the end! a new beginning

By | 07/09/2019

I have had a blog under the url for several years but in the last few years it has been gathering dust as I was not updating it. It came to a head a few weeks ago when I noticed that a part from the front page nothing was working all the links seemed to be broken. As I looked further into the issue it got worse as there were another 2 web sites that I had with my wife that were also not working (they had been neglected for the same amount of time as this site). One of the web sites included our photo gallery (this was mainly traction kite flying from 2003 to 2008) which also was not loading.

So I took the decision to delete everything (making sure I had backups) and restart this blog hence where we are now. This blog will no longer be just about me and my attempts to loose weight (still losing that battle) but it would be a blog with my wife about live and things. I guess this is the first post and in the future the wife will be contributing. She is busy at the moment trying to workout why her Fitbit has stopped pairing with her phone and where the new cinema is being located in Cheltenham we live in Bournemouth!!

What can you expect, well I am not sure really, I can tell you it will not be a daily blog, it will not feature photo’s of my tea\lunch\dinner\breakfast. There will be a new photo gallery which will include some of those photo’s from out kite flying days. There will be comments about our favourite sports teams in Rugby (union variety) and Speedway but more on those in a later post. Basically what ever takes our fancy.

Let us know what you think

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