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the decision has been made

It was a tough one to make, for many years my main hobby was traction kite flying, I enjoyed it a lot, it was the first hobbies we did as a family. But over the past few years it has got more difficult to get out and fly. There are less sites where I can fly, my nearest beach I can fly at is 2.5hrs away in north Devon and many of the events I used to enjoy are no longer running. At the same time as I was flying less I wanted to update my equipment, but it is hard to justify spending a couple of thousand pound on new kites when I only to use them a handful of times a year.

So last weekend I made the decision to leave the sport. The decision to sale all my kites and equipment was a tough one to make, I have been putting off making that decision for a while now. I came close to it this time last year but decided to stay with the sport hoping that I would be able to get out and fly more often. The start of the year (2009) started well with more flying done, but the chances faded away as the year went on and the kites equipment continued to sit there gathering dust.

So I made a list of my kites and equipments earlier this week and posted it on one of the kite forums. I then realised I had made one of the most basic errors, I had no photographs of the kite or equipment. While I have photographs from over the years showing my kites etc. flying, but the norm when you sale kites is to take a few close up shot of the kite on the floor to show the condition of the kite, so that my weekend job (with a forecast of wind and rain!!).

We are going to keep a couple of kites so that we can have a play and I will still pop along to my local field and do some photography so I am not completely leaving the scene.

One of the last rides in my buggy

The picture above was taken by the wife in July last year on my last but one trip out in the buggy at our local field.

My intentions are to concentrate more on the mountain biking now. Once the wife has recovered from the knee injury she got on her last ride (or should that be crash) a couple of weeks ago we shall venture out into the locals countryside and do some more exploring.

Weather permitting I will get out on the bike this weekend, either way it is going to be a mud fest……

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