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i’ve got a head ache

It has been a long day, the radio went off at 1:30am this morning not sure why, when it went of I felt it was not the correct time, I ended up staring at the clock until my eye and brain  decided that the clock read 1:30am and that I should lay down  and go back to sleep. I was awoken by the alarm again at 05:10am , unfortunately this was the correct time to get up

The day was not to bad, just fell a part when I got home, the new cooker had been delivered………………………..but it is damaged, my son is having problems with the school which I won’t go into but I am not a happy bunny about but at least I have a meeting with the school on Friday.

Managed to get a picture side bar loaded last night, tried several until I found one that I liked, still want to tweak it a little bit, just need to find out how. Picture are from Atmosphere 09  at Westward Ho! beach earlier in May. None of me as I am behind the lens