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I think the riding has caught up with me, went out yesterday for a ride in the morning, did a couple of loops around the local heath, playing in the mud. Unfortunately the Cannondale was not very happy with the mud. Two problems that I knew I had to fix have become worse, a grumbling headset and bottom bracket (bb). The headset is a simple-ish fix as it loose ball bearing so just need to strip fit new bearing (which I have now got) and put it back together. Unfortunately the bb is a bit more involved, the bb which is fitted is one of those cheap throw away units. I have managed to get my hands on a second hand Shimano XT crank and bb, but I still need to sort out the chain rings (I think two of my current chain rings will fit) plus I need the tools to remove the old bb and a tool to fit the new one, this dam biking is not cheap.

Sundays ride (on the Whyte) was the same as I have done over the past few weeks, out to Moors Valley and back. Some of the fire roads at Moors Valley were hard work today, they held the Rallye Sunseeker out there yesterday and some of the fire roads were badly ripped up. This week I remembered to charge my little digital camera and had intended to video the bike trail route at Moors Valley. Unfortunately it started to rain as I started the trail and I gave up and put the camera away after the first 1.5 miles. I will post the best bits of what I shot later in the week, I set the camera a little to high this week so the shots I have got are a little hit and miss. By the time I finished the trail the rain had stopped and then started again about 2 miles from home, had to stop and put my “boil in the bag” rain jacket on.

Hope the three rides I have done since last Monday count for something at the weigh in tomorrow, being stressed I have been naughty with the eating, will have to wait and see.

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playing in the mud

I think the weather forecasting gods must have been listening to me a couple of weeks ago when I posted about the lousy weather forecasting. Last nights – this morning forecast was correct, overnight rain ending around 7am. It was not raining when I looked out the window at 7am, must admit it did not look inspiring but it was not raining.

After a late breakfast I wheeled the Cannondale out the shed and fitted the new chain and completed the other couple of jobs I had to do. There were still dark heavy clouds in the sky but no rain was falling. Looking around it seemed as though we had had a lot of rain over night.

I left the house at 11:30 having decided to do a short loop around Canford Heath. My earlier speculation that we had had a lot of rain was soon proved right, the path from the golf club was a very muddy. I other thing that struck me was how warm it was, by the time I rode up the short slope to the second gate I was sweating and I was only wearing a long sleeved base layer, cycling jumper and my padded cycling shorts….yes shorts! The trails were either very muddy or a running stream. After a short loop of the heath I headed for home, I wanted to save some energy for tomorrows long ride.

Looking over on Bike Radar and I came across a link to this site Bicycle Design Blog. The basic of the site is that budding bicycle designers submit drawings plans for complete bikes or bike components. These budding designers can be anything from a professional designer to a kid sat in his bedroom. I am still working my way through the blog, but the three wheeled cycle buggy for the disabled looks great.

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the end of a long week

Been a week of major problem this past 5 days, the problems peaked this morning when one of our three main servers decided it did not like of its hard disks. Fortunately dealing with the problem was easy, contact support, arrange new hard disk and shut the server down. Trying to educate the users that the server is not working and to use one of the other two servers took all morning and I am only talking 80 users.

Firstly they would not log off from the failing server, then when they had been asked not to log back on to the server they did log back on and got upset when I kicked them off the server. Then when they could not log back on they complained that they were unable to log back on. Fortunately by lunch time the message had gotten through to most of them.

I am hoping to get a couple of rides in this weekend, we have rain over night which should be finished early morning so maybe lunch time I can pop out for a ride. Might even try and get the Cannondale out on Saturday, just the new chain and a couple of little jobs to do. Sunday looks like the better day, so hopefully I will get a nice long ride out on Sunday.

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i got there in the end

After much huffing and puffing I got the video uploaded last night (well sometime after I had gone to bed, I left the PC to it). Now for the anti-climax, there nothing exciting in the video, no big jumps, no screaming down hills, no slow motion low angle close-up shots of me cornering, the only excitement is where I nearly go over the handle bars when I found the mud was bit deeper than expected.

It is just me slowly meandering along the river Stour around Throop with the camera mounted on my cycle helmet. Hope you enjoy

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tomorrow never comes

That what my mum used to say (I expect she still does), and without becoming to philosophical I guess she right. A bit like my weight loss, it will not happen unless I put the effort in. This past week has not been a good week but then it has not been a bad week either for eating. I have not pigged out but I have been nibbling when I should not have done. Life is a bit stressful at present and when I get stressed I eat, comfort eating I think they call it which is no good for the diet.

Then there is the cycling, I need to find the balance of the right food to eat (and drink) before and during a ride. I am ok going at my pace on a 25miler, but if I try a longer ride or I ride at a faster pace then I start to get problems with my calf and thigh muscles. Tomorrow I am hoping to do the same ride as I did the other week out to Moors Valley and back but I intend to ride the complete cycle trail at Moors Valley this time rather than start a 1/3 of the way round. The extra bit riding to the start of the trail and then the extra third should see me over the 30 mile mark. But my thighs tighten up last time and I ended up riding quite slowly. Tomorrow I want to also do the ride quicker than I did the last time, that means I can expect my muscle problems.

Now I know a lot of the food to eat prior to riding and during the ride, but two favourites I hate, Porridge and banana’s and they are pretty good diet wise as well. So there are two out the so called best energy foods out the windows to start with. Other favourites like energy drink and energy bars are not exactly diet friendly, which is ok on the one hand as I will burn them off, but I want to burn the stored energy I am carrying around with me. I don’t want to take on-board the calories before or during the ride just so I can go the distance. I have several idea’s in my head for food tomorrow, which one I will choose I don’t know, you will have to read my blog tomorrow to find out.

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