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excuse me, have you seen my cows?

I must admit that is not normally a question I get asked when I am out on a ride, I have been asked if I have seen a dog, kids or other cyclist but cows, that was a first. The question came from one of the local rangers who was out to check the cattle that graze the local heath and had yet to find them. Unfortunately I had only just come onto the local heath from a direction that the cattle don’t currently graze so I was unable to help although I did spot them later on in the ride (well 5 of the 6 anyway). We had a chat for a few minutes (being young, blonde and good looking might of had something to do with that) before I bid her farewell.

Here what the ranger was looking for (picture taken a year or so ago)

I had intended to go out riding early this morning, but getting up late put pay to that idea. When I did pull back the curtains I was surprised to see it raining. I ended up watching the F1 practice session, then going shopping then back home to watch the F1 qualifying. So it was mid afternoon before I got out for a ride so instead of the planned route I opted for a local ride over the heath and tried a few of the trails in different directions.

I am on holiday this coming week so I have a couple of rides planned during the week (up until Wednesday) then I will see what the rest of the weeks weather brings. One job I have got to do is drain clearing, as in the main sewer. About six other house’s drains run into our drains and then into the main sewer, well Friday night all the other house’s drains were blocked, some idiot had put a large plastic\metal rail thing down the drain and was causing a blockage, once that was removed everything started flowing but it seem as though the large amount of debris that was backed up has restricted the flow from the last man hole into the sewer (it happened once before). So I need to borrow some rods and give it a push to clear it out the way, not a job I am looking forward to.

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boil in the bag

Yesterday dawned as forecast, absolutely peeing down so no riding for me, instead I gave the Cannondale a bit of a service and fitted some new pedals, Superstar Nano Tech, the bearing in the old DMR V8 pedals were becoming a little crunchy despite servicing.

Superstar Nano Tech pedals
Superstar Nano Tech pedals

As can be seen they come in a variety of colours, I opted for black to go with the bike, had a chosen another colour for the bling factor I would of ended up having to replace more parts on the bike to further enhance the bling factor which I can’t afford to do at present.

After bike service it was out for a bit of shopping and visiting the lbs for some info on the headset fitted to the Cannondale. I have been looking for a replacement since I found the damaged seal earlier in the year but I had not been able to find any info. Thankfully the shop were able to tell me I needed a Crane Creek Zero Stack 1.5″ to 11/8″ which in turns is a ZS49/28.6 49/30 Part Number ba0077k. It now added to the shopping list.

By mid afternoon the sun had broken through but I was happy watching the Tour De France so that where I stayed.

I was awake early this morning eventually surfacing at 7am. After breakfast I saddled up and set off on my normal Sunday Throop Loop with an added section going around Ashley Heath this should of give me around 30 mile round trip. I was going to take the gps to record the route, but as I was leaving I realised the bracket for the gps was still on the Whyte, so left the gps at home. Outward journey was OK but when I got back to Hurn forest on the return journey the heavens opened so I stopped and put on my water proof jacket. I normally refer to this as my “boil in the bar jacket”. That is not to say that it is a poor jacket but the fact that I perspire and putting any jacket on even in the middle of winter will have me sweating buckets. Today was no different, when I got home I dropped my arms down to my side a water (my sweat) ran out of the sleeve’s and my t-shirt was absolutely soaking but because it was a decent cycling t-shirt it wicked the sweat from my body and held it in the material.

The eating over the weekend has gone fairly well, weekends are always the hardest time for me. Tomorrow night weigh-in will let me know how I have done.

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xendistar OBE

While the Queen was handing out the Order of the British Empire yesterday to the good and deserving of the UK and the Commonwealth I don’t fulfil either category so I had to get my own OBE. I am now Xendistar OBE (Over the Bars Experience), more on my award later.

Friday’s visit to the hospital for my shoulder went OK, the doctor was happy with the situation with my shoulder, I have about 85% movement in my shoulder with the only problem being in the extreme of shoulders limits. I must admit that I have been surprised by how much my shoulder has recovered since my off 10 days ago. The ultimate question to the doctor was “when can I get back on my bike”, the answer was as soon as I like providing my shoulder felt comfortable on the bike.

With the weather forecast for the weekend I decided to try and ride on Saturday. I opted to ride the Throop Loop simply as it was a relative smooth ride and there was plenty of option to cut the ride short and head for home if my shoulder decided it had had enough. There was also the threat of rain all day on Sunday.

