the centre of the path, as it is only April it is not that overgrown yet, but it gets to the point in the summer where you can’t see the path for the long grass and you have to duck to avoid the overhanging thorny bushes.

The wife went to her interviews to day, she seemed positive about both but it is now down to the waiting game. She is off to another agency tomorrow to see about the possibility of another couple of jobs, still crossing my anatomy.

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the end is nigh

Yes it that time of the year again when the TV, radio, newspapers, your favourite web site and blog’s are highlighting the past 12 months. Personally, I would rather forget the past 12 months, it was not great the first time round and I can’t see the highlights being any better. Having mentioned the past 12 months in my last blog posting the only thing I am going to say about 2011, is I hope 2012 is better.

Due to the weather I never got to go for a ride on Thursday, it was wet and windy. With the wife at work I brought the bike into the kitchen and spent an hour or so on a small job to hopefully eliminate the squeak on my bike. I removed the chain-rings and chain-ring bolts, cleaned them and then reassembled with a little copper-slip grease to hopefully eliminate the squeak.

Friday dawned damp and miserable with the threat of heavy rain to come in the afternoon. While having breakfast I received a message to say that the ride was still going ahead although the distance had been shortened due to the conditions. So I loaded up the van and then headed to mother-inlaws to drop our son off then headed out to Sturminster Marshal which was where the ride was starting from. By the time we left there was 14 of us and the rain had started to fall, we did not get very far as we had our first puncture within 20yds of starting. Apparently a small flint like stone from the ride leaders drive was found in the tyre. We were soon back on our way as the rain continued to fall, our fist section of off road track came with a health warning as parts of it were chalk and in these wet condition more like ice, they were not wrong. The front wheel was sliding around on the chalk between the grasses bits trying to find grip, it made avoiding some of the deep puddle interesting as you could not just suddenly change direction.

The rain by now had changed to a fine drizzle, the riding was through mud. The basic of the ride was that we would go around Badbury Rings and then head out to the old airfield at Tarrant Rushton. There is only a hanger, a couple of other building and the some of the perimeter road left there now. We slipped and slid around Badbury Rings on to a narrow trail about 6″ wide. This narrow trail which is sunken into the ground is difficult enough in the summer with the long grass, stinging nettles and over hanging branches. But now the entire pathways has been cut back but you still have a narrow trail which is just a stream of mud which you have to stay in the middle of to avoid hitting the sides otherwise you end up falling off. Fortunately everybody made it down in one piece and in my case with a lot of dabbing of the foot to help with balance and forward motion.

Another climb across an open field of mud before we came to the airfield and around some of the perimeter road. As we left the airfield and down a narrow trail along the edge of a field I saw a mouse or a vole like creature scurry across the path just in front of my wheel not once but twice. 14 miles later we were back at our starting point where the ride leader turned hostess laying on a mini buffet and drinks (tea to sloe gin) for all the mud splattered riders. I think it was more of a slog than a ride and as can be seen from the picture below it was dirty, yours truly is far right.

A view of the dirty bums from yesterday ride

Due to bike cleaning duties (I was only able to hose the bike down yesterday) and dads taxi duties this morning I was unable to get the bike ready for the last ride of the years so I will be starting off the new year with a ride tomorrow after fulfilling more dad taxi duties taking the daughter to work.

Finally to all of you a happy new year and may it bring you the joy you are looking for.

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all sorts

No single thread to this blog today, just lot of little of snip-its and pictures

Here a picture of what I have been working on at work

servers in a rack
Servers & Sans

Two new servers (the green lights) and two new San units (only read if you like reading geek) above the servers. A total of 36 disks, 18 in each San unit which is small fry to large corporation style sans but for a small business, it is a lot.

Took the camera out and took some pictures for the first time in months. Only went down to the local beach on a windy day but it was fun.

Here is a kite surfer about to launch their kite.

kite launch
Kite launch

The shot was taken looking towards the sun which is why everything look so dull apart from the bright blue kite.

Here a shot looking out toward France (it is over the horizon a bit!!)

Breaking waves
Breaking waves

Finally from the camera a dog and ball leaving the water, I had a bit of fun with this one

Dog, ball and water
Dog, ball and water

On the bike riding front, I was intending to go on a club ride this afternoon, but thing got in the way and ended up going shopping this morning when I wanted to do a couple of bits on my bike. So I did the work on the bike this afternoon, including bleeding the rear brake as it was a little soft and every intention of going out tomorrow morning.

things I have to put up with

Driving, I think we all know there are some right muppets on the road and if we are honest with ourselves we have all done something stupid while driving. But having said that it does not make you feel any better when somebody stupidly pulls out in front of you…………..and then stops there!!

On my way through Worthing yesterday near the hospital on the A27 (I think), saw a car waiting in a side road on my left to pull out and turn right, then when I am no more than 40yds from the junction he pulls out in front of me and then stops as there is traffic coming the other way, not sure how I missed him I just hit the brakes. The ABS came into operation and I stopped just short of ramming his drivers door. I got nothing from the driver apart from a horrified look as he pulled away and disappeared off down the road.

What can be more simple than mounting a cabinet on a the wall?? I marked the wall where I wanted it. I even marked the cabinet to ensure the correct orientation, so can you spot the deliberate mistake in the picture below?

If you still can't see it, look at the label on left hand side of the cabinet!!

Communication companies, why are they so bad at communicating?? Lodged a complaint for the third time on Sunday still waiting for a reply. The auto reply I got said we will be back to you within 5 days (5 days in these modern times is woeful), well today is the fifth day, anyone want to take bets on me getting a reply??

Going for a ride over the Southdowns tomorrow, hopefully I will take my riding legs with me unlike last night ride…..

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the bike at platform one…

….has a puncture!!

Not often get to sort a puncture out in an old station

The son and I went for a little ride (I was exploring) in West Moors plantation (I am still trying to find a route through the plantation to the A31 so I don’t have to ride around West Moors residential area to get back to Hurn Forest on my long Throop loop ride).

As the son likes steam trains I took him up a section of the Castleman Trail that runs along side part of the plantation. He has ridden a couple of section of the old railway line trail but not this section which goes up to the old Ashley Heath Railway Station. About 40ft short of the old platform I felt those tale tale feeling of a flat tyre, quickly followed by the sounds of a completely flat tyre from the front wheel. I pushed the bike into the station.

Once I had removed the tube from the wheel I found that the valve had been pulled out of the tube (well partially) and as this was a Dr Sludge inner tube there was a lot of beige coloured latex bubbling fourth from the base of the valve. I can honestly say that I am not that impressed with these Dr Sludge inner tubes as they have caused nothing but problems since I got them and this was one of the two replacements I had for the first two……….

Once a new tube was fitted (I carried a spare) we were off, back the way we came. We turned back in the West Moors Plantation. What started out as looking for narrow single line trails turned into a hunt for muddy pools. Being an 11 year old boy he still has that “lets get dirty streak him in”. Suitably muddy we returned to our start point, a whole 6.7 miles covered.

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