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i was right

Last week was a bad week, 1.5lb weight gain, I can’t argue, I ate the chocolate and cake so I put the weight on, trying not to get to stressed this week then I won’t eat, it is not going well.

Every morning this week I have had an early morning call regarding a server problem, this mornings was the worst, I was 140 miles away and the system was down, I had only just arrived at our main office and I had to get back in my car and drive 100 miles back to the servers. The system was down for 3 hours, that sort of thing does not help the stress levels.

I have had the last of my anti biotic and my shin is feeling ok, a little itchy from time to time, so will keep an eye on it. I did ride on Sunday without no ill affects.

Roll on Friday night, I am on holiday for the half term week. Was going away but due to the wife’s lack of work we have decided to stay at home (she may be working next week). At least I won’t have to answer me phone.

The car has to go back in on Friday so they can do the bits they did not have the parts for last Friday plus the bits that I asked them to do and they said they did do them but they have not, just glad I don’t have to pay for the crap service.

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