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By | 15/03/2020

Thought it was time I stuck my head above the parapet been a few weeks since my last post and everything is currently doom, gloom and virus.

After Brexit everybody was hoping thing would calm down in the news and social media, we could turn our attentions to Easter, getting the garden ready for the long summer days of lounging in the garden, BBQ’s and booking our summer holiday but no, we have had to deal with storms, floods and a plague of locust. OK so we have not had the plague of locust yet (at least not in Dorset anyway). But we do find ourselves hunting for the lesser spotted toilet rolls for sale and it is not just a UK problem, it seems the world has gone mad for purchasing toilet rolls. Yes there is a background stories to to it, the Corona virus but from everything I have seen about the virus, toilet paper is not one of the things that you will need is you are unfortunate enough to catch the bug.

I am unfortunately in a high risk groups for the virus because I have an underlying medical condition, diabetes type 2 if you must know. So I am trying to carry on life as usual, going to work and keeping my ears open to all things corona and trying to pick the truth from the total dross and plotting what I hope is a safe path for myself and family through it all.

In other (good) news, we (the wife) and I had to go kitties sitting the other weekend. Daughter was out for the day so we agreed to go round to her place and make sure that her 2 house kitties got an evening meal (if she had put foods out for them before going out they would have scoffed the lot and then been sick every where) so we drew the short straw and agreed to go round and feed them.

This is one of the pair of sisters, Bella

Bella Kittie

Unfortunately I was not able to get a photo of her sister Ruby as she would not stay in focus for long enough. They are both playful terrors, climbing up your leg using there claws, hiding under the sofa and attacking your ankles and if you are very lucky one of them will sit on your lap purr like mad and fall a sleep. We played with them for a while, gave them some treats, puts their food out for them and then left and went home. When the daughter arrived home after midnight their food bowls were empty and were happy to see her.

Well that is about it for now, I am still trying to convince the other half to publish something on these pages, she keeps saying she will but their is nothing from her yet, we will wait with baited breath until she breaks her duck.

Look after yourself all, it is not nice out there at the moment.

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