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nearly christmas

It is only a couple of days till the big day and I don’t think I have felt less Christmassy before. I just seem to be going through the motions at the moment, I have tried to get in the mood but I just does not seem to be there.

For the first time in years the wife is working Christmas eve (and the day before as well) so I will be on shopping and errants duty those two days. It does not help that we don’t get paid until Christmas eve, so there will be an early morning raid on the supermarket on Tuesday. I think it is going to be a long week.

Went for the ultra sound scan on my calf’s last week, doctor only had it down to look at my right calf (which tore about 8 weeks ago) but I informed him that the left one was also a problem and that it tore about two weeks ago. After scanning both calf’s he was able to confirm that the left calf had torn but could only see indication of previous damage in my right and that was it. Now it is back to my GP to see what he says.

I had to go to head office on Thursday to complete a job that would take me about 20 minutes (it is a five hour round trip), but it meant I would not have to rush around when I was back in work in the new year (a new wood router is being installed). When I got to the factory the desk that was going to be built to house the PC turned into a large metal cabinet, problem one, some of the cables were now too short. Problem two, I went to hook the PC upto the network and nothing, dead, a quick word with the electrician who wired the new network sockets in and he told me that they had not been connected up yet despite me being told that it was all ready for me to connect it all up. So the electrician got the hump as it had to leave what he was doing and connect the network up. It was while this was happening that a major incident happened. I heard somebody had collapsed, it was only when I went outside that I noticed the three paramedic cars, one ambulance and the emergency helicopter!! Turns out the guy had a major heart attack, the four first aiders at work kept the guy alive doing cpr (the paramedic words, he could not praise them enough for what they did) until the first paramedic arrived. It was nearly an hour before the guy was stable enough to be put into the ambulance and driven to where the helicopter had landed (about quarter a mile way) and taken to hospital.

After the ambulance had left the paramedic called everybody together and explained what had happen and what they had witnessed (the incident happen in the middle of the factory in clear view of everybody) and the (then) current status of the patient. It was a quiet sombre affair but the paramedic could not praise the first aiders enough for the work they did before he arrived. Last I heard the patient was serious but stable and sedated in intensive care. Hope he pulls through, it is never a good time for anything like that to happen, it even harder at Christmas time.

Well as it is Christmas (even if I don’t feel like it) and there a lot of tunes I could choose for “the post tune” but I decided to keep it short simple.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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down, up, down but always onwards

That how it feels at the moment, things look better and as soon as you feel happy it is back downhill again. But it is always onwards…………………..

Booked a few days holiday last week (well 9 in fact) so I am not working any Friday between now and the new year which is good and I also have a whole week off as well. Had the first Friday off just gone and made the effort to get out on the bike. I was a bit unsure where to go so I opted for the easy option and go to Moors Valley. I had noticed a small path leading off the main trail at the start so I thought I would find out where it went. Well it was nothing exciting that was for sure so I won’t be going down that way again.

After one lap of the trail which included a detour due to tree felling I just went for a ride around the forest, nothing exciting just lots of deep tyre tracks (from tree felling machinery) to negotiate in soft sand and mud, got back to where I parked at about the time I had intended to. My legs felt very achy that night so I guessed I pushed it a bit.

Was hoping for a quiet weekend except the servers had a different idea though, well it was not the servers fault there was a power cut Saturday afternoon but the servers were not the least bit co-operative about starting up properly Sunday morning.

OK it is getting on for Christmas and all the big companies have their Christmas adverts are on, John Lewis is no exception. They are using a copy of the 1984 Frankie goes to Hollywood Christmas song “The Power of Love”, Gabrielle Aplin tries hard but unfortunately it is not a match for the original. If you have not seen the advert yet you, see the video below and so you can compare the original version is the bottom video, hope you enjoy

NOTE: Video’s now sorted



habits, easy come easy go.

No riding last week as we were away for the weekend and half this week I spent half the weekend up north for work, so no riding this weekend. At the moment there is to much aggravation going on to even think about riding. I want to get on the bike and go for a ride but when the moment arrives there is little enthusiasm for it. It is a very weak excuse I know but it is the best I can offer at the moment.

Last weeks trip was to Cardiff to watch the British round of the World Speedway Grand Prix at the Millennium stadium. Drove down on Friday night and then spent Saturday morning watching the world sail by across Cardiff bay.

This weekend was a little boring I had to drive to Birtley in County Durham on Friday for work. We have a new site up there, unfortunately somebody forgot to tell me I did not need to be there at 9am in the morning (left home at 2:30am), spent the next 6 hours waiting for the legal beagles to say we owned the new site. Left midday Saturday to drive home, was a little tired by the time I got home, think it might have been something to do with not going to bed until 1.15am Saturday morning (and no sleeps in between getting up early Friday morning).

hi’s and lo’s

That about some up this past week, life is slowly returning to normal, if I could remember what normal was……………

The wife started her new job on Monday so that has relieved some of the pressure of life at home. I returned to work after a week off (I was going to say holiday but it was far from that) which means that when you are a one man department you have all of last weeks work to catch up with. Apart from playing catch up I spent most of the week on the road driving round our branches resolving issues.

Wednesday night we had to go to our son school for an award night, not the best day for me due to the early start (4:45am). He had been nominated for 3 awards (they were not told what), the whole evening was done along the lines of a Oscar-ish style including the parents seating where there were tables with drinks and biscuits for some while the riff raff sat in orderly rows of seats behind the tables, guess where were.

