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welcome autumn

So it is the first of September, this morning when I left for work I had to find a coat to fend of the cold dank drizzle, (and it was dark) on the drive home I had the air con on as the sun beat down in the bright blue sky with scattered white fluffy clouds, typical British weather.

To be perfectly honest not much has changed since my last post, I have not been out for a ride although the Whyte has spouted some new bits but I am yet to test them. My ankle has gone from dam right painful to feeling OK and back to dam right painful on a weekly basis. Spoke to the doctor about it and he said he was happy to refer me to the orthopaedic consultant at the hospital but he is likely to want to put my leg in plaster for 8 weeks!! Not what I was looking for so I have left that idea on the shelf for the time being. I was at the doctors as I buggered my knee, I could not bend it with out being in pain, not sure what I did as I was sat at a desk and went to move and I could not bend or straighten my leg as my knee was agony. Doctor reckons I have broken a little bit of cartilage off and it is catching as I bend my knee. It is not to bad now I can walk ok but still can not fully bend my knee with out feeling pain.

Back to the doctors next week for a diabetic check up, I asked them back in early June if I needed a 6 month check and they said no, so I get a letter 6 weeks later telling me I need to go for a check-up?? By the time I go for the check-up and get the blood test results I will only be a couple of months away from my 12 month check?? I gave up trying to make sense of it, just hoping I have been doing it right, I certainly think I have but the check-up will tell me one way or the other. Day after that it is the dentist turn, one of my back teeth he did a major filling on a few years back has broken up, I know what the outcome will be, he did not want to do a filling on it last time but I told him I did not want it out, think I will probably loose the argument this time.

At last my big fish tank has got fish in it, ok so there is only 4 of them and they are each about 30mm long but by the end of the month I hope to have moved all the inhabitants of my other tank (along with all the rock) in to the big tank which is about 30 fish in total. Here is a picture of the tank (prior to putting the fish in the tank)

fish tank
Filled with water and ready for some fish (they are in the bag on the left)

Well that enough from me, thinking about giving the page a facelift, will need to find a template I like and see what I can do, but until next time, have fun………

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hey, it can only get better………………….

I was hoping things would get better after Wednesday central heating problems, but no. Friday the wife missed the bus to work, I had been reluctant to take her in as the van had just been cleaned for a customer viewing later in the day and I did not want to get it covered in all the road grime you get on these cold frosty days. So I ended up taking her into work and on the way home I have to travel through a large set of traffic lights which is busy at the best of times but currently the lights are being replaced so there are lane closures and long delays. On the section of road I approach the lights, there are two lanes but about 100mtrs from the lights the inside lane is closed off. Everybody is in the outside lane, I am slowly moving forward when I catch sight of a car coming up the inside lane, I am now just short of the cones and signs closing the inside lane as the car passes me and then just turn right in front of me having realised that he could get no further up the inside lane. My front bumper met his rear wheel, resultant damage to both vehicles is mostly scratched paint and bumpers. So the customers got to see the van all nice and clean complete with a custom bumper job!!

Saturday I went out for a ride over the local heath, still building myself up after the several weeks of no riding. The ride itself was nothing spectacular, made it up a hill which I have targeted as one of the hills I need to beat although I was a gasping wheezing wreck at the top. It was nice to be able to get home and not have to wash the bike as the ground was so frozen although thinking about it I would of been unable to wash the bike as the hose was frozen!! I digress. Anyway the wife had gone shopping so I came home to an empty house. When I put the bike round the back of the house I noticed that the back door step was wet, which seemed strange since everything else was frozen and it was dry when I left. I went back round to the front door and let myself in. I then headed through the house toward the back door so I could go and lock the back gate. When I opened the utility room door I was greeted by a lake of water on the floor, it could of only come from the washing machine or the washing machine plumbing.

I called the wife and informed her of the problem and suggested she curtailed her shopping trip to come and help with the bailing out. Once out of my cycling gear, I realised that the puddle was not getting any bigger so what ever was leaking had stopped (or run out of water). The washing machine had been on but had now finished its cycle. That meant that either a pipe on the washing machine had split or the waste. outlet had sprung a leak. The wife arrived back home as I finished clearing the washing machine so I could move it out and get to the pipework. I started to pour some water down the waste pipe which quickly overflowed onto the floor. I gave it 5 minutes to run a ways and then pour some hot water down the waste pipe, this started to backup but then suddenly cleared. The waste pipes runs round the side of the house and under the back door, sometime ago the bracket holding the waste pipe under the door broke so there was a slight sag in the middle of the pipe. I guess that water was sitting in the pipe and overnight Friday and Saturday morning it froze. A temporary repair has been made the hold the pipe up so that it maintains the run to the drain and does not hold any more water.

