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and the next one please.

Ever notice that when you are down, life tries to make it hard to get back up again? That is exactly how I feel. We were just getting back on an even keel, the wife is working and enjoying her job and even better her job likes her. I had got the lounge finally decorated, the new carpet had been laid, a new fish tank had been purchased (not yet setup), a new book shelf is on order. Sure there is still lots to do but at least we could see a path and we could plan our route along that path, but then the father in-law was admitted to hospital. Don’t get me wrong it is not his fault, he is 85 and has always been active. He has been ill for a few weeks but when the hospital phone you at 9-30 on a Friday night and tell you they are concerned about a blood test you did the day before and they are sending a doctor out to you now, you know it is not going to be good. The doctor arrived and agreed to admit him to hospital, 1:30am the ambulance arrived to take him to hospital, I eventually got to bed at 4am having taken the family to the hospital and then back to their relevant homes. Nine day later we are still visiting him in hospital, he has good days and he has bad days but he is getting the attention and treatment he needs.

On the weight\slimming front, well I don’t know as I have not been for the last couple of weeks (due to hospital visit commitments). Last time I went to weigh-in I was totally dishearten, another gain, to make matters worse I have had to go back on the medication for my knee (I finished the course the same weekend as the Tazz ride, previous post), so I have to do something, ignoring and doing nothing is not an option but what I am not sure what.

I am still suffering from a lack of enthuiasism at the moment when it comes to going for a ride. It seems as though if I have a planned ride, like the Tazz ride or the ride I did at Swinley Forest with a mate I am up for this and ready to go. I want to ride, a Saturday or Sunday morning ride and I am struggling to get up and go. But if I do make it on a Saturday or Sunday ride, I enjoy the ride, it is not that I don’t enjoy the ride be it local or somewhere new I do, I just cant find my “get up and go”. I managed it this morning but I could of so easily turned over and gone back to sleep. I am intending to go out again tomorrow morning but I have to clear that hurdle of getting out of bed first.

I did mange an evening ride a week or so ago, went out with the intention of practising my hill climbing, there is a long drag over the local heath which I was intending to try to clear. Well not content with clearing it once, I was so shocked I went round the heath a and up the long drag and cleared it a second time, went home feeling very happy with myself even if two lycra clad whippets shot up the hill past me faster than I ride on the flat!!

This morning ride was a beach loop, it is only a short ride but has a mix of uphill climbs and downhill bit as well and a bit of road riding (to join all the bits up). I got up and left in sunshine, by the time I got to the beach it was dull and overcast with dark clouds looming, by the time I got home it was sunny again. When I got to the beach there seemed to be some form of triathlon going on, lots of people walking a round in wet suits with number on, I left them to it.


The picture was taken from near Bournemouth Pier (sorry about the quality, when I got home I found the lense on the phone was filthy). The hills in the distance are the Purbeck Hills, the small white blob is the Barfleur cross channel ferry heading for France. My knee held up for the ride, unfortunately by the time I was a couple of roads from home I was starting to get the tell tell feeling in my right calf of impending cramp, this is despite drinking water and an electrolyte drink during the ride.

Next weekend I am off on my travels, 12 month ago I did the same trip and got the phone call Saturday morning telling me water was coming through our bedroom ceiling, so had to return all the way home from Preston. Hopefully we wont have any problems this year.

Finally I will end with something a little less main stream

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number 3

Ride that is, as soon as the hooter (virtual hooter in my head, I was working from home yesterday) sounded for 5pm I was out my chair and donning my ridding gear, then I was back in my chair answering the phone. Once I had finished answering everybodies questions I was off down the road, after 50yds I realised I had gone the wrong way for the route I had intended, this ride was not starting well. Thankfully that was the last of my problems as the rest of my trip to the beach and back went with out a problem. It had been a glorious day here yesterday once the fog lifted and the sun came out and it was warm. I was hoping to take some sunset pictures at the beach but by the time I got there the sea mist was about and I could just make out the outline of Old Harry Rocks to the west and the lights of Bournemouth Pier to the east.

The esplanade from Branksome Chine to the pier was busy with cyclist, runners and the general public. It was also cold from the sea mist, making it to the peir approach it was almost like somebody had turned a heater on. By the time I got to Meyrick Park I had to put my lights as the darkness descented, but it was good for 6 o’clock.

About a mile from home I was whizzing along the pavement when an approaching runner started to wave his arms at me and stand in the middle of the narrow pavement so I could not get past. Here we go I thought, a lecture about you should not be cycling on the pavement. So when I reached the runner I was very surprised when he said “do you mind dropping your light a bit mate, your blinding me and probably the oncoming traffic”!! er yeah was the best I could reply. I lowered my light (magicshine 900 lumen), he bid me farewell and off I went again.

A short ride of 10 miles about 50% off road and 50% on road not my favourite combination but it is a fun quick ride. Best make the most of it as the cycling ban for the summer on the esplanade is only just around the corner.

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lacking motivation

I wanted to go to do two rides this weekend so what when I got up this morning did I have a total lack of motivation to do anything? It had been raining but had stopped and the sky was clearing (a s per forecast). In the end went and did some shopping for the bits we could not get last night, by the time we got back it was midday and the sun was shining and the wind was blowing. It was now to late to make it to the local club Saturday afternoon ride so I had lunch instead. Checking the weather for tomorrow showed there was very little chance of a ride tomorrow due to the weather so if I wanted to ride this weekend it was now or never.

