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No ride today, decided I wanted to get the Whyte put back together which I did and went for a quick test pedal up and down the road to check everything was OK, seemed very strange sitting on a full suspension bike after a few weeks off it. I then started on the Cannondale, chasing the noise in the rear derailler. It was not what I a couple of peeps had suggested, so I had a general play with both the front and rear gears then took that for a ride up and down the road and everything seemed ok, so will have to wait till I get chance to get out on the trails to see how it goes. It was damm cold outside today working on the bikes, very little sun and a stiff north westerly breeze.

Once the bike were done I watched the F1 on TV, bit disappointing to see both the Brits out of the title race now, have to hope Webber can do it next week. I think Mclaren have lost the plot since the middle of the season, they have not had the pace. It alright saying yeah we will be on the pace at the next race, but while they are playing catch up to their rivals from the last race, their rivals have moved the goal posts. In my opinion both Red Bull and Ferrari could of won the championship a few races ago. Both teams have made bad decisions on supporting their drivers which has sent the championship to a last race decider.

Not looking forward to work this week, tomorrow is an early start to drive to head office and I also have to do the same trip twice more this week. Then tomorrow to follow on from my early morning and long drive I a trip to the weigh-in scales, oh the joy!!

And before you ask the reason for the title of this post, I could not think of one!

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