While the rest of the country woke up to snow this morning, all we woke up to was wet rain soaked roads and a rise in temperatures. So this morning ride was a mud fest, although there were still some frozen bits hidden in deep puddles which made things interesting. I did a Throop loop but it was only a short loop as my legs were feeling it a long with a another problem\injury I am plagued with, so I decided not to push it and headed for home.

I am hoping for a quiet weeks this coming week, some how I don’t think I will get one.

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wet and punctured again

Got up and looked out the window at 6 oclock this morning the sun was shining and it was clear, so I went back to bed. Got up at 8 oclock looked out the window and it was pouring down so I got up. I had intended to watch the rugby but getting up late and being beaten to the TV by a 11 year old I opted to keep an eye on the commentary on the BBC sports web site.

I left the house for my ride at 9:15 in bright sunshine but a little cool, within a couple of miles I had taken my jumper off as I was hot. Two miles later I stopped again this time with a puncture. Again it was the front wheel and again it was one of those Dr Sludge inner tubes. This time the valve was still fully connected to the inner tube, there was no sign of any seepage of latex sealing any leaks in the inner tube, there was no sign of any foreign object poking through the tyre. I have no idea why it went down, the only thing that is certain is that those Dr Sludge tube are a waste of money and those two tubes from today and yesterday are going in the bin.

After another couple of miles I stopped yet again, this time to put my rain jacket on, it was *issing down. Eventually it stopped raining but I was not going to be fooled so easily and kept my jacket on. By the time I reached Sopley Common (I was riding the Throop loop but in reverse) I was over heating so I stopped to take my jacket off again. Two mile later I stopped again to put my jacket back on again as it was *issing down again and that is the way it stayed all the way home. By the time I got home I looked like a drowned rat. I picked up some new water proof trousers in the week…………..guess who left them at home this morning!!

I don’t know what it was but I was completely wiped out this afternoon, I had several things I wanted to do but in the end I just sat on the sofa with no energy to move off the sofa. Having a early night to night as I have four morning on the trot when I have to be up earlier than normal for work so I want to make sure I get some sleep.

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unwanted visit from the toothache fairy

I have only ever had toothache twice, the first time was earlier this year and it hurt, the second is now and is a lot more painful. I will be phoning the the dentist tomorrow morning to see if I can get in and see him but I can’t see him any earlier than tomorrow afternoon as I have a meeting in the morning which I have cancelled twice already so can’t really cancel again.

Was considering riding the Dorset Dirt a 30 mile cross country ride on Sunday but had been biding my time to see what the weather was going to be like on Sunday. With all this rain we have had and now with the toothache, I am not sure if I will enjoy riding on Sunday, especially if you check out the weatherforecast (below) from Met Check

Sunday forecast, er a bit windy

Looks like it will be a bit windy 😮 Looking at Met Office for Sundays forecast is showing rain so I may not do the ride.

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The weather forecast was right for once

Got up early ready for my ride this morning, pulled back the blind and it was raining, should of really gone back to bed but decided that as I was up I might as well stay up. I checked the rain outside the back door and decide that it was to heavy to ride, I don’t mind riding in the rain if it starts when I am riding but I hate starting a ride in the rain.

Instead I sat drinking tea and getting my Google Calendar embedded and working in Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client (if you want to know how let me know and I will tell you). By 9 o’clock it was starting to ease off and as predicted by 10 o’clock it had stopped, it looked like it might start again but I got ready for my ride.

When I left it was cold enough to wear my jumper, I managed to keep the jumper on until I got into Ramsdown Woods. Everything looked like a winter ride with puddles and mud everywhere. I tried some new paths when I got into Hurn forest, some better than other. Because of the late start, still impeding rain and thing that needed doing at home I opted not to head out towards the Castleman trail, just carried on with my normal Throop Loop.

Coming back across the fields from Merritown to the weir at Throop I past the spot where the Red Arrow Crashed a couple of weeks ago. The area was decorated with red, white and blue bunting and balloons and several bunches of flowers, I thought about taking a picture but that felt a bit morbid.

I am glad to report that the creaking that has been plaguing the Cannondale for the past couple of months has been cured with the fitting of a new Hope BB. I opted for a Hope BB as you can get replacement bearing (unlike Shimano’s) and they have a very good reputation. Next on the shopping list is a new Headset which should be fitted in the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately with all the running about yesterday I forgot to pick up some degreaser and I used the last of mine yesterday so the bike is looking a bit grubby at the moment.

Finally I am a bit concerned about the weather on Wednesday night, think that maybe the end of the world is nigh!

Bit windy Wednesday night
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