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er not quite

Well it was weigh in night last night and things went of the scale literally. It seems as though there may have been a fault with the scales last night. Everybody lost weight (24 people, I think) ranging from 2lb to 10lbs, the two pound loss was when the lady admitted to have been eating like a pig all week. While I would of be over the moon to have a 7.5lb loss, I will wait and see what scales say next week (my thoughts are more like 1lb – 1.5lb loss).

Went out for a ride tonight, had to take the HT as I have not had chance to get the Whyte to the cycle shop for the spoke replacement\wheel true. Certainly the coldest ride I have had in this half of the year but to be honest I never felt it, wrapped up warm and pedalled hard. It was quite fun having to feel what the bike was doing in the mud, it quite as easy as riding the mud in the daylight.

Had a strange thought during my ride, I realised I had forgotten to pick up my mobile when I was about 1.5 miles into the ride as I was riding along the river bank and it got me thinking. If I managed to dump myself in a ditch or the river and the wife had to call the police because I was late home, would she know where I was or the route I had taken. Well when I got home despite telling her I was doing a short Throop loop, when I asked where I had ridden she said the local heath about 2 miles away in the opposite direction. Then I told her where I had ridden and I asked her to give me the directions (she has ridden part of the route in the past), she was able to give direction for about the first 3 miles and that was it. The route basically follows the path along the river bank heading towards the Mill at Throop. I leave the river path cross two fields and exit onto the country lane by the sewer works and then follow the road to the Mill where I cross the bridge over the weir and then take the path along the river bank to the end where I cut across a field then up a lane, across a pond, a long the country lane, through a small village, back into the fields to approach the weir from the opposite direction, then back across the river following the river path (I had just ridden along) back to the main road and home.

I think I need to make a few safety precautions before my next night ride. To be fair the wife did come back and say that she would look at memory map on my PC which has quite a few of the routes but not all, its a start………..

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a better day

The sore head has gone (or at least going) and things are looking brighter.

I went for a ride this morning, but it was a late ride for me. I normally leave at 7:30am-ish but I got up late and found the F1 Grand Prix was late starting due to the weather so I sat and watched that till the end, an interesting race which swung the championship in another direction. I did not ride my normal Throop loop instead I went over Canford Heath and Delph Woods, managed not to get lost this time…

When I got back I reduced my Whyte to a pile of bits, I have removed all the linkage from the rear suspension. Not happy that I found several of the bearing a bit lumpy and gritty feeling, going to remove them from the linkage tomorrow (got to knock up a bearing press!!) and clean them but it looks as though I need to replace all the suspension bearings (8 of them).

My routes page (I mentioned last night) is up and running, let me know if you try any of my routes

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