So after a little tweaking of the front gear change I left in glorious sunshine with the my shoulder showing no ill effects of being back on the bike. A few weeks ago I found a new access to Hurn Forest right opposite the exit to Sopley Common. You simply leave the gate from Sopley Common, cross the road and pop through a hole in the hedge. Popping through the hedge involves hopping up the 12″ high verge. I have done this a couple of time, normal practice, push down on the handlebars then lean back and push down on the pedal and the front wheel will pops up, then roll through the hole in the hedge. Well not sure what exactly went wrong but if ask the driver of oncoming car who had a birds eye view of the incident he should be able to tell you. I think I just mistimed everything and never got the front wheel up which meant when it hit the verge I just sailed straight over the handlebars. I fortunately fell to my left and managed to grab my bike so it did not fall back into the road. I never got to see the driver face as he went past, but if he was not laughing then he must have been having a sense of humour failure. I quickly scrambled through the hole in the hedge and recovered my composure.

Thankfully the rest of the ride was uneventful, I managed to do the completes Throop Loop, the last few miles of the ride done in the pouring rain. I had no more pain in my shoulder than I started with so I am happy with that.

Sunday morning dawned with pouring rain so after a lay-in I am currently seated on the sofa typing this and watching the Le Mans 24hr

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Well the home PC front is slowly improving, I now have a home PC I can use, running Linux at home things take a little longer to set-up and resolve (no reflection on Linux just me setting it up). Things are not helped when I took the opportunity to change the version of Linux I use (think moving from Windows XP to Windows 7). I am slowly getting system back up and running, recent sucesses are printing, access to my network & USB disks and recovering my old bookmarks from the old PC hard disk. Not being helped tonight by a very slow internet.

Went for a ride last night, not sure how far I went as the gps on the phoned decided it did not want to work (what is it with me and technology lately) but it was in the area of 25 miles. From my house out to Canford Heath, then into Delph Woods and onto the CastlemanTrail, down to Upton House then back up the Castleman Trail to the Willet Arms, down to the river and along the river to Canford School then back up to Canford Heath and then home, just under 2.5 hours quite a good ride really.

Mondays weigh was what I had expected, I really need to get my head straight on my eating, it not so much my main meals but my need to snack and what I choose to snack on is what is hurting me at the moment.

A couple of blog’s ago I mentioned about my ears, well I got to the docs last Thursday and it turns out that one ear is blocked with wax and the other is half blocked. So since last week I have been putting Olive oil in my ears twice a day to soften the wax up ready for an ear syringing this coming Friday, can’t wait to be able to hear properly again.

Now for something rather silly

BUCS 2011 X.C Carnage! from Joe Bowman on Vimeo.

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glorious day

Nearly everything went to plan this morning, I got up in time to watch the F1 and boy was it worth watching. I then got changed and went out for my normal Sunday loop around Throop and Hurn. Felt really good kept up a good pace. I am really enjoying riding the Cannondale again now that the crank has been changed to a Shimano XT and touch wood (grab a handful of old wooden desk) I have had no chain suck in six rides compared to at least one per ride previously with the old crank. Having installed the new crank I have my thought about what was causing the problem but what do I know I only ride it…………

After a bit of lunch we decided to go for a walk along the river (the same one I rode up and down earlier in the day), it was a glorious day, sunny, warm with a nice cooling breeze. I thought there was a playground down the far end of the river path which my son would enjoy playing in, well my name was mud when we got there and there was no playground, could have sworn there was one when I rode out off the entrance gate many months ago. So having scooted all the way there my son scooted and whinge all the way back, that was until he went over the handle bars of the scooter having stopped dead against a small stone. I was left to carry the scooter back to the car……….

After all that riding and walking I am feeling very tired

Finally, been thumbing through the old photo album and dug out a couple of cycling related pictures from August 2009, Cycle Speedway and in this case Poole Cycle Speedway. I was never interested in it when I was younger and to be perfectly honest I find it boring to watch but it does make for some interesting photo shots.

The first picture is the start, home team are in blue jerseys

Start of a cycle speedway match

The second is the race for position on the 3rd and 4th bends

3rd and 4th bend race for position

Don’t know who the competition was or who won the race 🙁