Wind, rain and morons

By | 09/02/2020

Like the rest of the UK we have been battered by Storm Ciara, we have had a few strong gust around our away, wheelie bins falling over, fences falling down, the normal havoc you find in your garden after strong winds. We have been fortunate this time, no fence damage although we did loose the large cardboard box that the kitchen bin came in, large as in 3ft tall 15″ square box and fall of polystyrene, knew it been caught by the wind as there were bit of polystyrene in both the front and back gardens. The box was in the bin store at the front of the house, the gardens are separated by a 6ft high fence, no sign of the cardboard box though.

I was monitoring the local winds today while at home, there is a race hut (yacht and dingy racing) in the middle of Poole Harbour which has a live weather feed for all the yachting folk so I check it out when there are strong winds, apparently the strongest gust was at 13:09 this afternoon measuring 75.9mph, just a tad breezey.

I quite enjoy watching nature flex its muscle so decided a trip to the beach was in order, Local radio had already advised avoiding one area as people were going to the beach to watch the waves. So I must say I was a little disappointed, considering the wind was averaging 42mph the wave action was not particularly big. Wind was coming from the Sandbanks end of the beach straight along the beach towards Bournemouth Pier.

After getting caught in a shower we decide to seek refuge in a beach cafe where we watched a moron in action. I am not talking about the kite surfer or the windsurfer who were out enjoying the conditions (mad but not a morons). No this moron was walking his dog on the beach and throwing a tennis ball sized ball ( I know it was a tennis ball sized as he was using one of those tennis ball throwers), and he was throwing the ball out into the sea for the dog paddle\swim out to retrieve it, yes throwing the ball into the sea!! It was not a large dog either, the dog was enjoying itself probably to dumb to realise the danger it was in. I honestly could not believe somebody could be that stupid. It was not a one off either the guy threw the ball into the the sea several times for the dog, in the end they started to walk up along the beach again so he returned to throwing the ball in the direction they were going, just madness but at least the dog was no longer in danger.

Stormy beach
Looking along the beach towards Bournemouth pier
Windy beach
From the promenade towards Bournemouth Pier, wind whipping the sand up

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