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It rained….

On Thursday it rained, then rained again and just for good measure absolutely chucked it down late afternoon. We went shopping as mentioned in my last blog and the shop were packed. I think the families were using it as an excuse to pick-up there Halloween goodies for the weekend except at Sainsbury which had a half price toy sale. There were people wandering round Sainsbuys with two trolleys, one for food and one for toys.

Friday was another day for riding, went out in the afternoon, went for a ride across the local heath then into Delph Woods then down the Castleman Train to the Roman Road at Upton, then up the hill until I turned off on to Upton Heath. I have only ridden this bit once before and I thought the turn off was in the first quarter of the hill not the last. This part of Upton Heath is the part that was featured on the national news earlier in the year when it went up in flames due to a suspected arson attack. The whole area has now started to regrow, the only sign of the fire is the blacken trunks and branches of the trees and bushes. Apparently the wild life has moved back into the area, I met a photographer who was stalking a deer which after I came rattling down a hill had moved into a clump of trees and out of site, opps

Saturday I had to work, only made worse by the fact that I had to travel to the head office in Worcs. so no riding. I was supposed to be riding with the son today but he stayed over at the mother in-laws last night and did not want to come back for a ride, add to that it has been raining all day so I did not go in the end. Definitely going out riding tomorrow morning regardless of the weather. Going with the wife to Moors Valley where we will both ride the Through the Tree trail and then I will shoot off and ride some other bits while she pootles back to the van. I am not back to work till Wednesday so I am hoping to get another ride then.


its arrived

It has only taken 35 days but my Christmas present arrived today, bear in mind this is the second one they sent me, not the original that disappeared into the ether (or was that snow drift?) before Christmas.

I got a Muvi micro digital camera and yes it is really that small. Currently doing some secret recording of the wife doing Wii fit while I type this (she won’t be happy), just to testing purpose’s honest 🙂

Hopefully the new chain for my bike will arrive tomorrow and I can then finish prepping the bike ready for the weekend rides. Decided to put the mud tyres on the Whyte, with the amount of rain we have had the last two days and the amount they are forecasting till Friday, maybe a rubber dingy and life belt would be a better option.

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the saga continues

I was checking my account tonight to see if there was any sign of my Muvi camcorder turning up, nothing. So I thought I would drop them an e-mail, as I was looking for the e-mail address I noticed that their customer services is open till 8pm so I grabbed the phone and rang them, it got off to a bad start as the auto announcer was breaking up all over the place, then I was on hold with lousy on hold music (which was breaking up) and no indication where I was in the queue. Then the phone goes dead for about three second then all of a sudden a foreign voice come over the phone, now I don’t know if it was an Indian call centre or just foreign person working in customer service but they had a strong Indian accent, they spoke in a patronising way like you would if you were trying explain something complicated to a two year old.

Apparently they have been waiting for me to return the “Missing Item Confirmation Form”, you know the one, the one I e-mailed back to them on the 23rd December at 9:44am which was 26 minutes after receiving their e-mail requesting me to sign the form and send it back to them!

So I have duly send it again tonight and will keep an eye on my account to see if it appear on there as being posted, if not they can expect another phone call from me.

I guess this is where buying from your local store has its benefits, if you get a problem you can go back to the store. But then you pay for that at the local store which is why buying on-line can be cheaper. Having said that I have been buying online since 2005 (if not before) and this is the first major problem I have had with any online store.

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three in a row

That is days riding, went out again this morning (if a little bit later than normal) did my normal Sunday Throop loop but did it in reverse this time. This allowed me to try and find an extension to the Parley common section, last time I tired this, 4 legged bovine traction or rubber dingy was recommended. So this time I chose another path halfway along the bridleway I use as my exit off the common. Half way across the common I came across the same problem as I did last time all trails seem to converge on top of a very sandy soil rise which is impossible to ride up, so will need to continue to look for an alternative to circumnavigate. The ride was a hard slog, nearly all the trails I rode and the energy sapping film of mud on them which cut your speed in half and required double the effort to get through.

just some of the mud on the jockey wheels, a large clump fell off as I moved the bike onto the stand
Judging by the amount of mud around the jockey wheel it is no wonder the the rear gears were making noises more in-line with a bag of nails.

I won’t be riding the Cannodale for a few week as the chain has reached the end of its life and any further use will only wreck the cassette and chain rings. A new chain has been ordered this evening but I don’t expect to see it until the end of the coming week. So tomorrow I will be riding the Whyte which I have not ridden now for nearly four weeks. I am intending to go out to Moor Valley County Park, I have not been out there for a couple of months so it should be fun. The wife and son are coming as well although the wife is still not riding. This means we will be parking in the main car park as opposed do down the road in one of those forest pull-in’s as I don’t think the wife fancies the walk to and from the visitor centre. I will take a quick ride around the their little laid out trail route and then go off and find some new routes to ride.

With just about everybody back to work on Tuesday, maybe I might have a chance of getting my Muvi camera delivered. I ordered this from on the 4th Decemebr after seeing a cracking deal, I received two parts of the order, 8gb memory card and extreme sports pack but for what ever reason known only to Play,com they did not bother to send the camera out until I contacted them 7 days later (according to my order status it was being processed). By this time the christmas rush had started and then we had all the bad weather. I have lodged a undelivered item report with them on the 23rd after complaining again about the non delivery. If I have not heard anything by Wednesday\Thursday I they will get another e-mail from me.

Tomorrow night is weigh in night, I have not been since the 20th and to be perfectly honest I am not looking forward to it. I could if I was so inclined not bother to go to the weigh in tomorrow night and instead wait until the following Monday and hopefully loose more of the christmas excess, but the only person I am kidding is myself. I am whatever I have eaten over christmas like it or hate it, so be it. I have ridden 117 miles since my last weigh-in (more to come tomorrow) I just hope this bike riding has countered some of the christmas excess.

Ready for a bit of TLC

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a warm ride

Went for a ride this afternoon, been very overcast with occasional showers so I was a little weary about going out. Fortunately I did not have to contend with any rain, in fact it was that warm I was in my riding shorts and after about 3 miles I stopped to take my jumper off (I had a long sleeved base layer and normal t-shirt underneath).

I decided to ride some local area’s that I had never ridden, I had already worked out that they were only small areas but I was looking at ways of possibly linking some or all of them into a ride or adding to other existing rides I do. There were four different areas I tried, some of the areas were more successful than others, all had a bit of road riding to get between each area. A couple of the rides look like they will be a mud fest once the wet weather sets in. I finished the ride off with half a loop along the river at Throop. All in all an enjoyable 3 hours, apart from the walk through the undergrowth, I have spent several painful minutes extracting brambles from my finger since I got home. Total distance for the ride was 15.8 miles.

Yesterday I went to Southampton with the family, wife wanted to check out a couple of job agencies and the kids like visiting particular shops in the area so that was a day out for us. Unfortunately the bear with a sore head (BSH) tried to make an appearance, brought on by the large crowds (school half term) and petty family squabbling. Once things had settled down the BSH was soon dispatched and an enjoyable meal at Pizza Hut was had (ok not diet friendly but it was a treat for the daughter and her birthday).

I find it quite strange, I can do a 25 mile ride and my knees are OK, wander round the shops for a couple of hours and they ache like hell, probably my bodies way of telling me there still a lot of weight to shift yet (or I don’t like shopping which is probably closer to the point).

Tomorrow I am repairing a roof apparently, one of those jobs I was volunteered for!

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