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me get up and go got up and went!!

What ever it is that gives you your “get up and go” has left the building in my case. This morning the only thing that got me out of bed was the fact that I had to take my bike to the LBS for the frame swap. The drive to take the wife to work was slower than normal at that time of day as everybody was out early anticipating the delays on the A338. It did not make a lot of difference though as there was an accident actually in the single carriage way section on the A338 this morning which closed it north bound and once again brought the entire area to a standstill.

Having dropped the wife off at work I had to double back on myself and drop the bike at the LBS. Then I had to turn round and double back on myself again to make my way to the companies (I work for) local branch, spent a couple of hours there before doubling back on myself again to go home as I was spending the rest of the day working from home.

While I was at the LBS I never got to speak to the manager at the shop but there were a lot of Canondale boxes in the shop that looked as though they had been recently delivered, hopefully one of those was my new frame. With the new frame and the new forks I am having fitted at the same time and hopefully the gears sorted out, it will be like getting a new bike, can’t wait to try it at the weekend.

Tomorrow, I am (supposed to be) up early to go to head office, 05:15am is a struggle for me at the best of times, I think tomorrow will be no exceptions. To some extent I am glad that I don’t cycle to work as I would seriously struggle like Clive at “The Massive MTBer” does. I remember when I was younger and car free, I hated riding to work, I would have to ride to work on those cold wet mornings with the wind in my face and then ride home again with the wind in my face. The reason I don’t ride to work now is head office is 140 miles away. I don’t go there everyday but I do travel to many of our other sites and they are equally as far to travel and on a bike I think it would about a week (by the time I have plotted an off road route so I avoid those main roads), mind you would be an epic ride…………..

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normal service has resumed

When I looked on the Interweb this morning I found that this web site was unavailable, in fact it was blocked by Google. It seems after I made some mods (well asked for them to be done and were done within 10 minutes of requesting it at 22:50 last night) to the domain records so that I could hook up with Google, they saw fit to claim I was in “Violation of their Policy” and blocked my site (I was following their instructions). So I left it to see if it was just a time thing for the changes to propergate through the Interweb but by this evening it was still the same so I had to get the changes undone and now wait to see what Google have to say for themselves (I have appealed as they put it).

Unfortunately this was only the start of a bad day, I had to take the son to school and the wife to the doctor as she was not well. Fortunately I was working from home today and for the first hour or so this morning I kept losing the connection to work. Now if my laptop had been on wireless I could of accepted there was possibly a new wireless in the area interfering with mine by I was wired to the router. Then I got no end of grief and problems from work which stopped me from doing what I had planned, this continued throughout the day and ended with my e-mails disappearing into the ether everytime I sent one to my mailing list, 5 o’clock could not come soon enough.

Just changed the pedals on the bike ready for tomorrow, I bought them just after Xmas and have had them for a couple of weeks but I have been waiting for some work which is supposed to being done to my bike, but as there no sign of the work starting and it will be fairly muddy tomorrow what with the thaw and the rain so I decided to fit the DMR V8 peddles and damm are the pins sharp on your hands (had to hold them while tightening them)!

I am out of here for tonight just about to sink my teeth into a large Orange and no late night messing with the domain settings

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