The Humble Mobile phone

By | 21/12/2019

I wonder if the engineers and designers from the 1970 ever realised what they were designing as they worked on the prototype of the first mobile phone, would they believe what the mobile has now become nearly 50 years later.

1983 Motorola sold the first mobile phone, it could make a 30 minute phone call, took 6 hours to charge cost over £2600 and weighed in at 1.1kg (2lb 6oz in old money). Today there around 40 main stream phone to choose from, call time runs into hours, standby time is measured in days, weighs only a 160g (5.5oz) aproximately and an out right cost of around £300 to £700 plus the call tariff of your choice. By any margin that is an impressive amount of change to just make a phone call. But it is what else the phone can now do that is really impressive. So here is a list of thing that the mobile is now used for:

  • Take photos
  • Read and write email
  • Read and write text message
  • Access many social media site
  • Video recorder
  • Video player
  • Music player
  • Gaming device
  • Store contact details of all your family, friends and work
  • Watch sport and other TV related programs
  • Access your bank and being able to pay people
  • Order items online
  • Order your weekly food shop
  • Use as a Railway\Tram\Bus ticket
  • Use as a road atlas (as they used to be called)
  • Find a Girlfriend\Boyfriend or partner
  • Order your food in the restaurant
  • Monitor your health and fitness
  • Tune your guitar
  • Order your take away
  • Open the garage door
  • Open your front door and control the heating, lighting and other devices in your house
  • Learn a new language
  • Provide security access codes for VPN’s and other IT devices
  • Sex Toy (yes really and no I have not tried)
  • Read a book or magazine
  • Check the weather (anywhere in the world)
  • Check the time (anywhere in the world)
  • Start your car
  • Set it up to be able to see where it is when you loose it
  • oh, and make a phone call!

Most of us will do at least half of those on that list, the mobile phone has become such an important every part of our life. The mobile phone has become so much a part of their daily life not having access to it can cause all sorts of problems. Where I work the mobile phone is used for access to work emails out of the office and producing security codes for IT devices. We get phone calls from the users where there phone has stopped working or been stolen and they are at the point of pleading with us what can I do I can’t work, it is part of their daily routine and apart from the obvious not being able to work they are lost part of there daily process and seem completely lost as to what to do.

With banking & travel apps, family photo’s, friend and family contact details all on the phone you should really find out now what you should or can do if your mobile phone is lost, stolen or just broken, if your phone is that important to your daily life, then make sure you know what do do when you don’t have the phone any more.

Don’t think the original designers ever thought it would be a problem over 50 years ago, wonder what the next 50 years will bring?

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