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dam you breakages

If two bike and two PC breakages at home since the beginning of the month is not enough (and that does not include those PC’s at work), we can now add the TV to the list of breakages. The TV decided it did not want to play ball any more, it is the sons birthday today and as with all young kids he wanted to try out his new Wii game before school (he was up very early so time was not an issue), he tried to turn the TV on and nothing, dead, expired, deceased, a working TV no more (said in a Monty Python dead Parrot sketch voice), I was not impressed. Fortunately her in door had the forethought to take out insurance on the TV when we bought it just under 3 years ago (10 days until we have had it three years) so after a quick phone call the the company that administers the policy we have a man that can coming out to look at the TV on Saturday. In the mean time it back to the olden days, a 14″ TV with just 4 channels and talking to each other!!

While everything around me seems to be breaking I must be really tempting fate as I have been playing with a new mini laptop today. Bigger than a netbook but smaller than a notebook the Thinkpad Edge 11 is quite dinky. As much as I like the dinky size on the laptop I think I would find it to small for long term use. This one’s job if for occasional office use and on the road use, it will certainly be a lot easier to carry around compared to my 15″ screened Lenovo laptop.

Well that it I’m off before I break something else……………….

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more breakages

If breaking the home computer last weekend was not enough and breaking the Canondale the weekend before, I have broken the Whyte this weekend. I fitted a new chain (Sram PC971) on Saturday morning ready for another ride with Dorset Rough Rider. The chain had just reached the .75 mark on my Park Tool chain checker. With the chain changed, everything seemed ok on the bike stand so I loaded the bike on to the car I set off to the meeting point. No sooner were we off down the Castleman Trail towards Delph woods and I noticed that putting any pressure on the pedals was causing the chain to jump. I am not sure why as I put a new cassette (Sram PG990) on the bike at the last chain change because I had overlooked the chain wear and when I did check it was beyond 1% and a new chain was skipping on the cassette. I carried on with the ride choosing lower gears rather than pushing a higher gear hoping that the problem is only a minor mismatch and the chain will bed in. It seems to have improved but if I try to push a higher gear up hill it will try and skip.

Despite the chain problems yesterday ride was very good, plenty of new areas (to me) were ridden and when it came to the hills I was able to hold my own on most of them, towards the end I was at the back but I was not miles behind. By the time we got back to the starting point my legs were feeling it but I had pedalled 17 miles in a group which meant it was a faster pace than I would of ridden at on my own.

This mornings ride was a normal Sunday Throop loop, unfortunately I was only a mile or so into it when problems struck. The rear brake was rubbing so I stopped to adjust the calliper when I noticed not one but two broken spokes. I can only assume that I broke them on yesterdays ride at some point and failed to notice them when I got home last night. Fortunately the wheel was still running pretty much true so I opted to carry on with the ride and take each part as it came. I avoided as many of the bumps and roots as I could and managed about 75% when I caught the edge of a root with the back wheel which made a lovely twangy noise which had me thinking I had broken another spoke or two, I decided that I won’t push my luck any further and headed for home. So currently both bikes are off the road and little chance to get them sorted until the end of the month.

To continue my theme of breakages, I seemed to have broken my credit card, I had to get some fuel for the company car, I inadvertently gave the cashier my personal credit card rather my company credit card and then wondered why it would not accept the (company credit card) pin number, I only realised when the cashier said because of all the failed attempts my card was now blocked. I phoned the credit card company up and apparently there is a password on my account now since I had the fraud earlier in the year, I don’t remember setting one for being asked for a password and I certainly have not received any notification of one being set to me. Unfortunately they can’t tell me what it is (which is fair enough) or do anything to my account until I give them the password. The only way to get the password changed is to write a letter (as in snail mail) to credit card company and ask them to reset it. Not overly impressed to be honest.

Tomorrow is weigh in night, not to sure what to expect this week, I think I have been good but don’t want to get my hopes up only for the scales to tell a different story………………

Now continuing my infrequent dip into my gallery, here another picture for you

Two kite buggies on an alien planet

There plenty more photos in my gallery (click the link)

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