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and so it snowed

Yes eventually the white stuff fell on Bournemouth area, not a lot just a couple of inches but it made everything nice and white, with the bright blue sky and the freezing cold wind that can cut you in half.

I was supposed to drive to head office for work yesterday (near Evesham Worcs.) but with the overnight snow fall I decided to work from home, today I was booked to go to Northampton, I waited until 8:45 this morning before deciding to go, I listen to the travel news, weather forecast and then decided to go for it. I made sure that I had coats and hats etc. in the car but after I left I realised I had forgotten two important items, one was a bottle of water for the windscreen as my screen washer froze up, at minus 6 degrees I am not surprised. The other item was my lunch!! Tomorrow I have a trip to Portsmouth and a stop off at the bosses house on the way back to resolve his wireless Internet issue, just hope is it not to icy.

A couple of my birthday present turned up today (birthday is on Saturday), they were only ordered online last weekend and they arrived today, not bad considering how the UK has ground to a halt this week. I have a pair of tyre for the mud (think I should of considered getting some studded ice tyres) and a bike maintenance stand. The bike stand was recommend to me by a guy who does mobile cycle repairs as a job, it is the same one he uses everyday and I must admit it sure is a chunky stand and no where near as expensive as the Park Tool ones.

Being back at work I am missing the bike riding I did over the Xmas break, been watching some videos of other people out riding in proper snow (proper snow as in 12+ inches) and it looks fun, certainly seems to beat the couple of inches we have and the frozen conditions. The current weather has put pay to my ride in Berkshire on Saturday, the event is now cancelled. I want to ride this weekend but I am not to sure about the frozen conditions, about 30% of my ride is on road (I ride from my house). I would like to do the route I did in the New Forest over the Xmas period again but with these freezing conditions I think ice skating would be more likely.

Well to finish here is a picture from late last year when it was a little warmer

Me on a bike

Just crossed the stream and heading up the small incline towards the roots


anybody out there?

It is just over 7 months since I started this blog (on and I am getting lonely. In all that time nobody has left a comment, not even a nastie one (thats not an invite by the way). I am beginning to wonder if anybody reads this blog although I will be the first to admit I am no writer. So if there is anybody out there, please leave a comment to let me know I am not alone?

To those of you that don’t leave a comment I have one thing to say to you:

to you too!!
to you too!!

As is customary of late we were out cycling this morning, we went out early as A) we were expecting rain this afternoon (started raining about 6:00pm) and B) had to go shopping this after. Todays ride was a first, in fact two firsts, it was the first time we have ridden from home and the first time we had ridden on Canford Heath. The heath is only a mile and a half from our house so we rode over to the heath. The first half of the ride was very much a wide gravel type path, then it turned into narrow tracks. We even had to negotiate getting past 4 Shetland long horn cow type animals. They had very large horns and were stood on the track blocking our way. So we decided the best thing would be to get off the bikes and walk past them which meant walking through the prickly gorse. It was an interesting ride and one we will be doing again.

The afternoon was set aside for shopping, we went into one of my least favourite shops Primark, Chav central and boy what a messy disorganised shop that is. There were item of clothing and shoes all over the floor every where on all 3 floor, kids were running riot. Having said that the wife did pick up a pair of lycra jogging bottoms for cycling for a £5 which should prove useful.

While we were in the shopping centre we were accosted by a couple of Storm Troopers, Darth Vader and a few other characters from Star Wars, not sure why they were there, they just were.

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