We had plans…….

By | 06/06/2021

So after our little train ride to Poland and back we decided that yes we liked this lets do it again so we soon we were researching places to go and by early December we had had a rough idea of where we were going to go. We had no dates that would be the next stage of planning but then 2020 appeared on the horizon and it was bringing a friend , an unwanted friend, Covid.

Like may other I was soon working from home, the wife started working from home about 5 days before me both fortunate that our jobs could be transferred to working from home (we work for different companies). Having spent many years working from home in my old job, I had strangely not enjoyed the experience working from and this working from home looked like it was going to run for 3 or 4 month. So some big changes had to be made, my desk gained two new monitors, a higher bandwidth broadband package was ordered. Karen had to work using her own personal laptop to start with and it was 5 months before the company laptop appeared. I was fortunate that I got a new Window 10 laptop just before being sent home, so within a couple of week I had settled down and was now helping to settle 1400 other employee into working from home and believe me that was no easy feat.

It goes without saying that our future plans are currently just scribbles on bits of paper and we now even be looked at until thing start to look better. We are still both working from home and will be for at least the next 6 months assuming life starts to show a return to normality, if not we will be home for longer. We have both gained promotions with work while we have been working from home, the wife went up a grade within her team and I have actually moved to another team with a slight higher position than I has previously.

We have both had our two vaccinations, our son had his first a couple on months ago (Astra Zenica) and was quite ill for four days, he is not looking forward to having his second jab in 6 days time. The daughter had her first today when I drove her to Millbrook for it.

Long term plans is simply to take each day at a time, we do have holiday booked but we will just see what we can do on the day, already had 10 days holiday, 5 days carried over from 2020 which I could not change so had 5 days at home!! Had another 5 days a couple of weeks ago and just had days out locally. Being stuck at home is doing nothing for my weight and I have the doctors in a couple of days so that is going to be interesting………NOT

So here is a nice cool view from a few weeks ago, walking along Branksome Chine towards Branksome Chine Beach. I am going to bugger off before I bore you

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