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lack of communication

Sometime ago there was a report in the papers and on the radio about the level of customer service given to customer by various companies. At the time the worst customer service came from communications companies. Well I can say that from where I am sat it was true then and it is still true now, nothing has changed. I get to deal with a lot of communication companies from the likes of BT down to the smaller independent companies and communicating is something they have still not mastered.

What has got me wound up this past few days is the fact that I need to purchase a mobile dongle for work, just one dongle but Orange seem to be happy to ignore my offer of money for a 12 months contract. I thought (how ever foolishly) that it would be easy to go to the Orange shop and purchase a dongle, well it would of been had I been happy to purchase it in my name and pay for it via my bank account or via my credit card. But it is for work and I won’t be the one using it, apparently their system can’t handle a purchase for a business in the shop (or though I have had some thoughts on this more later).

So I thought I would phone Orange Business on Thursday afternoon, three times I tried, three times got through the menu system and three times I was cut off. So I clicked on that little button on their web site that say arrange a call back, twice I clicked and filled in the form have and guess what no call back. I tried calling them again to day, this time I got through the menu system, the phone rang and rang and rang and then a nice lady told me my call was important to them and they would answer the phone soon possible, then it rang and rang and rang and then the nice lady…………….. you get the picture, (Before anybody says well buy one from one of the other mobiles communication companies, I can’t, it has to be Orange, it is a long story).

Now I have been thinking, that I can’t be the only person wanting to buy a dongle (or phone) from an Orange shop for business. Was it just to much trouble for the shop assistant to process my order (we got as far as sitting in the little cubicle and tapping away on her screen). So I am going to try one of the other Orange shops in the area. But what gets me is the stupidity of it all, I just want to purchase a single Orange dongle and so far Orange are refusing to deal with me.

If you work in a mobile phone shop that deals with Orange, you could be my next best friend 🙂

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phone calls and rain

So there I was quietly working away at home on Monday and my mobile rings, nothing new there then, it normally never stops ringing. But surprise surprise it was Virgin Media Complaints department (yes the same department I have e-mailed twice without reply). First they apologised for not contacting me earlier, they have a back log of complaints (not something you want to broadcast). For the next 20 or so minute we discussed the problem I had and the work that Virgin are supposed to be doing, the end result is that the work is in hand with no time-scale, I currently have 1 month credit for the broadband and I will be calling in 4 weeks time to get another months credit if there is no improvement and will keep doing so until it is fixed. I think this will be going on for a few weeks yet…………

I have a few days of for the sons half term, so as he decided to he wanted to go with his aunt to Southampton, I was free to go for a bike ride…………in the rain. The day did not start well, I woke up the second the alarm went off and could not go back to sleep, I had planned to stay in bed till at least 8am but got up at 7:15. I went to get my GPS out and check the route I wanted was loaded on the gps and I could not get it to switch on. This meant a change of route so instead of the New Forest and exploring new routes I would go to Moors Valley and ride some bits I have not ridden for a 12 month or so. After loading the van in the rain I decided to give the gps one last chance and it worked, so it was Burley here I come.

I had packed my rain jacket and trousers ready for the onslaught but as there was very little rain when I set off, they stayed in my bag but I was expecting to be getting them out sooner rather than later. So I was more than a little surprised about an hour later to be taking my jumper off as the sun was out and I was getting a little warm. A short while later my gloves were taken off as my hand were sweating in my gloves (first time I have worn them since last winter). The route was a shorter version of the Autumn falling leaves ride, I was trying to avoid riding some of the roads (I’m a mountain biker not a roadie) and trying some alternative paths to the wide gravel fire roads. Well some of those paths were wet, muddy and flooded, it was er, interesting. I enjoyed my 20 miles round the forest, was expecting to get absolutely soaked but never got wet (if you don’t include anything below my knees).

More riding later in the week but apparently we are shopping tomorrow……….

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dam you breakages

If two bike and two PC breakages at home since the beginning of the month is not enough (and that does not include those PC’s at work), we can now add the TV to the list of breakages. The TV decided it did not want to play ball any more, it is the sons birthday today and as with all young kids he wanted to try out his new Wii game before school (he was up very early so time was not an issue), he tried to turn the TV on and nothing, dead, expired, deceased, a working TV no more (said in a Monty Python dead Parrot sketch voice), I was not impressed. Fortunately her in door had the forethought to take out insurance on the TV when we bought it just under 3 years ago (10 days until we have had it three years) so after a quick phone call the the company that administers the policy we have a man that can coming out to look at the TV on Saturday. In the mean time it back to the olden days, a 14″ TV with just 4 channels and talking to each other!!

While everything around me seems to be breaking I must be really tempting fate as I have been playing with a new mini laptop today. Bigger than a netbook but smaller than a notebook the Thinkpad Edge 11 is quite dinky. As much as I like the dinky size on the laptop I think I would find it to small for long term use. This one’s job if for occasional office use and on the road use, it will certainly be a lot easier to carry around compared to my 15″ screened Lenovo laptop.

Well that it I’m off before I break something else……………….

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that was nice

Last night was weigh in night and while I had had a reasonable week I made a bit of a pig of myself on Saturday and only did the one ride last week so I was only expecting a modest loss, so the 2.5lbs I lost was very welcome, it also marked a total of 4.5st loss since I started losing weight. Got to keep on the straight and narrow this week as another good loss by next Monday will drop me into the 16st zone.

I was going for a ride tonight but for some reason my battery for my light is taking an age to charge, I stored the battery with a part charge in a cool place as is the recommendation on various sites I checked out on the web. I put the light on charge at 2pm this afternoon and it is still charging now, so not sure what is going with the battery charging. Hopefully I will get out on another night this week.

Well it is a short blog tonight as there not a lot to say

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if only the manual was correct

I had to work today (Saturday) which is rare for me, I had to shut the entire IT system down down for several hours and I could see little opportunity to do it during working hours, so an early morning drive to the Cotswold was my start for Saturday. I had to install an item I had not installed in the past so had to refer to the manual to check certain options. Happy with what I read I proceeded with the install. So why was I pulling my hair out an hour or so later because it was not working and one of my servers had disappeared off the network?? because the bloody manual lied that why. I won’t bore you with details but basically the item I was installing was set-up (out of the box) the opposite to what the manual said, if you can’t refer to the manual to get the correct info where are you going to get it??

Once I had got everything working and my server had reappeared (the disappearance was linked to the item I was installing not working correctly) it was nearly mid afternoon before I left for home a couple of hours later than planned. Decide to go back the scenic route via Stow-on-the-Wold, where I passed two groups on mountain bike riders, riding up the road caked in mud and looking as though they had enjoyed their ride. I felt really peeved off, the sun was out, the sky was blue and I was working. With rain forecast for tomorrow I am not sure if I will get to ride or not, will have to decide on how heavy the rain is. It will have to be a morning ride as I want to watch the F1 which is on just after midday.

I would like to see Hamilton or Webber win the F1 but there is little chance of Hamilton winning it so I will be hoping Webber is there at the end, just as long as Vettel and Alonso don’t win it I don’t mind. Wanted to watch the England Australia rugby match but I never got back in time so I watched the highlights, certainly looked like the England boys had a field day. Might of been a bit different had Australia put those penalty away rather than missing. I did manage to watch New Zealand walk all over Scotland

My week has not really got any better or worse than Tuesday blogs, I have ignored the problem for the time being, been to busy working on the new phone system install which has been happening this past week and seemed to go fairly well (nothing I was doing, I was just a helping hand).

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