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lack of communication

Sometime ago there was a report in the papers and on the radio about the level of customer service given to customer by various companies. At the time the worst customer service came from communications companies. Well I can say that from where I am sat it was true then and it is still true now, nothing has changed. I get to deal with a lot of communication companies from the likes of BT down to the smaller independent companies and communicating is something they have still not mastered.

What has got me wound up this past few days is the fact that I need to purchase a mobile dongle for work, just one dongle but Orange seem to be happy to ignore my offer of money for a 12 months contract. I thought (how ever foolishly) that it would be easy to go to the Orange shop and purchase a dongle, well it would of been had I been happy to purchase it in my name and pay for it via my bank account or via my credit card. But it is for work and I won’t be the one using it, apparently their system can’t handle a purchase for a business in the shop (or though I have had some thoughts on this more later).

So I thought I would phone Orange Business on Thursday afternoon, three times I tried, three times got through the menu system and three times I was cut off. So I clicked on that little button on their web site that say arrange a call back, twice I clicked and filled in the form have and guess what no call back. I tried calling them again to day, this time I got through the menu system, the phone rang and rang and rang and then a nice lady told me my call was important to them and they would answer the phone soon possible, then it rang and rang and rang and then the nice lady…………….. you get the picture, (Before anybody says well buy one from one of the other mobiles communication companies, I can’t, it has to be Orange, it is a long story).

Now I have been thinking, that I can’t be the only person wanting to buy a dongle (or phone) from an Orange shop for business. Was it just to much trouble for the shop assistant to process my order (we got as far as sitting in the little cubicle and tapping away on her screen). So I am going to try one of the other Orange shops in the area. But what gets me is the stupidity of it all, I just want to purchase a single Orange dongle and so far Orange are refusing to deal with me.

If you work in a mobile phone shop that deals with Orange, you could be my next best friend 🙂

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inept suppliers

It is a very simple process, you submit a support e-mail requesting somebody does something for you and the supplier within a reasonable amount of time sort out your request. In this instance the support was to amened a configuration file, 2 minutes maximum, so why did it take over 7 days and that was with me chasing to get the job done!! Before anybody says do it yourself, I don’t have access to said file so I can’t do it myself, although I have asked if I can have access to it so I can do it myself. I would not so bad if it was not for the fact that we are only do things this way as the supplier requested we do it this way. Should be fun to watch over the next few days, as I have submitted a new support request tonight for the same thing again tonight (different changes), shall we start taking bets on how long they take this time??

Went out for a ride yesterday, choose to ride in the New Forest, It was shorts and tee shirt weather again. I did a loop which included 3 large inclines, one close to the start and two about two thirds of the way round, one after the other. Well the first incline a long loose gravel climb required a pit stop half way up, I was feeling I had left my climbing legs at home. The section till the next hill went pretty much as normal although I did notice it did not matter which direction I was riding the wind was always in my face?

The good bit about the second climb is that it is on tarmac and starts gently (it also the longest). The bad bit was that this section was also the final run in area for a 10k fun run so dodging runners was on the cards. Ducking under the obligatory plastic tape across the road (bare in mind this is a public road still open to traffic) I continued towards the pub where the hill kicks upwards. Now I normally stop at the pub but with all the runners and families milling around I decided to head on upwards and take a rest at the top of the hill before I ride the short down hill bit before climbing back up again.

I arrived a gasping wreck again having beaten the hill with no stops for a rest. I took a 5 minute break, the next hill was gravel, it is also one of my nemesis, I don’t think I have cleaned it to date. Having rested and determined to get as much hill out the way I shot off down the short hill, I was soon pedalling up the hill and then soon into the granny ring, I just kept pedalling away till I reached the top, again a gasping wreck. Not bad two out of the three hills cleared (and I cleared the hill yesterday I had targeted on the heath as well), maybe my hill climbing is getting better.

I carried on across the open heathland of the New Forest headed under the A31 and set my sights on Burley. Now the problem here is I have done this ride at least a half a dozen times but I don’t think I have ever ridden the same route back to the car park twice. I always seem to find myself on a different path back to the car park. Unfortunately I found myself heading in completely the wrong direction and found myself needing to climb another large incline. Unfortunately a pit stop half way up put paid to my decent hill climb average for the weekend.

