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I must have really pissed somebody off

I am referring to the ongoing issue with my legs (and before anybody want to call me selfish\self pitying I am not trying to compare myself to those who have lost their limbs) but my legs are seriously starting to annoy me. Yesterday was Christmas shopping day, I am not the greatest shopper but apart from the odd ache my legs were OK. During the drive home I was planning a bike ride for this morning (I had already got my bike kit out on Friday night). Arrived home about mid afternoon and realised that the Wales V’s Australia Rugby match was on TV (cracking match by the way). So I picked up my cup of tea on my way from the dining room to the lounge and then managed to spill some of the tea on my socked cover foot, by jeezus did it hurt.

After the cold wet cloth treatment closer inspection revealed that with pin point accuracy I managed to burn one toe (the one next to the big toe), it was bright red and painful. I was unable to wear a sock or a shoe as it would rub on the toe, so I spent the rest of the day with a very cold foot. I caught the toe in bed a couple of time during the night so when the alarm went off this morning I just turned over and went back to sleep. By mid morning I had manage to coax a thick sock onto my foot (I found the thin socks had a seam across the top of the toes which rubbed the burnt toe), I was able to put a pair of loose trainers on and walk OK.

So we decide to go and do a bit more shopping (dads\husbands taxi again), so we went to the cash and carry and I had no problem walking around felt quite OK. Even started thinking about charging the bike light up and going out tomorrow night. Unable to get my son any trainers we had to one of those retail parks, no where to park so end up quarter of a mile away parked at the side of the road. Walking back towards the retail park and twang, the calf muscle in my left leg goes (makes a change to the right one). Faced with continuing on and walking (hobbling) around all the stores (you know what women are like) or hobbling back to the van, I opted for the latter.

Thoroughly peeved off does not come anywhere close to how I feel at the moment I want to get out on the bike but this stupid body of mine wont let me. I must have upset somebody somewhere real bad as the amount of bad luck I am getting cant be for nothing.

I did get out and ride last week and it damm well nearly killed me, I had to walk up a couple of humps on the way back home as my legs were dead, but I enjoyed it, I still enjoy riding, I just want to ride my bike but this body wont let me…………..

Well a slice of old music from Slade (no not that one)…..