Each of the nominated boys (he in a boys only school) are called up on stage and presented with a certificate and then the winner is announced. Our son had to wait until his third nomination to actually win an award, our daughter managed to catch on film the moment when he was handed his certificate and the boy next to him nudged him to say that if he looked at the certificate it would say if he had won or not, he looks at the certificate and his eyes lit up just before the headmaster announces he was the winner. All the winners got a small engraved glass filled with sweets. He was surprised 5 minutes later to be nominated for a 4th award but came away with only a certificate.

Friday was Olympic Torch day around way, to make things worse it was travelling through our area at 5:30pm, rush hour time to you and me. The local council had laid on events at the playing fields at the back of his school which was also adjacent to the roads where the torch was travelling down. I joined my son and his friends late on Friday afternoon and we took our position on Boundry Road to watch the procession go past. I was some what disappointed, I had spoken to one of my work colleagues who saw the torch go past in Newbury and told me what to expect, whether I mis-understood what he said but to me it seemed a bit of a damp squid when it came past. The crowds cheered the promotion buses cheered, the police escorts waved the flame went past and that was it.

Not sure who was carrying the torch, but the flame looks more like cartoon bats

I have had a miserable weekend so far, the wife spent most of yesterday in bed ill, she got up this morning and about an hour ago went back to bed again. I have not been out riding as I am baby sitting my son. Despite what I said last week about riding I did ride last Sunday, decided on a simple Throop Loop. But the first section of the river was flooded to my axles so I cut that short and headed for Parley Common and then Hurn Forest. Well that was the plan, there was a small bridge to cross the Moor River, (read stream), except today it was more like enormous lake. I got up to my knees in water (at that point it seemed pointless wearing water proof boots and socks…………) and gave up, I had not even got within 50mtr of the bridge and I know that the steps onto the bridge is lower by about a foot compared to the path I was on. The only riding this week was on Friday up to my sons school for the Olympic torch.

From my previous post I have had acknowledgement of my e-mail to ADS Recruitment and was told that it was being past on to the appropriate person, not heard anything else yet.

And finally, today is St Swithins days and it is raining, I wonder if they will take into account the previous 2 months worth of rain??

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16 days

That how long it has been since I last posted on here, thing are pretty much as they were when I last posted. The wife is now a government artist , drawing the dole (an old 80’s jokes). Her 4 days work turned into three days as they got it done quicker than expected.

The weekend of the 5th, 6th and 7th May were booked to go to Tosside (Gisburn Forest)in Lancashire to meet up with some friends from a mountain bike forum. I had planned to leave early Friday morning going to our branch in Preston and then when finished head over to Tosside about 40 minutes away for a weekend of trail riding. Things did not go to plan, Thursday night I got a phone call at 9pm to say that the power had again gone off at head office (they had had power problems all day but we had been told by Eon at 5pm that everything was sorted). So a change of plans for Friday morning, I now had to get to head office before they start work on Friday morning. They start at 7:30am and I live 130 miles away, you do the sums, at least head office is sort of on the way to Preston.

I arrived just after 7am and thankfully all the servers fired up without a problem, but by now it was rush hour time so we hung around head office before hitting the road shortly after 9am and headed for the M5\M6. Preston was reached just after midday after an interesting drive through the town centre (missed turn off on M6, sat nav choose the route through town).

Things did not improve with the job I had to do at Preston, missing instructions, people not putting me through correctly on phone systems and idiots on the other end of the phone. Once everything was working (well at least my part was working) I phoned the alarm company, after a couple of unsuccessful attempts to get things working I was told that they would need to call me back which may be on the following Monday I told them that I would not be there on the Monday and that they can come out and resolve the problem themselves, I had had enough.

We eventually made it to the camp site by early evening, lovely and sunny but a bit windy, a small group of riders went of for a early evening ride but I decided not to go, but then I decided that I would and got changed and then headed out towards Gisburn Forest (we were and 1/2 mile from the forest). I came across the new Hope trail and headed off down the trail. The first thing I will say is it not really my sort of trail big jumps and big drop offs, not my sort of ride by I got to the bottom and met up with the riders. After a play and chat we decided to ride back up to the top and do another ride down the Hope trail. Once back at the bottom we headed back into the strong wind back to the camp-site.

Back at the camp site I came across a problem, despite filling the water tank up with water the previous night our water tank was empty, not good. In the end I used the on-site facilities and then joined everybody else for our hot pot evening meal (provided by the camp site manager). It had been a very long day so it was not long before I was heading for my bed. I wanted a good night sleep for the following mornings ride.

In the end I had a lousy nights sleep, got up with a stinking head ache. As I sat there drinking tea and feeling sorry for myself, my phone rang it was my son, “Dad we have got a leak”, then I heard my daughter in the background and my son past the phone to her. Apparently she had woken up to water coming through the bedroom ceiling in our room. We made a few phone calls and past on instructions but in the end there was only one thing we could do, go home. So we packed up, said a quick good bye to everybody and embarked on a 295 mile 6 hour drive home.

By the time we got home the leak had stopped, I was in no mood to venture into the loft so I decided that was going to be a Sunday morning job. Unfortunately at around 1am in the morning the leaking started again and in short I just lost the plot. I could not sleep in the bedroom I was curled up on the sofa and the black clouds were now at ground level.

Sunday morning dawned and I was in no mood to venture into the loft so we did the only thing we could do and called a plummer, it was a cost we could do without but we had to fix the leak. Thankfully they came out quite quickly and considering it was a call out on a bank holiday Sunday it was reasonably priced.

By now it was to late in the day to do anything so I just sat on the sofa feeling sorry for myself for missing out on the weekend.

The miserable weather has stopped me from riding lately, I went out riding this past Saturday and Sunday but both were shortish rides. I did consider riding yesterday except it rained and it rained again tonight. Tomorrows an early start, Thursday is shopping night as it is our sons birthday on Friday. So it is the weekend now before I get back on the bike.