While I never set a time for the ride with the intention of racing around the ride to beat my fastest time to date, I did complete the ride in the time I had expected so I was happy with that.

Going to try and get an evening ride in this week, now the evening are getting brighter and we are having an early summer

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one week on

It was with a bit of trepidation that I stood on the scales tonight, after lasts weeks non-mover I was hoping for better things this week, but knowing me and my body it was not a sure fire bet. I had already avoided finding out my weight yesterday when I was at the doctors as he wanted to weigh me (along with blood pressure and wee sample). I told him what weight I was last week and when I stood on the scales I looked at the ceiling so as not to see what they said and the doctor did the decent thing and by not telling me.

So as I stepped on the scales at slimming world tonight I watched the digital read out as it first flew past my last weeks weight and then came back down to rest 4lb less than last week, I think it was then that I let out a loud sigh…. I think that was very good considering I lost the plot Friday night after the bad news (I’m a stress eater). I was even more surprised by the fact that I won slimmer of the week and had a large bowl of fruit to take home.

In regards to the doctors I have have some new cream to try which will hopefully resolve my problems and stop it flaring up again. I was a bit surprised when he said it was two years since I had the last lot of cream, which was why they would not let me have a repeat prescription and had to make an appointment.

Don’t think an evening ride is going to take place this week, have a couple of ideas for the weekend but need to check what the weather is offering before I decide.

Was hoping for an early night to night as I am up early and off to head office tomorrow but that not going to happen now especially as the daughter said she might phone me to come and collect her from the concert she is gone to if she comes out too late for the bus. The last two days have been a case on answer the desk phone and the mobile rings, answer the mobile and the desk phone rings. I spend half the day answering the phone and the other half trying to catch up where everything is behind.

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and so it goes on…..

I would of liked to think things were going to get better, but based on current circumstances they are not. Work has been s***e this week, 3 trip to head office and very little of what I needed to get done got done but that does not stop them demanding it. Finally to end the week on a low note, I broke a tooth today eating a crisp or rather it just broke. It one of the ones I had the root canal work on late last year. The bit of tooth is still in my gum and I have managed to push (with my tongue) the broken bit back into place so it does not hurt my gum (as it was doing), but I can now only eat on one side of my mouth now. Hopefully I can get to see the dentist on Monday.

I went for a ride this morning (pre-broken tooth) with my son. As it has been a couple of months since his last outing (and painful knee due to schoolboy pranks) I decided to go out to the New Forest and ride the old railway line from Burley to Holmlsey and back. It is only 5 miles round trip but by the time I got back to the car park anyone would of thought I had ridden 10 times that distance, I was just dead on the bike. As is normal when we are in this neck of the Forest I was forced to stop at the Station House Tea House for refreshments, as you can see cycling requires a lot of chocolate cake and milk shake.

Ryan refuelling
Waiting on the old platform

I escaped……

I was able to throw my leg over my bike this morning for the first time in three weeks and while still riding on the shirt tails of a cold it was hard work. I decided that I would go over the local heath as I know I would not be up doing my normal Sunday Throop loop and there were some new sections on the heath I wanted to check out. One a short trail I found on a video, one was one that I could not remember where it came out and the other was a hill that I have targeted to be able to ride up in one go. This morning (only the third time I have been up it) it took two recovery stops to get up the hill, in the coming months I will be working on getting up there in one go and once I have conquered that hill I can move on to its big brother (twice as long) which I have rode up in one on a couple of occasions but I was no good for anything when I got to the top so I am looking at being able to do it in one and make it look easy.

Saw a mountain biker who shall we say was doing a different kind of riding in a BMW convertible, not that I was worried but please on a residential road!!

Also had a numpty in a four wheel drive who thought it would be good to see if he could run me and some pedestrians over as we crossed pelican crossing. Yes he had the green light but he was still on the round about 60mtr prior to the pelican crossing so we had plenty of time to cross with out obstructing him, even the pedestrians got a cross with out a problem but it did not stop him from screaming the engine and glaring at us as we crossed in front of him. I offered him a single digit salute to let him know how I felt.

Just spent a pointless 2 hours trying to get something to run on the server at work this afternoon (need everybody of the system to run), it failed, not sure why as it ran perfectly when I did this in November. The joy of working from home over a weekend, looks like I will be trying again tomorrow evening.

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