I decided on a trip to the beach, it was a ride I was going to do with my son the other week (can’t remember why we did not do it) so I thought it would be a good idea to remind myself of the route, that was assuming I could get past the head wind I was riding into. Once I found the shelter of trees it was not to bad. On the first down hill bit I realised that I had no real front brake, I could the lever back to the handle bar with only marginal affect of speed!! Thankfully there were only a couple of small hills to go down.

I was soon at the beach, I took a picture for the wife just to prove that I was there, it was nice and sunny, a bit breezy although it was now on back pushing me along the promenade. Plenty of people, kids on scooters and dogs on leads (30ft leads!!) to dodge. Saw an old guy in one of those electric buggies, he was sat in the middle of the path blocking a council van from getting past, he then started to move to his left and the van started to move past him when suddenly the guy just turn right and nearly ran into the side of the van. I some time wonder about the ability of some old people to be able to handle those electric buggies.

The beach in all its black and white glory, kite surfers in the distance

A quick game of dodgems across the square in Bournemouth town centre and then up to Meyrick Park for the return leg home. This was the only time I lost the route I came out of Meyrick to early but hey ho. The only down side of this route is that there quite a bit of road riding involved but as a ride it is a simple quick ride.

Work has been manic this week and show no signs of changing next week but at least for the most part it all went according to plan (not that I have a plan…). Have a few laptops and PC to sort out this coming week so hopefully I will be left alone long enough to get on and sort them out.

Had a lovely phone call from the insurance company (national company, big name, yellow is there colour) that insure the companies vehicles, claiming that they had phoned me and arranged an engineer to come and look at my van (afters it little bump) and that the engineer came out and could not find anything wrong with the vehicle. Well that was wrong on three counts, first they had never phoned or spoken to me, secondly I never had any visit from an engineer, and thirdly you would have to be blind to miss the damage. I am now waiting for the engineer to phone me to arrange a meeting as the girl on the phone could not understand the concept that my location can change on a daily basis so it is very difficult to say where I will be in two week times on any given day.

Talking of Bournemouth town centre earlier, I came across this video in the week of urban mountain biking which just so happens to be in Bournemouth

Edit: October 8th 2016, it seems as though the video that I had posted here sponsored by TrollTech has been made the video private and you now need to login to see, there loss not mine as I have now removed all relating content.

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same old same old..

Its Sunday (OK Easters Sunday) so it must mean a loop round Throop. Nothing special, took the Whyte to see if I had cured the squeak which I have. Only other point to note was the fact that I did the ride fairly quickly, I don’t make a point recording my start and finish times, but knowing I left just after 8am and I was back by 10:25 say to me that was a quick ride by my standard anyway.

I like the summer (OK late spring) as it means I don’t have to wash the bike off after every ride, I am back to doing it every couple of rides and lubricate the chain before each ride.

Will be out again tomorrow, not sure where or on what bike yet but I will be out riding somewhere.

Yesterday I mentioned home made Flapjack, well I found the recipe on (unfortunately the web site does not exist any more). A simple little site with a half dozen recipes on it. I have only made the Flapjack one to date although with a slight addition. I added some raisin to the mix which worked well. I also cut the oats amount by 20g to compensate for the raisin, I don’t thing that worked so well as once they had cooled and set there seem to be a solid layer of honey at the base of the Flapjack, so I think all the liquid was not soaked up due to the lack of Oats, so next time I will be adding the full amount of Oats although I might cut the sugar down a bit as it was very sugary sweet.

This afternoon we spent a couple of hours out at Milford-on-Sea beach, unlike many of the beaches round my way this is a pebble beach which is accessed by walking down the cliff steps. There is another steep pebble bank to walk down to get to the water. I dipped my toe in the water and decided it was to cold then spent 5 minutes trying to climb back up the pebble bank…. It was very warm on the beach but the northerly wind kept it cool (all day in fact), certainly cooler than yesterday.

Short and sweet today, tomorrow night is weigh-in night

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what a week

Why can’t life be simple, if it can happen it happens to this family, don’t know why it just does. It has been a bit of a roller coaster week with a few surprises and even more surprising outcomes and to be perfectly honest at the end of the week we are in exactly the same spot we started the week, just a bit more harassed and wiser. Unfortunately I can not elaborate on what has gone on.

Due to one thing and another I never got out for an evening ride this past week so this morning ride was my first since last weekend. While I had planned to go riding today I had not decided where, when I went to bed last night I had decided on the local heath but when I got up this morning I felt I wanted to ride some where new. I remembered seeing a route on bikely web site which showed a route down to the local beach. After a quick search I found the route and downloaded it. Unfortunately it was part of a bigger route so I chopped out the section of the route I did not want and left just the section to the beach and back and then uploaded it to my GPS. I was interested in this route for two reason, one it used a couple of new section of areas that I already ride and secondly I was interested in how much of an off road ride there was to the beach. The route was not a direct route from A to B but more of a direct-ish route using all the available off road sections in between home and the beach. It turned out that from my house to the beach, along the promenade and back through Bournemouth town centre and out through Meyrick Park to the point where I crossed my outward path near Bournemouth University was 7.5miles. I guess 50% of that was off road (a mix of heathland track, path through woodland and gravel paths). At this point I decide I still wanted to do a bit more riding so I continued along the road to the local heath and took a loop around the heath and then home. Checking the GPS at home showed 18.9 mile ridden. Nothing spectacular, but interesting none the less.

While out riding this morning I pasted two new cycling attraction currently under construction but close to opening, one is the new Bournemouth cycle track at Slades Farm and the other was new cycle shop opening on the premises of an old cycle shop that closed towards the end of last year in Wallisdown.

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