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that was nice

Last night was weigh in night and while I had had a reasonable week I made a bit of a pig of myself on Saturday and only did the one ride last week so I was only expecting a modest loss, so the 2.5lbs I lost was very welcome, it also marked a total of 4.5st loss since I started losing weight. Got to keep on the straight and narrow this week as another good loss by next Monday will drop me into the 16st zone.

I was going for a ride tonight but for some reason my battery for my light is taking an age to charge, I stored the battery with a part charge in a cool place as is the recommendation on various sites I checked out on the web. I put the light on charge at 2pm this afternoon and it is still charging now, so not sure what is going with the battery charging. Hopefully I will get out on another night this week.

Well it is a short blog tonight as there not a lot to say

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