Where are the ducks?

By | 27/10/2019

Earlier this year the local council started on a revamp of the two fresh water lakes at the local park, boy what a mess they made. The basic were they were going to dredged the lake (the larger one), rebuild sections of the edge of the lakes and prune, remove some plants and tied up some of the island to make a better habitat for the ducks to sleep on.

Well earlier this year we made the mistake of visiting the park as this work was going on We were not aware at the time), boy was it a mess. 80% of the biggest lake was unreachable due to ongoing works like rebuilding the edge of the lake or replanting. There was a section opposite the miniature railway station (which they have closed down) where they have completely removed all the reeds and reclaimed the some of the land, planted tree and bushes in the reclaimed area. In fact they have replanted around the edge of the lake so much so that once the plants are established you wont even be able to see the lake, let alone get to the edge and feed the ducks (assuming they come back (more on that in a minute). The one section of the big lake that needed work as come autumn & winter month it is water logged and you can not get to the waters edge even though there is access to the edge of the lake, they have not even done any work on. I will admit those that the section around the big lake outside the restaurant – play area has been nicely done, but the rest of it is a failure.

I am no expert but there used to be Mallard ducks, Canada Geese, two other type of geese, Moorhens, Pekin Ducks, Swans and a few others species along with your normal Seagull, Pigeon’s and Carp (the fish) in the lake. I don’t know what the numbers were but there used to be to many Canada Geese in the park (maybe 200 or so). they used to make a mess all over the park. if a little kid appeared with bread then he would be chased by around 20 or so geese eager to get there share of the bread and not worried if they bit the kids fingers or leg in the process. But to day I counted 9 Canada Geese, no other geese and some mallard ducks. The Moorhens and Swans were all over on the Saltwater lake (which they also dredged and made a mess off, see image later). The big lake was devoid of ducks, we did see some Carp swimming around and eating the uneaten bread left for the ducks.

The lake today, very few ducks or geese to be seen
Earlier this year, stuck in the mud, both vehicles whilst building an island on in the salt water lake

A new area with benches and tables was setup between the smaller lake and the play area for small kids (under 5’s or there about’s). Who makes an area where you can expect a lot of pushchairs, prams, small kids trikes, ride on cars etc. and fills it in with pea shingle?? I guess no council members have ever tried to push a pram through pea shingle.

Ok I am stopping now, I think you guessed by now that I do no approve of the “Improvements” to me (and the wife) they are a very large detriments to the park now. Finally a more pleasant image from the park today

Very bright leafs against the ever greens and the fallen brown leafs

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