Still Here II

By | 05/09/2020

Was browsing the Internet this morning and I read that there were some issue with WordPress and its plugins and unless you updated WordPress it could lead to your WordPress web site being compromised (this web site is built on WordPress). The brain registered the fact that I had not been on here for a while (over 5 months it turns out) so I logged in and updated the bits that needed updating then decided to put finger to keyboard with a little update.

The wife and I are still working from home, been nearly 6 month for the pair of us still working a full working week from home and in some cases doing overtime. Compared to a lot of other working people we have been very fortunate workwise. Both our respective employer have said they are in no hurry to rush people back to the office. I have only been to the office for half a day to get a new laptop after my old laptop decided that the outside world no longer existed.

We have both had along weekend and a weeks holidays (both employers said that we had to use some of our allotted holiday). We went the Lyme Regis and London Zoo on the long weekend we had. Couple of weeks later it was our week off , it turned out that we chose the hottest days of the year. We just popped out to local places (within a couple of hours drive). On the Wednesday we had a pleasant cruise around Poole Harbour, followed by a pub lunch and we intended to stroll around the bottom end of the High Street but after leaving the pub we found that the High Street was in the full glare of the sun (no shadows to hide in) we decided enough was enough and headed to the car park and home.

Had this guy pop into the garden the other day, Speckled Wood Moth, we get a few moths and butterflies in our garden, it a case of not having the camera to hand or being quick enough is the reason I don’t have more photos of them. Other than cutting the grass the other Garden jobs have not been done although we have purchased more plants for flower bed area we are intending to build.

Well that is enough from me for the time being, will try to be back sooner than 5 months next time

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