Month: September 2016

A long chain of events and I ended up here writing this

Friday evening and my son was filling in his first job application form but had to wait for an email to come through because you have to sign up to the company web site before you can apply. Being a teenager he did not want go back up stairs to check his emails so I said I can do it for him (I host my own email domain and his has an email address on that domain). So I logged into the control panel and checked the email for him and passed on the information he was waiting for. It had been a while since I had logged into the control panel so I though I would have a look round just to make sure thing were all running OK. As the wife has started using her web site as she looks for a another job (redundant after 3 years) I checked the usage stats and the error log. I noticed quite a few errors “page not found” errors, so I thought I had better check her web site out for broken links. Fortunately her web site is OK no broken links. So then I decided to check this web site for broken links, after a long time checking, it tells me that it had checked over 2000 pages and and found over 500 broken links. I found the number a little hard to believe but the links it gave were broken, the majority of the links are for one link which no longer exists. Some of the other links are just links to picture that I have linked to which are no longer there. Rather than go through each link I though there must be a word press plug-in which could find and replace the broken link with a working link and there were several. Unfortunately the two I tried failed to work. After a bit of googling it turns out that my PHP (PHP is a scripting language) is to old and needs to be updated.

As PHP is part of my hosting package it was off to my hosting companies support page to ask them if they can upgrade my version of PHP. No can do was the reply, you will need to move to another hosting package to get a newer version of PHP. So started an afternoon of emails between myself and my hosting company, the end result is they are happy to move me to a new hosting package at no cost which is good seeing as I have just renewed my hosting with them, but (there always a but), I will possibly loose the hosting and email service’s for about 24hrs as my site moves from one IP address to another IP address. I understand this and losing the hosting is not to much of a problem the email. The email address my wife uses as her contact in all her job searching is one I host so that is a big problem. So as it stands now my moving hosting packages is on hold until the wife’s job searching ends and as consequences of this all my broken links are going to remain broken for a little longer. All this because my son could not be bothered to check his own emails!!

I decided to have a closer look at some of the broken links, some were quite simple as they only appeared on a couple of pages and were easy to correct, but it was while I was checking out these links that I noticed the last time I posted on this blog was the 28-02-16 “Spring is just around the corner”, so I thought it was time to post something again.

Well now it is Mid September and it is Autumn, looks like Summer past this blog by, so what have I been up to……………… not a lot. I am still to fat, I still living with diabetes, I am still not going out on my bike enough……….yeah nothing has changed. Last time I went out on the bike was June, even went to Swinley Forest before that really enjoy when I get out there riding it is just the getting out there which is the issue. Works is just as manic as ever although I got a pay rise which is always a good thing.

As per-usual I have waffled on so I am going to get out of here for now. Hopefully I can soon start on all those broken links I have