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By | 24/09/2019

It has been a couple of weeks since I started this new blog and very little has happened at least on the surface. What should of been an evenings work turn into a couple of weeks slog of sending emails to tech support and then wait 24hrs for the reply., then send an email back saying it don’t work. Then when one hurdle has been overcome their is a second and so it went on, it got to a point that I almost said stuff it and threw it all in.

Now it is not that any of the issues were particularly difficult, but when you don’t have control of all the settings and you rely on others to do what they say , do what you ask them to do and have what they offer available and working (and they don’t) live becomes a lot harder. My day job is IT I don’t want to come home and have to start work all over again.

Thanks fully those issues have now been resolved and I can start moving the blog forward. One of the problems was the photo gallery , other than some small setup it ready to roll (or display). Initially I will be adding some of the photo’s from the old gallery and then hopefully in around two and a bit weeks uploading new stuff in to the gallery.

That lead me nicely in to the next bit of news, we are off on a little jolly soon and hopefully I will be posting about that, not going to tell you when or where yet, you will have to come back later and have a look.

Ok I have bored you enough for now so I will leave you with the image below, for no other reason than it is a nice bike and just in case you think so what, it accelerates faster than and F1 car and there are no brakes!!

500cc Godden Grasstrack Bike

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