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happy birthday to my blog

My first blog was posted on the 6th May 2009, so tomorrow my blog will be 1 year old. A lot has happened in a year, starting life on blogger.com and then slowly dying like many blog’s until I gave the blog a new name and a new home and slowly but surely the blog has trundled on.

While much of the present blog looks at my cycling and dieting I still drop in the odd random subject like the A338 in Bournemouth and the miles of tail back caused as they cleared the drainage ditches in preparation to the major rebuild that was planned and now won’t be going ahead till 2011 as the County Council are £24 million short in the budget to carry out the work ( more here.

My hate of idiot on the road, work and life, there all in the archive for you to read. What does the next 12 month hold, well if I knew that I would not be sat here writing blog’s, that for sure. But what ever happens I will add it here and you are welcome to comment as you like.

Me I am going to go back to suffering with the sore throat from hell……………………

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me get up and go got up and went!!

What ever it is that gives you your “get up and go” has left the building in my case. This morning the only thing that got me out of bed was the fact that I had to take my bike to the LBS for the frame swap. The drive to take the wife to work was slower than normal at that time of day as everybody was out early anticipating the delays on the A338. It did not make a lot of difference though as there was an accident actually in the single carriage way section on the A338 this morning which closed it north bound and once again brought the entire area to a standstill.

Having dropped the wife off at work I had to double back on myself and drop the bike at the LBS. Then I had to turn round and double back on myself again to make my way to the companies (I work for) local branch, spent a couple of hours there before doubling back on myself again to go home as I was spending the rest of the day working from home.

While I was at the LBS I never got to speak to the manager at the shop but there were a lot of Canondale boxes in the shop that looked as though they had been recently delivered, hopefully one of those was my new frame. With the new frame and the new forks I am having fitted at the same time and hopefully the gears sorted out, it will be like getting a new bike, can’t wait to try it at the weekend.

Tomorrow, I am (supposed to be) up early to go to head office, 05:15am is a struggle for me at the best of times, I think tomorrow will be no exceptions. To some extent I am glad that I don’t cycle to work as I would seriously struggle like Clive at “The Massive MTBer” does. I remember when I was younger and car free, I hated riding to work, I would have to ride to work on those cold wet mornings with the wind in my face and then ride home again with the wind in my face. The reason I don’t ride to work now is head office is 140 miles away. I don’t go there everyday but I do travel to many of our other sites and they are equally as far to travel and on a bike I think it would about a week (by the time I have plotted an off road route so I avoid those main roads), mind you would be an epic ride…………..

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were on track

Weigh in tonight and it was a good one, 2lb loss. I am happy with that, if I can keep on with a loss every week I will be happy, three weeks in and 3lb closer to my target. You can keep an eye on my progress by looking at the “the count down” page.

It maybe a New year, but it is the same old road works and traffic delays, yes the A338 dual carriageway road works (road works is a very loose term) are back. The county council so kindly stopped them for the Xmas period and then they were unable to restart them due to the cold weather. But at 6:00am this morning they were back 2 miles of carriageway closed off so they can……………………..cut some tree and bushes down. This 2 miles of single carriageway left nearly 5 miles of tail backs in the morning rush hour, I should imagine it was similar tonight’s rush hour. I just can’t believe there is not an easier way for the worked to be carried out. It would not be so bad but the tailbacks from the road works block one of the alternative routes for me to take to work so from the three possible routes I have an option of 1

It is D day tomorrow for my bike, its back to the local bike shop to have a frame swap, can somebody tell me why I feel a little apprehensive??

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don’t say I did not warn you!

So the big lane change over on the A338 as mentioned in an earlier post happen in the early hours of Monday morning (it was in place when I went through at 5:45am), I am glad I went through early it was a total mess and it was a bigger mess in the evening rush hour. The tailbacks were so long they were blocking exit and access to roundabout on surrounding roads and the whole area became a large gridlocked car park.

Tonight on the local radio station Wave105 a local lady phoned in to the station, she had been stuck in the Bournemouth hospital car park (which is about a quarter of a mile to the east of the A338) since 3:30pm, the time she was on the radio was 5:00pm. The presenter asked on the radio that if anybody else was also stuck in the car park and was also listening to the program to give a blast on there car horn, what followed can only be called a crescendo of honking car horns.

I and I guess the thousands of other motorists who have been caught up in the farce called road works can only hope that the Dorset County council get there act together for the ramainder of these road works and when the work starts for real in the autum of 2010.

More information can be found on the following links

I will make one correction to my previous post on the matter bureaucratic manure, I said it was local authority, when it is actually the Dorset County Council who are in charge of this work.

I would assume that the County council did speak to the local council about this work rather than just imposing it on them but hey who knows……………..

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bureaucratic manure

You sometimes have to wonder about the logic of those in power, particularly your local council. There is a dual carriageway near us, a major artery when it comes to traffic in and out of the local town and surrounding areas. The dual carriageway is to undergo a major refurbishment in the new year and as a preliminary exercise the local authority are removing all the reptiles (the road run next to forest and heathland which is home to smooth snakes and sand lizard, both protected species) from the verge area and clearing a lot of the undergrowth.

For the past couple off weeks one of the inbound carriageways has been permanently coned off so that stretch of the road is extremely busy with two mile tail backs normal in both morning and evening rush hours. Now they don’t start work till 7:30am and they finish around 4:30am which is 9 hours, this is equal to 37.5% of the day. So for 62.5% of the day the coned off carriageway is empty with no working going on. while the traffic queues up around the cones

Now as you can imagine the local shop owners and business have kicked up a stink over this, it is an important time of the year for them leading up-to Christmas etc. So what brainwave have the local authority come up with to get help the local shop owners and business??? lets stop work on the inbound lane and move the reptile collecting and verge clearing to the outbound carriageway!!!

Er let me get this right, we welcome visitor to our town but if you have to sit in a traffic jam to get out of our town well hell we don’t care……………………

I use the A34 from Winchester to Oxford on a regular basis, a section from Tothill to north of Newbury has just been re-surfaced with all the work going on overnight. This is a major artery for the south of England, while not on the same scale the A338 is a major artery for the Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch areas. So why can’t our local authority take a leave out of the Berkshire local authority book and do the work overnight so as to reduce the traffic chaos that is happening.

But it is not just the traffic that is jammed up on the A338, all the other surrounding routes are jammed up as well as motorist try to find their way around the traffic, local residential roads are blocked with traffic as more traffic try to find a faster, less traffic jammed way home.

I could go on but I just feel so frustrated by it all…………..

For more information on this mess from the local authority here is a link to information about the work on their web site

Web link

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